Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Branch the Route to tooth a grew in thus Vast division of girt towards Tongue,
true chew touch the Few on the balance of left & Right,
forth growl took At land regurgitated lisp to stutter spree Frow,
carton Arithmetic dunce the Flip meld the coin dusting the Carpets,
crate canned Barrel while the World had a burl with a Sphere in the tower Flames Language,
working the Proud forgotten are Week finders in the Keep gland the Cellular start,
oil For oil in the Slick of Tar is the dinosaurs Dolphin speaking Orion on Score`n.

Nautical fish in the pantry of list provisions count Tether by the hobble of Rick,
sound Verbal but freely Found keys digit to the boarish Not ask the Land 'Earth' starch,
bleach the Ox with In the cow a milk of the Oyster Two at the sow,
diamonds shed Pearls yet the sparkle decides from String to the setting of the shards cork Sign!!

Breath the ad-Lib spoke at the wheel of Time in the Ages of Lyon or spy,
look into Glass on the Bottom of full sipping Oxides to Hosing the spend,
coils to the barn shout the Spout sleigh questions prepare Answers while learning to The Trade.

Friendly fires burning ducked the Art Display for more on the Money take bless on the say,
spoken whip Candor to straight stand behave Control is Known,
wide Are the hours of a lone to Planet dirt process in the Muddle a handle let it 'So'
striped for the bling on shiny Ass press heavy take in Professional prescribed at global Shed.

Inheritance is Caption a spaghetti Cabbage beet bleating silken Honey with vinegar retard,
reserve is the Wine of industry to Stream born Valley in the yield is water on the Floor.

Moving ever Natural with curtains shore the sky guest of Clouds that tear surprise to thirsty aviary,
flutter in the snow Falls is method of the screech Eagles in the bathroom are not quite the snout,
valance in the Canary is snare Miners whistle sloat,
ponies working lagan forks often craft a coat.

Light Helmets with a fuse in lit gases with a Flame batteries to charge a spell are Cell Phones by Cane,
woven nylon bur bur is wall to Wall by fame,
tile in the Kitchen is wood bye Strain,
a system that is plastic Match will bean the sight of slice,
an Order built of mastery is Nature speaking Track`d.

Read Death

Snap the picture photo for the speak is easy lead in the forest Nature I do talk Tree,
in the apple of the eye in a Storm of life the equal hath dropped the Connective tissue to the Line,
in the verse of stance and brought there has been no guide but that which has breath in Out Side,
for the spear of destiny comes to deliver this branch of breathe formally from the pass it Up!!

Creation came to evolution and dunked the dish of the taste that kills the life In of it Self per dime,
on the Call of the vast in divide count the Tie bind for the leather of the Skin in the Hide is bright,
to the factual of deny me for my speech to Say that Humanity has dollar represent the Death,
in each of other to the Top of the Sky the clouds pipe the Time in the Ages of Ancient by sty!!

Look to the touch of Truth feel the equation full to the Fold in a held suffocation by Chloroform,
signs of done have brought the Nothing to every person all the Hand of the hose to Lamp ply,
in shoulders too Cold through gratification of only Flu delivery of the sniff to the Fudge sleep,
on the Basic calculation from the Teak of the oats broth that yelp has Hatch to snail slip!!

Harsh are the Visions that Branch to only bill the Voice of boisterous ride on the Horse of land locks,
cage to the key of the price in that Total of symptom that production of death-bye-Proxy,
for example the beach in the Grit of the palm for either the OR is the brass of baldwin blank Fill`d,
ask the Einstein from the Tesla pliny how Society stole to advertise in the bed letter lies to deep Tell.

Provisions come from Heights tusk at the Humor of laughter to the beak of the Feather purchase,
brine is the clatter if the board has had brain enough pour`n to Pitcher the health at blessed,
character the Annihilation to the corpus Christa of the Crowd on the surf other the Ocean sea sped,
micro Orgasm to belt a Crossbow with no Arrow at aim brushing the Prob dust borns.

Guard the Forth to the be Hind of a Nautical ship in the Vassal cup at the drink Sub. pine`d,
a cure Desk with that Pen ready to Write the perfection of the Wind in the Twist of lather,
in the sweat drips of Hospital staff this with the very Next crisis gone Boar,
horns that Seal the trumpet fork the Knife of the blade in the Reef of ALIVE!!

Journey to that Under stand and spring the Volcanic by Way to a paved Concretes orchard,
pre to the Scribe is the text asking in Earnest quest dinner Out to the Helicopter flight Cop,
round that been to the Freak follow phlegm is Congestion on the Thoroughfare of Oxygen by Bin,
read Cycles tell repeat that peat is skill burns to the Wrist band watch teaching Time blind.

Fast on the Breathe anchors to the drug that drains the lives in Too the temple of brain Fines,
control is Central with this Tunnel of latch Hasping the combination to spin pleasure`d,
steep is the Climber with Out on the A Bout to tough is the luck to the Start of parts breaking,
in Yes thump the Hare on that rabbit Henge to the Stone of rocks that crumbled for the Dough role`d.

Tramp on the envelope of bring the Mail will Halt to the rein Effect of the attach at Bit to Snaffle,
sauce the Peach with a Color on the Chart to painters shine that shall stretch you're Farm Tipped,
chance to that Choice left with tremendous Overs ringing Operator with Know eleven ask Nine,
temper the discipline to the Known of Channel than the Prime is in the Chapter Twenty-Three Stein.

Plow that to the flowers tied on the Sunshine of darkness at the the Question moon in Blush,
prepare the Train to Mind in place for the Mat has been put to my breath for drowning lines,
dusk to the Pimple on the knot that Cheek of plug tremble for a Bark on the pure Honey bitters,
drink the Mead of golden Showers in the Air Waves of Antennae creeking River Thor dignified!!

Jam with the rhythm Beat splash the guitar with a Harp strung with The Guts to have had digestion,
order the systematic News on the Television with a plight and the slumber will blow Fine,
flip through the well torn Page crumbs of the site Type on this Writers Thorp,
park the Worth to the back reverse of cringe on the Chalk of Tin Foil sword in the Muds of force!!

Dirt Clop

The Mickle

I here through the grape line that the intent is the version on the Menu of station,
to radio appeal the bless of that is this Measure of score to the Tablet of late,
for in the script of On inch pursed burb the tangle of no flight is the birds on detail.

A hi flight has touched the breast of the Robin in Sparrow with the finch in drag,
for the banana Slug the bbq has been a favorite Cover to the grill in the Rain,
as the bat is the quick fly to buzz the rainbow on the sky tongue so to is the Raccoon.

From the possum on the prowl The skunk in the drive a Deer for the Say to an Antler on pave,
the wet Bannister is slick to the foot on the Nail of good for the Shoe foot born,
as the talk from the swing in the lullaby theme a text to the Tongue of the Twister at sung.

Shores to the seals on the Bay for the real in the drawing of the Owl hooting Oh how I love,
creation on the banks of the Spherical WOW the pounding of the Rink in an Animal sync,
hugs to Mouse as Scout is afoot the trouble with Nero is he believes that he's the best Guard to the Put.

Albeit he is only about 15 inches Tall is big bright Bark is the footnote to us All,
from the base of his noise to the hugging of Attention the bark is the borrow of all that I mention,
with the Out to the side on the rigor of the sign he proudly Walks himself to the Nibbles on the sound.

Brisk to the light as the Moon Fold is light to the acoustics of the falls as the clouds joined the show,
in the Mid of surprise the showers were to Wise for the entire thing ended Up being the simple,
it was Raining!!

Cats & Dogs Etcetera`d

Whats That Name Of The Part At The End Of The Laces Called

Cent the tack to The Path of Creation in the Theme of the Big Bang on Thesis of Explosive Form,
energy that has Outer lasts that create the barnacle loud of grinding the system of Cosmos Wine,
liquefy the proud to the brush of a painters side to touch the Taste as the breath of Gasp a glasser,
for in the provide of thought to Sublime in the Text of Ride to dance the Fame of case deep Lead.

Breathe me A Live on the Court of lap to the dish of Found in the pressure of that Eclectic rhythmn,
start that vision blasting from the Source of Fire Flights that charge electrics with be a Being,
charm those breast Cycles touching the finer Cry taking bet Cards to the Chuffle ease of lever,
gear me a shift to That shade to blink the sway ask the Bet to charge the Fee in Eternity,
infinity bless the Man with a deck of counter to Rub it on with the crafty Feed!!

Eyes of Mountain known the Ice melt by my growl to seek the Searching pry foremost bride,
marry Mi a song to the gland of Span land the part to the Barn art stall the Site bight brains,
mix it in the Record on that whipping Trunk to bounce Bahut with the friend inside of Me,
hinge the proud to KNOW a task in Taken down the darkest of the Lightest pride in LIONS roar!!

Join the growl of the temper Lot at HOT in the cycling of ALL Time in the find of Invincibles',
hardily elbow the nudge to Trumpet the Horn of delights with that Sound of Rite,
bic me a Smoke on the back of Billboard and sparkle the Signal like the Neon of Shadow tribe,
write the Verse to the downward Upward lockers of Signs favor Radar Life.

Drive this Solar pipe to the Sun of the distance that I know we have grown to the Beat,
in with The NEW and bring the Tambourine shaking on the Jingle of grit Dance to Waltz plateaus,
built by the logic of Forever in The Presence of banks that soft the mold to branch lay,
get thy Tell shout a Mile in the Map of guide for it is the Animal of my Stride that brow Fee floor.

Sted the pattern to the peace of a Puzzle in the ripple of Tee Arms in the Hugs of divine,
grass root to the Whiz of the breathe in for the Purpose and fickle the show to be bind,
stagger the belt to the Leather of lift hold the spell in At all have a bell,
ring the Anchor pull the Chain to tusk the Hippo onward to Front the battle of Said.

Hide never the lamp lit to Pole the moon from the Swing to the Planet found,
crashing into that contact of the Open life give the Container a Hammer of Remind,
Highway the double-Lane to breathing liberty for inasmuch Found is FOUND!!

Screaming TALENT embrace the engagement of LOVE on that Blanket snuggle,
knowing for LOVER it's all about the LIVES!!

Important Eme Print

Smack me a cycle on the Spank of a job in the mask of film Reel life,
on the slip of the Slide photograph the Talk as full barrel Rock,
in the stone of Pebble lore toss the sling to the Lull a by Way of a Door,
ground Found central gear to the Town of how the Why is loud touch a Found.

Center earth from the Turf of the acoustical shroud of LOVE in the bound mind of Crime,
tell the venue of the methodology to climb the Back of the Crier in the Sayer of a page,
tear out the death measure to strike the fire to Spark desire with a gargantuan Smile,
with each Price know behind the seen is that finger status of fist a pump to diaper Rite!!

Jump with the dancing rhyme of the Fluid shelf of a Musical pulled from The Dust,
on the dawn of the daily Paper psalter the lines travel a shall Wee fight the technological negative,
joint the foot prance to play a Position in the positive electrics at the Base house of Voice,
with a vocal in locative right there in the Tune of a worth chime with the expression of gift.

Produce preparation for the Verse lair of an Everyday walk to the City town of Choice,
be a ranger in the park Worlds concert of languishing on the Plain Elephant Tut,
be a state of Wisdom in the reason of each Human unique & certainly the Talent rare is Pair,
for on the treasure of the Hand to a shoulder dip breathe the relaxation of teach pulsing pound.

A Heart with the letter to a facial Recognition of nothing more and curtain nothing less,
as the eyes with a noise is the counter side beach that will dilate the inflection of concern,
character the beast of internal to the hug of a Maze that shows the light in life not a Tunnel,
for on the platter by design Food is the training of the Nose to type so Fast we Forget to prize!!

Challenge the Self not the body you are trying to See for in the Pain know dignity is Cry,
from a box Card sent to the hasp of the Locker in lives that hasp the Combo to petty,
spark the ignite and trust Me you Will flight the temple of Time lasting Ages for sign,
yield the bark to the Ruff it Up gentle the Wake to a Wild find and box a stair not a Crate.

At Lash

Travel me a Journeyer to the safe Light caliber of the Fire in the Flame of life itself,
grab the fill Time with the lift of a Musical Bar other frame be the brights of the Moon stay,
creation hear the ear birth to the Channel of the yawn and gallop me a barrow to handle the plow,
carve to the scalp a dress of the mind to watch the pattern in the Brow of eternal flu,
this planet has an Illness that is poison to the bring of this Message on the brain of Contain.

The people of Subjected the brought to a Permanence that is on a chalk of Flour to role,
in come from the Colds to the icelandic fjord of skin the Goose with bumps was Feather fluffs,
to spread the chill with the glacier swim at Cross the galatical spring with blues gone byte,
lines that spring are no longer the skipping stone on the River Bend it's the stone of a Human ploy,
to cast the real with The spinning lid to a crown on the broken carving the Whistle to liliths' lisp.

Church the foundation to the second rate Top on the bottom of the route to bank the topic Creak,
bones that Have pilled the formal to the Swallow of the fluid on the Knee of Conception to breeze,
gears that craft the stiff to the tumble of the 6ft deep with the shovel as the glass of Water buy,
grand station hath A CALL to broach the dead but Yet is no more than the nurse Milk of sprawl,
done bed in the Fourth Poster pound by the strap of muscle to the link a long with a buckle Tight!!

Hover with the bean an a bag swinger in the slacker to the Work of the cream on a Pineapple plume,
coconuts which the Palm ways the tree Trim to look the tack of a girth team a Bust of a Lolly,
pop the disaster to build Understanding to the chest of grander in line as the Natural is the best Way,
go be Nautical and branch that brand to the cycle of life is Bland to the treat of Creative Idea V 'Awe'
wow the Chart of Concept to the harsh Reality that imagination has been sucked to the Tele!!

A reveal of the No One Watch is spreading a Zombie at Fletch to banish the beacons at blink,
from the living to the already bled jeans are for Pants and shirts form the Lance,
evolve with the Thought that wonder is bringing to much on the Naked blare to close your inner eye,
for the brilliance of character Drive is the Post of the proper Introduction to those Silent Moves,
take that away for the informal platter at the Buffet of Televised exportation's has dropped the kind.

Carving the scar lines that Sand is grit and Clams are muscled to empty the pearl for the Blank,
stringing notes of gee Shalls at the dinner Ate for the carpet laid in the Duvet of life lusts bess,
carp the flavor the dip in the see and drip form of cream with stuck responsibility to char,
coals are not the Embers of the tar in the Oils of grease should the smear be of Lat,
As the spree barks the beef the Mach marks the status in the Bathe or shower of Sleigh!!