Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spy Knoll Tap & Man A Cures To Nail Paul Lash Attach Buy Marrows Roast With eh Bit Piece To "Sweet Ryde" With Reins At The Understanding 'The Concept' off Founders & eh SFOriginals idea. Simply Comprehend A 'Mother Daughter Organization with Aunt Laura&Co.': "A World of Motion!!"

Storms on Mother Earth,
the bearing of the planet,
a degree of what is Well,
in the depth of Solar Moon.

In each for the Galaxy,
a Universe to Cosmic,
dark holes to stitch with darn,
dignity of death.

Thought of Human Cork,
a shoulder to the carriage,
breathe with fog and dirt,
mud is process clerk.

Writing grains of Sand,
fossils on the hand,
a wrinkle from the waist,
tight ends by e! raced.

Dank the blankets smell,
smoke and akin to dead,
lungs of fill turned die,
becoming Facebooks slide.

Applications grave,
chiseled with the tied,
people bump a womb,
than turn to kill the wormed.

Tape on Video baked,
the cookie on the crunched,
smashing minds of brain`d,
vice sin greater bayed.

Ice cream pop sick coals,
im burr rancid burp,
hiccups look to gulch,
the ditch on valley floor.

Across the spell of BC,
eh dee a pawn the fake,
rigid stiff to freeze,
glaciers grade the feeds.

Ocean spoke to wave,
crashing signs at beech,
redwoods saw the burn,
sealed growth to mars,
veins boiled frogs,
stools gave Napkin logged,
owl fa bet told togs,
hub stirs Cruise a sod.

Clover swayed to brain,
connection scanned the balls,
ping tray pong the pad dull,
hand dulled brought the phoned.

Sun shone ray to shine,
kodak snapped the spayed,
new tour breaks a rule,
causing knat shin knoll flew`d.

Chim a knee crawls to the Can,
go roo does not know cue,
words are sigh lens shock,
shore of traded boars.

Tusk won't add mitt,
gloves fit to the dell,
pick cole sang to nice`d,
like peet tour had a Host.

The choir rang the core wrist,
a cellphone joke new clear E! aye,
eye brows rise to lips,
the red stick said its made dew were,
ship pawn chest of gamed,
the Master wrote a lean,
meet Veal its a scour,
the Scrubber on a nailed.

Each Hymn on grounds of All,
shoved the dig to Cert.,
lies came to that grand,
blood began to bam,
flint stone struck the marrow,
relation ships to never,
the recognition skate,
to ice and blocks of bait.

Ponds had silt with Men a role,
elements asked in fear,
does the whoa man lied,
say I belong to swirled,
gargle lean its true,
should the compass photo,
the graph of word in second,
added Men its hare a tick.

Whats a dot^Tour,
whats a Sun,
whats a rig,
whats a ruund,
what is cheese, 
what is Wine,
what is crackers,
what is done,
The Dawn a Hue or Crews duh???

It Was The Reach Off The MacKenzie Trail Lodge LTD. But The Sell Was Defined To The Wonder On The Ridge To Entrust It As The Simple Passport To The Faxed

Funny how the signals go the theme of life on the style ob bells and labels,
that vocal present to the gift of the plug it is the grace of a listing that echoes a stern,
as whom is the great on the Beck in example,
Howard of serious or that Order of glisten,
to star in a tall on the width of the band,
rather clean shave to that pew bess cent of shoe.

Lace with the passing of working it loud,
a trip to the say and that shoppe of the news,
balls of the potted to the plant on a hands beautiful technique,
march onward forward whom to that person feels the Well.

Drive with only this understanding,
bristle to porcupine and shake it like steady,
a cactus to drought but suck ewe lent beds are everywhere wilding the flours on spread.

Each of these callers that have strangled the aye 'V',
remind the mathematics its the Idea of that Gentleman,
be frank with your talent sing like a Cable Car represents the Mark Hopkins a treasury filled with Minuets,

"PS; the World of Motion bringing the Fortune^Ate buy the Bulb bust but WOW does the Sweet Ryde Rein with aye Can^deed and Flavor Rites!!  Linda Fletcher would verify the date and time of this idea simply by seeing per^per^meant on this end kap too day!!!"

should the product revolution of what I was sole'd,
what a cool idea for the Stable of loved,
the Horses would fun^knee the stretch to that from,
but the rafters would hold to the decor being simple.

I did imagine origami on scene,
alive with the life and the freedom to ring,
bringing daylight to sunlight warming the storms,
as the smell of those barns is a beautiful prose.

Surely one would have to personally listen,
for feeding horses is rewarding with measure,
the relaxing move of the rustle of straw,
that sweet scent of Oats or Alfalfa to groat,
one of the most peaceful bearings that carriage of Harness,
a memory of central that gave the tack tracked to bridle the mind for the method of hosed.

Post Script to Scott Landuk,
time to say Target has a Smoot,
the best of Show to the am pole State Us,
what did you say should the me make a stay??

cool beans

What Is A Sir^Kit Board Should the Darbee Bean^Knees Bump The Baste Off Balls&Flake`D??

Strike the Amber and hit the gold,
as that vein in California,
a Mind of thought to actual Goal??
to task the Venue width the slam,
drill the Mountain language gargoyle??
night the hour Minute tick,
pull Sing till the Umm hits dirt.

Dust be skate Ice say cheese,
make akin the lips of lace,
with each stitch of coins in Thick,
remember pocket stem of wrist!!

Hand a suit of lamp type Stile,
inch the method while it comes,
down that throttle just in strum,
dark Nest caliber to raft of sole`D!!

wink Inn??,
flavor spice of No Help only Complaint to gargle Rinsed??,
does the Fee^Lean store the good,
deep in the slot of wetter Now??,
as that Ask keen answered Fore,
did the aspirated soy??, swallowing languish Whole??,
with out a bravo Opera wrest,
guitar speak piano lo??,
Lear rick's Uncle now at Neet,
cold the cube of back in based!!

Coca-Cola  is the straw,
a glass of chill that shallows sell,
horror is Whore to tepid Fall,
dive this timber Lumber still.

Gratitude is held with be,
whoa man I can't be that Crews??,
is the plane an Instrument Too??,
for my witness is the Flew.

Chimney Chimney soot and smile,
shoulder Hell in sexual bell,
staff of certain may Neigh the Hoofs,
kicking dirt Tee to Harness bit All during the spice in skirt.

Sew tired I special this denial Rich`d,
as People sheep with Wool as Tricked,
than that car doors raised to Flip?? chaining drive shaft to speed Den fell??,
dungeon I with Whip and Sane,
grains of Cobble to shingle skilled,
bits and reins??,
guidance crumbs,
as waist sting time with Dimes from sped??,
nigh the Fire in Fir^knees mile,
branch that Thought to Worlds Bot,
remember date to Date the Fig.,
as an Oreo in the hood?,
no, its Newton Shades to gifts of signed!!

What is Opposite to POE^tick^Poe^Lease^duh,
fancy that Pen^hints of Nair^Rows,
than with gentle Liner,
masque care uh with truth and when^Nur.

That chart will Not Not return,
like the bubble of caught^tin wore,
stitch buy thread the Fie^burr score,
a singer machine to Dyer's fade.

Apron deck to Talk a Moon,
as that wok is cool^lure room,
froze Zen calm to lead Ding mix,
Vinyl wreck^chord to made a Vice.

Too bad for Hat that brass marched stilts,
as the trip pen chores the stair,
heave that stub bull and shave with scare,
only head with brains to Pear.

App.^Pull Piel Leans!!!

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This is for eh great story board to Dictionary brakes,
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To whom it may bother that a person cannot get the same prescription that one has been taking for more than ten years on the done.  No problem and all the appointments go fine, than one day the new Doctor says that its the wrong dosage, worse, saying that all the Doctors that you have ever had are just wrong.  So, off one goes to the blood draw with that wonder piece of paper, and, a bunch of those wonderful coded boxes are checked.  Normal, yes, so off to the Draw Center one goes.

There it is the time between, on average the call comes to the hard line phone but this time its rude and indifferent, even going as far as to treat you as an idiot.  The new appointment with ones new doctor gets made, then one waits some more.

The date comes to day and then the hour.  One waits some more, just now in the Waiting Room actually.  The pictures and magazines aid to the passing seat on the Office with coughing, depressed persons.  That sliding door opens, "excuse me, please fill these out before the doctor can see you".  Plodding across the dull carpeted floor one stands at the window display, here, here and here I also need to see your insurance card your co-pay is blah, blah, blah.

No pause, the now clipboard with irritating falling off papers, the pen that one is handed, you wonder??  Did I not fill all of these messages out a billion trillion times a qua-billion other times??, oh well, patience whens the grade as that is the degree of must to accomplish this absolutely necessary but annoying classical life duty, why you ask, it's my Thyroid and it refuses to work for itself bringing tired a new meaning into reality in ones life.

Finally the call from the Nurse Practitioner, oop's I mean the somebody else I am now unfamiliar because I was taken into where the Nurse Practitioner was now the Doctor of the Office care.  The common shift language, here's your prescription however we have decided to reduce your dosage, changing your daily pill, so don't be surprised a the new color of the pill.  One tries to explain that every single Doctor so far had given you this same dosage because of blah, blah blah; short-stop interruption to point of this conversation, Nurse Practitioner: "they were wrong".

Asking for the Doctor in the Office one is told that a separate appointment would have to be made and in the case of this particular prescription they will only say the same thing.  The conversation done the prescription written and then filled because won gives it no other grace.

Months, years and many many trips to cramping and much more, the calls begin to, interrupted the entire blood draw darning, now repeat above and done.

Why?? because that is what that coded UPC Sheet came back as and it says this is write, "but I am really tired and just say the word Prune Juice gives these rest measures a brand of drink that Streakers would fail these days".  Putting in Frankly those terms, Nurse Practitioner, well we can check your blood again for the levels, halt stop, I say, "every time you are taking my rare AB Positive blood type and lots of it, what it going on, I have been taking the above pictured pill for, well ask Kate her b-day and do the math yourself, 'cause it adds up to about 5 blood draws to your more than 8 blood draws in the past Four Years".

No response, just waiting again, tired and worn out wondering why a Nurse Practitioner and their Office insist I get my blood drawn again on top of the fact that every single time you compromise your body with a pin prick or actual draw you endanger yourself with so much these days.  So, in order to make my Mind feel less stressed you begin to question why on Earth would a Office force the payment of both body, mind and sole to the cost priced of all this worry??. Answer?? I don't know.

So to my last Doctor, Dr. Zacharias, I love you and miss you terribly and I am reminded of those antibiotics that were meant to be working in the Five Day period, they were new but good, I said Okay.  Than three weeks later I came back sicker than I was the first and you felt so bad and I said I still don't feel good.  You said I need to give you the old prescription of antibiotics because those Five Day New Prescriptions have made no . . . you get the point.  You than said why didn't you come back and I said because you said give it a chance they'll work and I said are you sure and you said yes.  I fondly remind the World of this story because I really love Dr. Zacharias in Sacramento, California, he made all my appointments painless and precise to the work of the Physician with a bit of a little teasing.

To this bother of a Post today I day to the Odd Fellows, I have had less Doctors than one would imagine, because I stay with them for reasons as I have already written as done deals above.  The reason we part ways is usually for those passing on but in Doctors Zacharias case, I ran out of money and energy to drive to Sacramento to go and see him, oh for the hi way at you see the emptiness of smaller than a Tier because its a clean sweep.