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  • To Harken Too Mount

    Posted:2013-12-06 12:45:58 UTC-08:00

    The crawl of the spider,
    'ever so bold,
    too the tops of the treed,
    for the heat of the pole.

    The bitter, the chilled,
    the despair of know guilt,
    claims what is felt,
    the flame is not wrong!!

    The crash of explosive,
    ignites with a rite,
    written with craft,
    like it was waiting for soaked.

    The wilds of nature,
    the ride of the mount,
    announces in a song,
    the words are so strong.

    The sound is so driven,
    I seek out it's source,
    why does the 'Verse' proclaim like a Force?

    The play of the dance,
    the Tunes of this 'Placed'
    in Mind the pursuit,
    of only one stance.

    Wrote of 'The Times' I spoke of in rhyme,
    now he is singing,
    it's strangely appealing.

    The 'kept' of an engine,
    a firing played,
    made roaring ablaze with coupling days.


    Now in such magnitude,
    the thrusting made hard,
    the inner of course,
    spelled out in so-far.

    The curse of a man,
    brings on what is planned,
    makes real the possible,
    impossibly damned.

    The ringing of sung,
    the scene of such done,
    increases the 'after' to this driven Factor.

    The seed of the flow,
    the coming of stowed,
    makes hot what is ridden,
    as if he has Bow!!,
    and is sitting astride a Brand knew ride!!


    The ink in the quill will pour in your fill,
    until the Pages of Full make real the Told.

    The Laws of the Future,
    rely on what's well,
    the health of such thoughts,
    may move as I plot.

    The tension so grown,
    the size in it's play,
    the want outweighs sense,
    the need is for recompense.

    The lay in a bed,
    the gallant portrayed,
    it's all, ready made,
    in the words that he spake,
    a televised replay.

    So my dear, my dark lord steed,
    you're Blunt and knot stopped,
    your service is plot.

    the Mate has been checked,
    and he produced set,
    the words are now met,
    without any doubt.

    Don't forget your Wares,
    the snug-fit....the t-shirt....the boots and the whip,
    'cause when I unzip your jeans on this trip,
     you best be equipped,
    with more than the leather of the coat that you where while.....

    Out & About!!

  • The Title To An Invitation Has 'All' Ready

    Posted:2013-12-06 11:05:40 UTC-08:00

    The 'Stanza' of Humanity should be Seen,
    said too,
    lacks 'Morality' the principle part,
    a Natural Law of Abide,
    is not only broken,
    it's flawed.

    Resistance counts,
    the Roll of Fall,
    the 'Die' do gamble,
    the Cards of 'Our' cut,
    denied for?,
    being alive.

    The Game is to Call,
    out of the distant,
    made known through,
    'The Verse'
    intent of a small!!

    Ventures to Squall,
    too walk to Storm,
    to go from planned,
    into what is Dammed!!

    The crossed of any star,
    the pent of a gram,
    spins in a circle,
    of only what's clammed.

    The tone of the traveling,
    the sort that does coo,
    the hum of the driven,
    is what bothers truth.

    Clapped to the shackling,
    of only what's do,
    I rate with the louder of,
    "Hello, how are You?"

    The Eye of the Hurricane,
    the bitter-end of try,
    met the deliverance of,
    I'm still alive.

    The Crest of the Mountain,
    the Valley will stream,
    the Creek of the River,
    brings-on what is dreamed,
    by nothing more than a Theme.

    The Rafter of Deemed,
    the heights of know seen,
    the looks are the stares,
    becoming 'Just' mean!!

    You cannot halt what is already believed,
    'cause the words to the verse are on your C.D.,
    the connection of?,


  • The Breathe Of Severity

    Posted:2013-12-06 07:27:56 UTC-08:00

    It comes not in Years,
    but in the moments take of Here.

    Complete in Chilled

    the Global pain of palpable,
    the constant war,
    against Humanity,
    I'm torn!!

    One last time,
    I walk this realm,
    predetermined to be a mess,
    the witness to a wreck!!

    I invest,
    it is not blessed!!

    The Hard-Tack road,
    the highway to hell,
    the testify of exist,
    a well-trimmed list.

    The stance of pulpits,
    the preached re-framed,
    know denial,
    it speaks, 'It's' trained!!

    Is it One-Way or An Other?,
    is it surprising to know a Lover?,
    should said plea have stated Cause?,
    or is the surprise the given clause?,
    the Age of Knew Laws!!

    Lines have been drawn,
    to separate wrong from belonged.

    Without the Verse,
    "The Continue' was Read,
    knot rehearsed!!

    In every Sted,
    the 'Field of Now' delivers the plough,
    Guild the Entry with a Sentry,
    to guide and not to hide,
    the Reality, the Why!!

    Change, bye Choice,
    a given voice,
    speaks on Talks too,
    Know the Blocks!!

    Built Walks

    To seal the broken,
    state the Horn,
    the Drums of Rites,
    regarding borne,
    repeating 'Sights' the 'Sees' of a million 'Mights'
    puts this time,
    as 'Just' and 'Right'
    due to each and everyone of knew.

    The appeal of,
    'Laws of Done'
    Ours is the Rate of a 'Measured State'
    the Place?,
    of never to late.

  • The Industry Of 'The Ponied Express'

    Posted:2013-12-06 05:41:44 UTC-08:00

    The total 'Some' of,
    whom runs hard,
    'This Life'
    seems so far from any thing...!!

    ....found familiar,
    the obvious produced such brakes!!,
    to 'Halt' to 'Ask' it seems so 'Old...

    ...Past' a time of other 'Means'
    where Notes were Cards,
    letters sent,
    Invitations to inquire dear.

    The long approach,
    to say, "hello"
    held a certain type of steer.

    To hold engagements,
    not rushed encroach,
    allowing moments near.

    To 'Send' a 'Thought' of interest,
    or too respond with flowers,
    made introductions far less feared,
    for intent became what's clear.


    The approach brought moments of,
    to prepare,
    not require love,
    for to be compatible,
    made much more sense,
    'cause Journeys long,
    a Quest embarked.

    Suns had heart,
    the Soul of such was never touched,
    but left an indelible mark.

    Pulled-Out from,
    the bright knew Sun,
    the Land, the Earth,
    made such,

    No regard is paid for past,
    story of,
    delivered fast,
    as if it happened in a tact,
    that is not known,
    but shows a path!!

    The cobbled stone,
    a well-paved road,
    the Wake of shake moved to Quake!!

    The ground upon found feet so strong,
    I followed sound of belong.

    So to cause rift or a 'Hit and Miss'
    brings this Life to see remiss as dismissed!!

    For when the call,
    was made to small,
    it was made by whom can take,
    the time to re-awake,
    and too decline that 'Same Mistake'

    The Grant of a Trust in Placed

    The Post, the Card, 
    the Emblem of Heart,
    is sent in a state of start.

  • A Life With Knight

    Posted:2013-12-05 05:08:09 UTC-08:00

    The order is set,
    by the communication of,

    It is the numerical call,
    a way 'To Continue' too stand and,
    make aware,
    this Nation is wrong!!

    An invitation to sing,
    knot sent,
    Talk Shows seam.

    The tempting lust,
    to laugh at thrust,
    ignites this flame,
    to burn with reign.

    To speak 'At-Will'
    I would not until,
    the contact made,
    was appropriate and stayed.

    Already my life,
    speeds like light,
    the acts of strange seem prearranged,
    to cause or kill,
    too stall this maul.

    I wonder,
    whom drives this directional miss,
    whom builds more walls,
    who determines calls.

    The bricks and mortar of my being,
    feels the shots reality brought,
    it brings on thoughts,
    that what is must be right,
    'cause why the fight?

    What I know is more than belief,
    for in this show the real does Poe,
    the riddle of rites,
    the 'Might' of Knight,
    delivers heat with flaming sites!!
  • Най-новият албум на James Blunt със силен дебют в класациите ~ The newest album by James Blunt with a strong debut on the charts

    Posted:2013-12-06 10:43:23 UTC-08:00

    Moon Landing на James Blunt излезе и вече може да се похвали с повече от добро посрещане на албума от своите фенове. 
    Отзвукът е отразен във впечатляващите резултати по класациите, като в Австрия и Швейцария Moon Landing се изстрелва директно на #1. На втора позиция е в Австралия, Германия, Канада и Великобритания, а в последната албумът се продава в повече от 41 хиляди бройки още първата седмица, разбивайки рекорда на предишния Some Kind Of Trouble и по продажби, и по място в класациите. Moon Landing е в топ 10 във Франция, Нова Зеландия, Ирландия, Холандия и Белгия. 
    Първият сингъл, “Bonfire Heart”, също бележи завидни постижения, включително това, че в Швейцария не помръдва от първото място. Песента е в топ 5 на най-въртяните парчета в Германия, Австрия и Швейцария и в топ 10 на Австралия, Нова Зеландия, Италия и Франция. “Bonfire Heart” е написана от James, съвместно с Ryan Tedder (Adele, Beyonce, Maroon 5), който освен това е и продуцент на парчето. 
    Останалата част от албума е продуцирана от Tom Rothrock (Beck, Moby, Foo Fighters), който работи преди това с James по неговия дебютен албум Back To Bedlam, с допълнителна продукция от Martin Terefe (KT Tunstall, Martha Wainwright, Jason Mraz).
    След дебютирането му на сцената през 2004, James може да се похвали с четири #1 сингъла и спечелени безброй награди, включително две BRIT, две Ivor Novello, 5 номинации за Grammy и множество отличия от MTV. Той продава близо 17 милиона албума и 20 милиона сингъла по цял свят.
    Албумът Moon Landing на James Blunt е на музикалния пазар от Орфей Мюзик / Warner Music International.

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    Moon Landing of James Blunt came out and already boasts more than welcome album of their fans .

    The response is reflected in the impressive results on charts in Austria and Switzerland Moon Landing shoots straight to # 1. The second position is in Australia , Germany, Canada and the UK , and last album sold over 41,000 copies the first week , breaking the previous record Some Kind Of Trouble and sales, and in the charts . Moon Landing is in the top 10 in France , New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

    The first single , "Bonfire Heart", also recorded impressive achievements, including the fact that Switzerland does not move in the first place . The song is in the top 5 most rotating pieces in Germany , Austria and Switzerland and in the top 10 in Australia, New Zealand, Italy and France. "Bonfire Heart" was written by James, together with Ryan Tedder (Adele, Beyonce, Maroon 5 ), which was also the producer of the song.
    The rest of the album was produced by Tom Rothrock (Beck, Moby, Foo Fighters), who worked previously with James on his debut album Back To Bedlam, with additional production by Martin Terefe (KT Tunstall, Martha Wainwright, Jason Mraz).
    After his debut on stage in 2004 , James boasts four # 1 singles and won numerous awards, including two BRIT, two Ivor Novello, five Grammy nominations and numerous awards from MTV. He sold nearly 17 million albums and 20 million singles worldwide.

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  • The Chill In A Thermal Lend

    Posted:2013-12-03 15:38:29 UTC-08:00

    The deliberate 'Mental' abash,
    against I am of every seen.

    The lead to what has come to be,
    offends the 'Rite' of liberty.

    The product of 'An Affair'
    I state,
    "I know my paternal wealth, I am the spare"

    Deeply seated,
    I ride what's coarse,
    for in this venue,
    I ride with Force!!!

    The more delivered,
    the worse the case,
    with each new look,
    I crave it's source.

    The Hunt?,
    a preyed upon more.

    Hide & Seek,
    a dungeons 'Keep'
    out came ugly and it is mean.

    To only lead?,
    the honesty of what?,
    that abuse is real and I don't love?

    The real appearance,
    of whom?,
    won't run.

    Holding a hand,
    hearing the sound,
    a beating heart,
    the impossible stands.

    Will connection brake this rage,
    proves to be not up to me,
    for it is left to whom does use,
    then turns from,
    the source for fun.

    So declare your words dear Sir Dark Lord,
    the connection with your Self is torn,
    the mirrored reflection of your more,
    announces that your pain is scorn.

    'cause if you Tour the World 'round,
    you'll just be turned away with bound,
    becoming the next chored display,
    of what does never end this 'Play'.

    Again I say there is a place,
    where laughter's buried,
    and grave in state.

    So Peace in Concerts of what is real,
    will simply be a trip,
  • Upside Down (film)

    Posted:2013-12-03 12:59:34 UTC-08:00

    Upside Down 

    (FrenchUn monde à l'envers
    is a 2012 French-Canadian romantic science fiction film 
    Written and directed by Juan Diego Solanas
    Starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst.

    Review byPeter Sobczynski
    March 13, 2013 

    Have you ever idly speculated about how the visionary epic "Dark City" might have been changed if director Alex Proyas had been replaced halfway through by Baz Luhrman? Have you lain awake at night contemplating what one of Luc Besson's bombastic blockbusters might be like without the lucid narrative? Have you ever discussed with friends and loved ones what might have occurred if Lars von Trier had received notes from his producers on how to transform his notoriously depressing "Melancholia" into something more audience-friendly, and he perversely chose to follow each and every one of them to the letter?

    If the answer to all of these hypotheticals is "yes," the bad news is that you have pretty much wasted a chunk of your existence on nonsense. The good news, speaking of nonsense, is that you no longer have to imagine what any of those things would be like because "Upside Down" is a film that does all of it and much more. Simply put, this is one of the craziest films to come along in a while and I can confidently say that anyone who sees it will either hail it is some kind of crackpot masterpiece or dismiss it as one of the silliest damn things they've ever seen. Either way, those planning on seeing it should make sure that the multiplex floor is clean because their jaws, if not their entire bodies, are likely to resting down there for much of the running time.

    Remember how the sci-fi masterpiece "Metropolis" (1927) posits a world in which society has been literally split into two unequal classes? The rich, living in an impossibly luxurious city in the sky, ruthlessly exploit the resources and labors of the hardscrabble working class that dwells below ground in unspeakable poverty? "Upside Down" takes that conceit and flips it on its head by offering a vision of twin planets that are literally within shouting distance of each other — their respective highest mountain peaks almost touch — and which have gravities that pull in opposite directions.

    Those on the upper planet are prosperous and comfortable while those on the lower planet are poor, miserable and fighting for whatever scraps they can glean from above, mostly in the form of bits of an anti-gravity metal that can allow one to pass from one world to the next without detection. This substance is zealously guarded by Transworld, the mega-corporation that connects the two worlds through the only building that could technically be described as a skyscraper both coming and going. By the way, if this all strikes you as being too preposterous for words, you might as well check out now because it only gets nuttier from here on.

    After the requisite prologue explaining the premise, we meet two two attractive youngsters from the opposing planets — lower world Adam (Jim Sturgess) and upper world Eden (Kirsten Dunst) — as they spot each other from their respective mountain peaks and fall instantly in love. Alas, their idyllic zero-gravity makeout sessions are interrupted one day by guards from the upper world and while trying to get Eden back to her planet, there is an accident and it appears as though she has been killed.

    Ten years pass and Adam is now working in a dingy Transworld factory while attempting to devise a revolutionary beauty cream that harvests the rejuvenating power of pollen taken from pink bees (and you thought I was just kidding about things got nuttier?) when he is stunned to see Eden on television alive, well and also in the employ of Transworld. Adam then launches an elaborate plan to reconnect with his beloved that, if I have it correctly, entails using his beauty cream formula as a way of getting a job in Transworld headquarters and making requests for samples of the anti-gravity mineral that he will surreptitiously hide on his person in order to sneak up to the upper world and sweep Eden off her feet.

    It seems impossible that a scheme as well-planned as this could possibly fail but it turns out that there are a couple of minor hiccups. For one thing, it seems that Eden's accident has left her with amnesia, so when Adam finally does get to see her, she has absolutely no recollection of who he is. For another, the anti-gravity mineral has a disconcerting tendency to burst into flame after about an hour of usage. Nevertheless, Adam continues to visit Eden in hopes of jogging her memory. But he finds himself in increasing danger once the Transworld executives finally realize what he is doing.

    By all rational standards, "Upside Down" is one of the dumbest movies that you will see in your entire life. Right from the start, it takes its first giant misstep with a prologue that is meant to simultaneously set up the story and explain the physics of the twin world gimmick in ways that will more or less satisfy the average moviegoer or at the very least keep them from asking pesky questions about the apparent lack of orbits or how the twinned worlds can have sunrises, sunsets and the like.

    Unfortunately, writer-director Juan Diego Solanas has made the bizarre decision to explain these details entirely through Adam's voiceover rather than, you know, showing us how it works. This is a bad enough idea on the surface but it sinks (rises?) even further through the dreadful line readings of Jim Sturgess, who is such a wispy twerp her that his character in "One Day" seems to display a Lee Marvin-like sense of gravitas by comparison.

    There are plenty of other problems as well, and almost all of them are directly related to Solanas' screenplay. The twin-world concept is a premise is one that could inspire any number of fantastical stories so why waste it on yet another gooney "Romeo and Juliet" retread about two lovers from opposite worlds fighting to be together? And if you had to go the young-lovers route, why complicate matters by giving one of them amnesia and forcing the other to jump through hoops just to jog her memory. (To quote another movie coming soon to a theater near you, "Amnesia is bollocks!")

    Furthermore, why would you not try to supply them with dialogue that didn't sound as if it had gone through Babelfish at least four different times and a conclusion that didn't make "Cannonball Run II" look like a model of Mamet-like closure by comparison? And if you still felt oddly compelled to press on down this particular path, wouldn't you at least make some kind of token effort to hire actors who could work up some kind of convincing chemistry between them?

    Kirsten Dunst is appealing enough as Eden but due to her character's affliction, she spends much of her on-screen time smiling sweetly while struggling to understand what is going on around her. Jim Sturgess, on the other hand, is downright appalling throughout and spends most of his on-screen acting like a tool while the audience struggles to resist the temptation to bum-rush the screen punch him in his smug little mug. I don't want to suggest that Sturgess is completely useless — though I really do — but the great character actor Timothy Spall turns up in the key supporting role of a Transworld employee who takes Adam under his wing and though he only shares a few on-screen seconds with Dunst, he comes across as a far more convincing suitor than the ostensible romantic lead.

    That "Upside Down" is one of the silliest movies ever made — did I mention that? — is a fact that I can in no way deny. And yet, I am often willing to overlook numbskull storytelling if the film in question is bold and stylish enough in other areas to make up for its narrative shortcomings, and this is one of those films. Virtually every moment is crammed to the gills with visual marvels ranging from an endless sea of office drones that one-ups the famous shot in the silent classic "The Crowd" to a grand ballroom with dancers twirling about on both the floor and ceiling to a stunner in which Adam escapes some flames that threaten to overtake him by jumping up into a nearby river.

    I have no idea what machinations were used to achieve the sights that we see — I presume a lot of CGI was involved and it appears as though a lot of practical effects may have been included, too — but the result is often stunning and I would gladly take just a couple of the images shown here over anything in most recent blockbuster epics. (This is the kind of film where you could just pause the eventual Blu-Ray at any given moment and just study the image as one might a painting.)

    Additionally, while Solanas may not know how to write a story, he knows that the best way to approach it is with a bold and unapologetic attitude that finds him swinging for the fences every time. Granted, his batting average may not be perfect (especially in the first and final innings) but asused to be of the great Cubs slugger Dave Kingman, he may hit or miss but when he's at the plate, he's never boring.

    My guess that it is the kind of obvious enthusiasm Solanas demonstrates as a director is what convinced smart people like Dunst and Spall to sign on, even though the script must have read like gibberish to them. (Sturgess, on the other hand, presumably signed on because he knows that the only reason he gets offered scripts is when the producers are too cheap to meet James McAvoy's quote.)

    Maybe the best way to appreciate the film is to bring your iPod and cue up some music to listen to — maybe that fantastic new David Bowie album — while letting the stunning visuals wash over you. That way, you will still be able to experience the best things it has to offer and — who knows? — depending on your choice of musical accompaniment, it might even make more sense than the sound-synched movie.

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  • Their Words Left Acts Of Real Scars

    Posted:2013-12-03 12:07:47 UTC-08:00

    The "Scars" I see upon my own,
    the stripes the testify to what I've known,
    reality is an uncomfortable zone,
    the 'live' to what is shown.

    So bluntly speaking,
    who will save?,
    no one cares to know the name,
    of the persons who suffer blame,
    all because it's over and done....!!,
    now the guilty just go have fun.

    The damage does sum,
    it's on the back,
    it's scarred in fact,
    the reason of,

    I would not know,
    I was not there,
    all I say, is that I stare.

    What is left of what I see,
    stands so strong in front of me.

    Each day I think,
    why was this done,
    who applied, who beat my ....!!

    Should you be privy to this act,
    I state with brief and artful tact,
    the life you beat, the life exact,
    will never bend to your Rack.

    The quote of a biblical note,
    comes to mind for such a find,
    "Spare the Rod, spoil the Child"
    with such a Verse,
    do you feel my reap!!

    Don't worry or fret,
    I never bet,
    but in this value of a measured set,
    I don't forget the buckled let,
    the scars I have,
    internally met.

    So go about your life and know,
    everything or 'It' will show,
    not for difference in this I slow,
    but for the indifference that you stow.

    The words of self come from stealth,
    there is no heavenly flow in welts,
    I root for Satan and every low,
    'cause in the end you still will know,
    the abuse is still your blame,
    'cause on your watch,
    you dealt such blows it's scarred and shows.

    Without repose I state to thee,
    the count is multiple upon such deed,
    the rod, the cane, the levity,
    by no mistake it was not me.

    I understand the time it took,
    to come and say hello don't look,
    but in this end of never-ending,
    the pain I feel is just beginning.

  • I Have Always Loved Tetris And Now It Shows...

    Posted:2013-12-03 09:30:05 UTC-08:00

    Tetris May Treat PTSD, Flashbacks

  • James Blunt Interview ~ Interview: Maranda Pleasant

    Posted:2013-12-03 08:36:52 UTC-08:00

    Maranda Pleasant: Hey James, how are you?

    James Blunt: Great, how are you doing?

    MP: I’m great! I’m out in a field in Aspen at the moment.

    JB: It must be amazing to be there.

    MP: It’s beautiful. I’ve listened to your work for years. It’s deeply emotional and moving, and I just wanted to say thank you.

    JB: Thanks very much! It’s nice to share it with someone.

    MP: What is it that inspires you? Where do you pull from when you create this super emotional music? It’s my favorite breakup music.


    JB: A lot of my songs sound quite earnest. I’m trying as best as I can, especially with this album to not second guess an audience. I write songs about my own experiences. You can’t lie to yourself. You can’t pose to yourself. It’s about being as honest as you can and as brave as you can, about acknowledging weaknesses, failings, fears, and then the celebration of hopes, as well. I write songs about my own experiences but I hope other humans connect with them. No matter whether you are black or white, man or woman, gay or straight, Christian, Muslim, or Jew, we all share the same emotions, the same human condition.

    MP: What is it that makes you feel fully alive?

    JB: I’m really lucky in what I do. I love music. I think the things that make me excited are only best when they’re shared with people. To get up on stage with a band is fantastic. To play songs to an audience is mindblowing. To come home and share life experiences with friends is the key to what makes me feel really alive.

    MP: What are the things that make you feel

    JB: I suppose getting up on stage and singing in the way that I do. What I’m trying to do is be vulnerable in that space. There’s a lot of music nowadays with people singing about how amazing their clothes are and how incredible their shoes are and how much jewelry they might be wearing or how much jewelry they want, how much money they have and the club that they’re in and the alcohol that they’re drinking. I think that’s showing off. I don’t think it’s necessarily all that honest or all that interesting. As a singer-songwriter who gets up on stage and sings about those things that make me vulnerable is an amazing experience. You get up on stage and effectively take your clothes off in front of thousands of people. If you get up on stage and brag, I don’t think that’s very brave. It’s braver to get up and take your clothes off. And I do that every night.

    MP: I’m going to need to come to a show! [laughing]

    JB: It’s not impressive. [laughing]

    MP: What makes your new album different from the others?

    JB: With this album, it’s a more personal journey. We recorded in a sparse, rough way. This album is the album I would’ve recorded if Back to Bedlam hadn’t sold anything, if it hadn’t gone mainstream. When an album hits big, suddenly you are aware of this audience. Being aware of them, it’s a kind of wall. I don’t know how to write without thinking what people would want. You don’t know whether they want you to be black or white, so you kind of get a gray, something in the middle. It’s nice, it sounds good, but it’s for someone else. That’s why this one has been a real pleasure to do. I’m really dragging it from myself. The consequence of that is that an audience goes, Hey, f*ck, this sounds really honest!

    MP: We love it. When I listen to your songs, there seems to be this internal world of awareness that you have. What is love to you, at this point in your life?

    JB: I have a really, really close family. My parents are still together. I have two sisters. I travel the world and they are the people I speak to. I have friends who were friends of mine before I did music and they are my friends now, and we share life experiences. It’s no fun unless you’re sharing with people, looking out for them as they are looking out for you.

    MP: If you could say something and have it be heard by everyone on the planet, what would that be?

    JB: I suppose it goes back to what I was saying, which is, we see differences in people and seem to be afraid of people. The black or white or gay or straight—I don’t necessarily look for differences but for similarities. We need to be looking out for each other.

    MP: When are you coming to the U.S. to
    tour with this new album?

    JB: As soon as you invite me, I’m coming down.

    Courtesy of;
  • I Forgot I Wrote To.....Dear Past, You Cannot Stop The Unstoppable!!

    Posted:2013-12-03 08:48:33 UTC-08:00

    Dear Past,

    Confront Me!  
    Destroy my present Life.  
    Leave me quietly at day light, 
    return to remind me at sundown.

    Don't bother others with questions.
    Keep it real with flashbacks.
    Exhaust me from sleepless nights.
    Make my dreams, Nightmares.

    Do you miss me when I forget you?
    Are you lonely with just the old friends you have?
    Is your pain to singular when I am gone?
    Don't you love the silence?

    Bring it all.
    Don't leave one memory behind.
    Invite comments and judgments from past offenders,
    to be the audio, to the video that runs in my head.
    Tell immediate family to dump it all on me.
    Isn't that the job?
    You told me so.
    Forgetting nothing is important.
    Making the flashback live it is so useful.
    It irons it all out so well, so vividly for me.

    Do I call the men I see?
    How about the women?
    Are the orgy's still in your repertoire?
    Just curious how much further we must go down the lane before we say Adios,
    to the other.

    I know the ugliness you must have to live with,
    when will you give it up?
    I mean, really, get real past,
    I'm tired, your tired,
    you are a worn out record.

    Oh, I am so sorry.
    I had no idea.
    Keep me close,
    I will speak on your behalf,
    yes, until the end.  I swear.

    Love Always,
    The friend you will never need,


    (originally written in 2011)
  • The Blind Of Any Year Is 'The Keep' Of A Dungeon Steer

    Posted:2013-12-02 06:48:44 UTC-08:00

    As this year cheers it's end,
    an other clocks the count.

    The balance enters,
    a Calendar mounts.

    Life Itself,
    an example,
    a Way to Route,
    the guide while about,
    to prepare for the next out!!

    As death is... knot a play,
    it will come and you'll display,
    on either-side you have a Voice,
    that will 'Still' any roar!!

    Death Court asks,
    What are you for?,
    a question asked while you are bored.

    Few admit,
    I don't know!!,
    while the sum adds too 'til,
    the expressive Being you are,
    is so able to hit this Par!!


    Moving-on, Forward through,
    does it matter or is it grand?,
    to know that chores,
    a Service or Door,
    still retains the lift you are?

    Could this 'Might'
    I think it's tight,
    open venue or threaten light?

    Albeit darkness does invite,
    it is Belief that's yours tonight,
    just as it is in every plight!!

    To take away, to jam ideas,
    to turn deaf ears,
    makes so much clear,
    for in an Independent thought or Mind,
    one must not judge the wrought of,

    As each asked,
    consider 'Past'
    repetition seems still blast,
    'likened' too 'Same Mistake'
    as some do change,
    it still takes place.

    A small move,
    a different due,
    consider this as you chose!!

    The fact of life,
    is it's 'Might'
    to look for right,
    just may enhance your fight. 

  • The Spear, The Sword, The Words

    Posted:2013-12-01 10:26:23 UTC-08:00

    The grand of any piano,
    the key a Man does play,
    the chord of a measured share.

    Too Pleasure

    The scores so countered,
    a metronome clicks,
    to keep the time,
    'cause I won't look...away!!

    Captured I am,
    by a singular man,
    he haunts my port,
    with a strange report,
    I wonder,

    Is there more?

    In state,
    a site to see,
    will this feat prove to be?,
    dynamics? or just plain deed?

    To clap the same,
    'Old Way'
    put into words,
    the rhythm rights,
    a Riddlers plight!!

    Gazing upon that door,
    I open to know,
    their adored.

    Knot by passed,
    but on Trust,
    of simply saying,

    I still do lust....after!!

  • The Sound Of Loud

    Posted:2013-11-30 09:01:49 UTC-08:00

    Too forge on,
    to sing a song,
    to take note to what became 'Notable'
    the support?,

    The Choir of Silence,
    roared with direction,
    not North or South,
    know Compass ruled,
    just directed with quiet repose.

    To thank what became a great strength to me,
    would only prove,
    I am at a loss of words,
    for such moments delivered love.

    That presence in my life,
    proved that not only 'grace' exists,
    it's a Alive and a Way.

    I saw it each and every day,
    no ifs, ands or buts,
    just was.

    What an incredible example of how to move forward,
    without resentment or the I should haves,
    just go and know,
    "You are loved too."

  • Life Is Certain Too Stun

    Posted:2013-11-30 07:08:17 UTC-08:00

    Once again life is no mend,
    the factual basis of only pain from the begin,
    retains itself in a strange sort of blend.

    The on-going symptom of only done,
    is the commonality of a well-strung sum.

    I hope for the World a date to hold,
    to keep and never feel sold,
    to shield myself from what has been done,
    I simply say; 

    "It's no fun, it is just a run."

  • Evolution Bangs

    Posted:2013-11-29 10:43:08 UTC-08:00

    The disturbing trend of,
    no concern,
    will know and end as,
    the approach,
    is not indifferent to what is rote.

    The divide of a cavern,
    a fossil won't lie,
    it's wealth is truth,
    the find,

    The pass of a moment,
    knot rushed, pushed,
    delivered curse,
    evolution terse.

    The mountain valley,
    the stream so sick,
    no matter dark,
    the negative?,

    The tree so spoke,
    the ample bough,
    the vine,
    exampling toll!!

    Words erupt,
    structure fails,
    the hurried day,
    brings hate not death.

    Move quickly friend,
    or I may sum,
    your appearance means,
    run fast from.

    The breath it takes,
    to state "I'm Fate"
    is less than equal,
    for I say make!!

    Far from Earth,
    farther Universe Scene,
    the sights of such,
    sent Life to touch!!

    Spread the News,
    not Lies be shrewd,
    for I have found,
    Human Beings are rude!!

    Take, Take, Take,
    seems Their rate,
    robbing lives,
    just like War!!

    The lead to grace,
    appealing source,
    the Gold Rings core,
    a Dragon Force!!

    The thought of great,
    flight is had,
    not just my spirit,
    it is my mad!!

    Description filled,
    stories full,
    as Humanity ignored them still.

    The smoke in signal,
    the sound of mourn,
    I hang my head,
    Mortals dread!!

    Life to Death,
    a victory march,
    known to those,
    whom know the Mount.

    The liberty of,
    comes with type,
    a simple prose,
    Identity, Rite!!
  • The Rivalry Of Here

    Posted:2013-11-28 07:12:49 UTC-08:00

    To brake too train,
    be prepared for what?

    The Same

    The heat of fire,
    burns this page,
    the ink is black,
    I'm of Age!!

    The 'Voice of Say'
    the truth is clear,
    so I write,
    to read a cheer!!

    Onward, Forward,
    march to lift,
    my spirit's down?,
    I'm still around.

    Just a phone call,
    proves what's bound!!

    To blame the reason,
    for life or treason,
    I state, "It's all"
    just happens.

    Believe n'

    So to the 'Skeptic'
    hello to 'Cowards'
    your face is missing,
    much like the language.

    But livings different,
    I breathe to know,
    that 'Thoughts' equip,
    my every show.

    To think on ignorance,
    impatient lies,
    my eyes do see,
    'Their' disguise!!

    Made evident with days,
    the proof of said,
    is not yet dead.

    The red in death,
    the black enraged,
    the hate of most,
    delivers Sage!!

    Speaking on,
    subject wrong,
    what was spake,
    made Satan wake.

    The way to placed,
    is long and traced,
    to be replaced is a mistake.

    The Ride of a Mounted Stay!!

  • Global Equine Perspective ~ Decoding Equine Performance by Tamara Placek Stafford

    Posted:2013-11-26 06:41:37 UTC-08:00

    Decoding Equine Performance
    Premiere and Overview:
    "This is my older sister Tam, pretty cool stuff if you ask me.  She trained me!!"

    Me, Freckles and Tam at the 'Paddock Arena' in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

    "And now I can ride Rogues!!, just like this one in the photo below.  Shades and I are the two that are having a discussion about 'halting', lol. His owner was looking on as her daughter Julie, was cruising effortlessly around the warm-up ring at CTETA also known as Woodside Horse Park. This was a  Schooling Show in August of this year, I am the 'Acting Trainer' for both Julie and Shades.  The day ended well for both of them, lots of ribbons for the young lady, to include a championship and best of all, a very exhausted and content Shades.  Great first time out!!"

    Me, Shades, Jewels and Belle at CTETA, Woodside Horse Park, Woodside, California
    August 2013

  • Death and Life

    Posted:2013-11-28 08:01:22 UTC-08:00

    The stress of death has made,
    a visit of late,
    not afraid,
    I invited the peace I know.

    Instead I try

    The laughter,
    made me die.

    To know that Death,
    is only door,
    I do not worry,
    not even chore.

    Turns out the humor,
    of such a time,
    brought reality,
    in a Sign.

    I said goodbyes to whom I know,
    may not miss me 'til I earth,
    it is not me who'd miss this be,
    terribly sad? 'cause I'd be glad.

    You'd have my Lore

    It is nice to know my Son shares fear,
    he does wish that when we list,
    we go together,
    "It would be best."

    I think to know,
    that he did show,
    the same concern of such a turn,
    increased my want to stop the taunt.

    Oddly contagion-ed

    To succumb from exhaustion,
    tons and tons as it sums,
    the accusations and lack of nations,
    at least he has a girl,


    Mother Nature,
    once before,
    took me straight to deaths door,
    Twenty something and very ill,
    turned out stress still does kill.

    I think that she has had enough,
    I'm not wanted and I've had it rough.

    My body ill and my mind is drill,
    the antibiotics are working still,
    I may survive or be just fill,
    all I know is I want to show.

    Twin Soul

    I wished to hold the hand of whom,
    sang a song and landed Moon,
    the album came and I played too,
    the D.V.D was pretty cool.

    Thanks for the note,
    the picture is,
    really neat,
    you seem so clean.

    I still think you're kind of cute,
    you make me swoon,
    I feel the boot.


    In the end I guess it's best,
    to know that luck is like a test,
    it's better, it's best.

    So to you,
     my dear Sir who,
    I'd like to hold,
    make love to too,
    I hope for a day you come to say,

    "I'm here to take you all away."

  • Retrograde

    Posted:2013-11-28 08:01:48 UTC-08:00

    The worth in a Man lives in the lies that are Told.

    Sadly it is only these,
    that We here,
    stories grow old.

    The endearment to Truth,
    does not Lie only holds,
    not you at Bay,
    but the Murderers and the Cowards.

    the unworthy Lives,
    seeking death as the glory,
    it lived in this one.

    To march upon a man's heart,
    with nothing other than,
    indecisive measure,
    it will show-up in,
    the end,
    a needless direction.

    Leaving you short of your mark,
    thereupon leaving that Heart & Soul,
    whole in, 
    Balance & Unmeasured Treasure.

    The regard to the spoken word,
    does not have calculations for the mis-information,
    in the Language.

    Leaving the written word,
    open to an individual,
    and therefore the interpretation,
    will be made by the force of the Tongue,
    which is most twisted?

    For in the end,
    maybe it is not the snake,
    with a Forked-Tongued message,
    of which we may find,
    strange but rather,
    the splitting of,
    a man's decision.

    In Him-Self over what,
    is correct or,
    what is not.

    Created a split-tongue,
    an alter-ego,
    or the like.

    For at least,
    in this thought,
    I have not committed,
    to either,
    for thinking with the wisdom,
    of a Snake and the Credence,
    of a Man.

    Leave Me,
    still standing,
    differently but with a plausible answer.

    Towards which Story,
    I would find, 
    to be Myth.

    The Garden of Eden,
    for a Snake may slither,
    he can not speak,
    with an audible tone.

    Rather because I am,
    unable of any English,
    speaking Creatures,
    other than Man.

    So if,
    lies were truth and truth were lies and men have died for so much of this...

    where is your snake,
    which speaks to say?
  • At First I Had Decided Not To Share This With Anyone, I was at a loss for words

    Posted:2013-11-28 08:02:19 UTC-08:00

    When rumors and accusations are made behind your back you usually never know the source or the accuser by name.  In fact, in my case I just get a bad feeling and remove myself from the situation.  I guess hindsight being 20/20 I wondered why I was no longer needed as a Riding Instructor at Sun Valley Equestrian, but after reading this email that was forwarded to me as an F.Y.I., I don't need to wonder anymore.

    I have left off the email addy's and last names of the people involved other than myself of course, as I do not wish for anyone to be able to contact any of the said parties.  I just believe that after the past few days I will feel better if I am honest about how much stress I have been under.  Until now I have been very quiet about the events in the past month or so.  However I feel that due to said events, my stress level became so high that it brought on these illnesses.

    I was not really certain about what to do when I received this email as an F.Y.I., so I didn't do anything at all.  In truth, I was at loss for words, really I still am but maybe by posting what I was sent a month ago someone else can find the words that I have lost.

    To: Karen Placek


    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Juliette
    Date: Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:12 AM
    Subject: Re:
    To: Diane

    Karen never said anything negative to me about you. The decisions I made were based on my own experiences.

    I wish you the best, good luck in the future.


    On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 11:03 PM, wrote:

     Hi Juliette, sorry to bother you at work today.
    I am not looking for you to get involved in anything or ever see me or be my friend.
    I simply feel I need to defend myself against the ugly, disgusting lies Karen has made up about me. I have no idea of what she told you but after the last week I'm beginning to understand that we have been played, manipulated into believing that each other"somehow had sinister Motives  in our business dealings.
    From the very beginning Karen did not like you for some reason.
    she would say things like I am stupid for letting you be a part or the business, why am I giving you half etc. I replied that I needed a partner to be half responsible and that you were very good to me when everything went down with Laura. She would get angry with me saying I make to many excuses for you etc.  She had me come to her house to convince me of all your wrong and evil doings. Then you and I started having disagreements and she just made it intensified. She said you were always complaining  about me saying things about me like I didn't know a thing about the business, I don't deserve my husband, and more.
    This really upset me as you had told me I had done an awesome job with the business so far and this is why you wanted to come in with me. I also was mad cause you clearly stressed you didn't want us talking about stuff to the employees.  It has finally made me realize that she was most likely saying stuff to you as well as she has been to people on the ranch, I might add not to the people that really know me but you the ones that really don't.
    She has told jack and Nona that I accused them of intentionally hurting my horse, told people I drug my horses in the lesson program, that I don't call the vet.
    That I leave sick horses alone to die, the list goes on. She has taking all the things that I value about myself or have integrity about and painted me as the opposite. The way you moved Belle confused me I couldn't understand why she couldn't stay in the barn, the night of the show
    You were all trying to get my daughter go to dinner with out her mother that made me feel very uncomfortable.  I can't imagine what she has said to you regarding me, but if it is close to the other things she is saying about me then I'm not sure I blame you for running.  All I can say is I am not perfect, I make mistakes , but I am a good person. I run my business with the same integrity I have in every area of my life. I would never miss use or drug any animal. Shit I don't even eat meat.
    Juliette she even went as far to say is you have evil beings coming out if your head and you were trying to suck the life out of me, and that it was her mission to get you out of the barn.   She even accused you of trying to hurt Julie and you were working with Laura to make a fool of me.

    With this I can only conclude that we were both played by a very smart, manipulative, sick person whom we both cared for.

    It truly disturbs me to think that you thought  I would harm your horse or anyone's horse for that matter.   I have dedicated much of my life to care for these horses
    And love them like my own..
    I know I can not change how you feel about me, but it does hurt to think you are feeling victimize by me and my family, as I'm sure you must have been hurt by whatever she said about me.
    Juliette I need to know if you think Johnoh was in on all of this
    I am worried that Julie is being played. I just don't know anymore. It seems as if my internal compass has failed me once again.  Please if you could do one thing for me and answer this because I am really worried for my daughter.
    I am now starting to believe everything about Karen Is a lie,
    I think she points the finger at people for stuff she is guilty of and quite  frankly she scares me!
    It is really unfortunate this turned out the way it did but I do want you to know, I do not think anymore that you were trying hurt me or do anything sinister, I must say  I never  tried to hurt you and you did not misjudge my character nor did I misjudge yours.  I am sorry I didn't come to you in the first place. Im not exactly sure what Karen wanted or why she hates me us so much that she came to help and decided to wreak Havoc
    Between us and our barn. I'm not sure what she thought she would gain and with her accusations marked with your behavior towards me it began to paint an ugly picture. Especially when I was facing a difficult time bringing my Mom here. I was looking for a bit of support from my friends and felt I was kicked in the face an thus my reaction to that wasn't pretty.  I don't know what to say and I don't need you to believe what I say for I know what happened now its all very clear

    I thank you for all the times you extended yourself to me and i will always remember the very generous trip to Hawaii  where i got to rest for the first time in years. I hope you take care of yourself and someday know me for the person I truly am.

    I wish you an Belle all the best.


    Sent from my iPhone

What can you say when you have it all within the moment you want it.
I watch the World and know that I am free for myself and you must pay.
Go broke you will, in one day, Today is the one that Ed has been waiting for.
I am the one and the only one watched and wondered about being.

Check the BSE,
my accounts are, well booming.

I am what you will never be.
I know that you watch, torture, steal, lie and record before you do it.
the life that fills you with what comes up as rage in you now,
laughs at you daily and has since, I don't know TWO.
Look at how you feel,
 I wouldn't know and I don't care,LOL.

Wake UP,
I do to you, what you do to me,
look it up in or on or thereabouts,
try Europe for starters,
then come to my front door and you will see that SIN is your begin,
not mine.

Oh Yea, did hear the latest, it's the best joke of all.