Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Anger Within Reveals, I've been.

An Atrocity?!!?

I passed away.

As not to succumb or be,
 in the way of Country,
 whom tossed and blew Human Beings onto.....,

I speak.

Intimidation can be strong.
It often pushes back.

Do you want to be whom stood?
Or be whom saw and balked?

Regardless of your sight-full wound,
it is the ones we cannot see.
Those Injuries that bleed us dry,
that requires such surgery.

There is no drug,
no doctor's knife,
to cut this Wound from Us.

But for Reasons;
I believe,
it may bring....

to Trust.

However hard.
Whatever scene!

In that Movie that is played,
the one that rounds your mind.

It seems to play,
 in equal time,
to rate the Play in You!!

To be Afraid?
Or just to Fear....

the Sight of Disbelief.

A Natural State Affair!!!

This is not "Bust"
nor a fix.

It could just be,
 "What is"

is not for ME!!
I'm sure I Volunteered. 


I'm here to remember..... 

"All of Thee?"

Belittle this or make this less,
than what......


You will find,
nightmares get worse,
 and cures elude your Mind.

The interest in,
the research of,

Post Traumatic Stress

Survival of our Minds!
Our Souls!!
Let alone,
our Bodies hold.

Not a Primary Goal.

So, as it grows,
Suicide that is...
no-one seems to...

 !! "NO" !!

! WAKE-UP OLD-Soul !
Wake Your-Self!?! 
just to know....

...,  your value is untold !!

!! But !!

Take your life? 
You'll cause us strife.

!! Confusion not yet told !!

I've see what is.
For snuffed I was...
stuck staring at myself.

Just a Girl.
Not three-feet in length...
I worry myself....still.

To understand the acts of man,
I wonder why I am.

Jumped back in,
my coldest-Self,
took off that bag of fear.

For what I saw,
and why I jumped,
I'm selfish, not "A Dear."

This "Thing,"
it streamed behind my neck,

   !!! I'd missed my ride from here !!!

I did jump back in Myself,
gasped for breath to be.

Now stuck with YOU!!
but gone straight through.

"This RAGED in ME for YEARS" 

A Child I was,
so close to be....out of this Mess....

 .... of Humanity!

How can I not,
look back at "Tot,"
and wish for any other lot?

"Throw the Bones"

....than to Escape,
and become,
any other thing,
that's been.

But, I am,
 what has been.

And, I was born to be,
 "A Sage" and "A Seer"

I have the ability
"To Know."

A Natural Knowledge,
"To Answer."

It is,
The Why,
which eludes me.