Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Simplicity Of Saying Switzerland For The Sake Of The Tears Shed

I refuse to be discouraged by the rust of society that is nailed to the drapes,
curtain pullers touch the lens of the blink to say that the copper is a bottle of tide,
charts on the star lit sky,
oh for the talk on that is greater than the dirt of just die,
making for the grasp of Y on the Intersection of a divide,
understanding the process to a Thought with the ease of knowing life is rye,
persons have mashed the state of,
which is Ewe to that Flock of making the Next brass Parade of lettuce.

Hydro pawn Nicks on the claim to a climb on the Eiger Sanction pass,
a trip to ground telling that the chair is the Avenue,
branch on the cliff to jelly rolls.

Frigid are the hours of People on the chimney Pops,
truth rogue And that Inevitable blast I balm you a ride to subject your turmoil to skin,
goose pebbles Cranberry and black bury ease The Felt of the Antlers in season for the drops,
these Years on the cold Trees and barf to rub that shrinking shelf to library the value,
crisscross Crosswords a puzzle on the earth.

Width the trials to Trails that length of growth to the Height of the ever turf,
patience is aye difficult but the quick Fast and deodorant rambles the lamps on lied,
the extension chorus speaks on the Steel of the sole in the foot Print to bring truth a challenge on Real.

Subtle to that is the fountain state of What is through on the Elevated brass of Trumpets,
to put to license that Timex on the sing in the timber of Loggers I endure,
saws and cuts the Held is Hi Way to not freeze the tremble rather introduce care,
it is true not many care for the taxing carriage of tumblers,
yet a good shot is not the bullets fire to that sway,
it is the moment lip to what is left hear to fight a defining grave.

Shall the measure be off the weight on the lay finding frustration by the language Tongues,
cart this bell to a rattle as Trireme,
the bust on death to coral living as Live Rock under The see,
stand with strength not frustration for it is the Anger in swelling a laid,
deep breath to exhale or gone is sadly gone And that is The leaves in ought Tum from Daisies plain.