Friday, May 10, 2013

The Human Race, A Run?!

I had an interesting dream.

There I was gazing across the Universal Space,
Worlds to cross and without fear,
all to participate in 'A Try', 
to escape this Human... Race!!

Before I began and with a few kids in tow,
I saw a Man.

"Hey there, I proclaimed!  Have you made your Claim?"

Discussing this journey we decided to join forces,
he had even more children than I,
in total twenty-five (or so) we join for this Ride.

Knowing more than I,
in addition none of these kids belonged to either of us,
we were a sort of a,

So this Guy changed our Names for a better disguise,
meanwhile I turned to...

"O.k. guys, put on your Past Live Tenney Runners, does anyone need help with the ties?"

Now as we readied Ourselves to go a great distance,
we acknowledged that we were not stopping upon any Worlds,
rather passing by,
the Challenge?

Not to be Caught,
skipping Lives.

A difficult task,
but a worthy path,
for the Sickness of Ill's in these Worlds that spill,
with a passive and aggressive wrath,
not good for the youthful to Live.


I turned to the kids,
held my finger to my lips,
and off we all went in a silent rent,
a strange Vehicle,

Much like the 'Great Escape' we held a rate,
we managed to check-in and out of these Worlds to be,
by simply doing a sort of fly-by,
not caught,
we were making great time.

All of sudden one of the Kids asked,

"Do you think we can stop so that we can take a look at ourselves?"

Moving along at an incredible Clip,
we were more than equipped,
 to accommodate this request,
so We did and I said;

"Sure, just give us a minute to find such a spot."

Next thing I know and of course being a dream,
I spied out a perfect place that had the exact thing,
a Mirror to See themselves in,
it's Perfect I thought,
we stopped.


"Now everybody have a seat, 
untie your Past Life Tennis Shoes and place them on the Floor by the Door."


With great excitement and plenty of giggles,
the kids pulled off their shoes,
putting them in a pile on the floor.

As this Man named appropriately "Jack,"
the name I wanted to name my Son in real life,
began to keep watch for the bad guys,
I saw out of the corner of my eye...

..the kids running to the Mirror.. to see..Their Teeth!!

I remember thinking,

"That's weird, I thought we stopped so they could look at themselves and they are so excited to take a look at there....what....teeth?  Strange little Beings! Oh well, it seemed to be 'A Tell' so to speak."

I glanced back,
there they all were,
looking as if they were all saying,

Seemingly satisfied with this new found glimpse of themselves,
I said,

"Are you ready to go?  If so, put your Past Life Shoes back on and hit the Road."

Scrambling about,
reaching over one another,
each child put on and tied their own Shoes,
stood-up and said Oh well,
time to Fly!!

I said,
 "O.K. Bye!!"

Jack took off out into a different Space,
and I stopped to join this,
Human Race.

Not knowing Why,
I was forced to it seemed,
 a Duty or a sort of expectation,

I Continued on Foot,
no shoes did I put,
come to think of it,
I'm not sure I had any at all.

There I was,
at the Start Gate,
many stood with Cap and Gown,
as if it were a graduation,

The gun went off,
like a Horse at the Post,
 'We' were Off!!

In what seemed such a short distance,
many fell on this Way,
it was rough,
a difficult Path.

As the pace was fast,
those that did not fall,
ran like hell,
ducking, jumping and thinking,
this is bad.

Coming upon this enormous bank,
there in front of Us was a Birch branch,
I took a look.

The Limbs were evident,
a Jungle-Gym on the Front,
tiered downwards,
I stepped a bit closer,
to observe.

Not One Person went,
so I did,
believing first one in,
last one wins!!

Determined to finish,
I grabbed the first limb and swung out over this great Corvass,
it dropped-off fast.

Soaring through,
I with such a grace I did not think I possessed,
I moved from branch to branch,
with great ease,
a sort of Wild Romance.

No splinters had,
the birch trees were groomed,
only showing the stubs of where their Limbs used to be,
it did drop-0ff,
Enormous and Vast.

A Plateau or Flat,
a final Tier looking back.

As I moved I felt the breeze beneath my knees,
struck by the motion the swinging was Neat.

This downward track was the 'Given-Path,'
still on Course,
with no one else about,
I looked up to See,
it was only me.

In this dream I was relieved that I could do with such great ease,
for it seemed impossible to Flea.

No fumbling, no jumbling, not one missed grip to be had,
the appearance was bad, difficult by design,
the act came with ease,
almost redeeming in the deed.

I prepared to hit the ground,
the distance down was surprising,
I bent my knees,
to absorb the impact.

Landing upon this strange new throng,
 I looked around and saw to speak,

"Do I go around this Volcanic Rock or cut through the Glacier Sea?"

the finish line was visible to me,
it was also cold and I had been wondering,
the road seemed to go both ways,
but the path was misleading.

Directly in front of me was a Peak,
it was a glacier of volcanic smoke,
frozen in it's choke.

Directed to go,
I followed the blowholes,
frozen but obvious,
the Track did not lack the character of Fact.

I crossed the Line,
inscribed in time to only find,
I was alone accept for whom guided,
an Apparition and Predisposed.

In the next breath,
a girl I knew but did not recognize,
said to me as she grabbed-at  both of my shoulders, 
at the same time just to get my attention,
Stating with great emphasis:

"I knew you could do it, you got us through."

A bit baffled,
I woke,
I was struck with interest,
the Silvery-White Bark of the Birch,
had such a smooth touch.


Wow, what a strange Dream,
I laughed and thought,

"Past Life Shoes!! Tenney Runners for life, Cool!!  Why did they want so see their Teeth?"