Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Is The Sit Tea Really A Race Of Fair Ease??

Trust a value as the measure of what is cork to the know of the ply would lift?,
then what is the ground from to ask frisk scrub a mission of the moons?,
is the bend on the light to vernacular shirt a tide of the label Tie`d?,
is the nice cream to the Zipper lean a pant a long?

Cheese and the Wheel,
milk curd to sheep and Cow a nurse made of Teach,

it rings to flinch as the mid soup per green pi lawns.

Just as the clover is sway and the fin is Fen *Shee,
it grabs to swing a breeze?,
that can't be wright as that would mean the garden of Opus.

Thus the dirt of soil must Marsh to bog,
the log of peel grapes to the Ancient honey of plums!!

Fig. knew Tons at the Sconce is the as Tech to the Field,
crops of twine Wire with a bit chase of the who has a towel to sweat the Mark curr,
Fin Again!!

Kneel and fish the Tackle?,
tribulation to the bib a Coal?,
white chalk on the black board?,
what is the Balance beam.

Is the floor Mat an Umpa loom paw?,
does the did in the crevasse just scrawl?,
is the Peat repetitious as the grass is the grave yard?,
should an Um make the pause to Tile or is it the chisel of Versed?,
shovel the hard cake to model clay?,
chime is that ring?,
then what makes the flutter of a goose to raise bumps?

You're A Pea Yens Sew Frank In Cents Ore Is IT To Be Blunt??

Salt the grip of what is the world on the once in pile?,
it is the verse to the vernacular shirt,
as the sleeve is not on the handkerchief people sneeze,
the shore of sand.

Touch the grape on the bottle of bolt lightning,
thunder may count to a strike yet what is the second,
is it a value to say hello to a brand new guy,
or is the fellow an ancient card of grace to note the Time of Ages as just a sort?,
to beyond is that known.

Just as the singer grins to frown a basic ground,
it rumps to that tracer of how is the grub,
worth to particle as what is the Dust,
magic of Science or the girth of only just this Earth?

Should memory score knowledge as the Library Arcadian course,
is the social conscious lost or is the Loc a barbarian first?,
dig what whole to the banana and the grapefruits curt?.

Skin and Peel,
is the rhind a string that corks the meat,
shall the apple sing to the suit?.

Shipping knew that oars were not a Canoe,
yet the Niagara of Waterfalls gave our Country the barrel and the chain,
as that over the Falls!!

Seasons in the Suns?,
what therefore is the moons,
around the Solar System to speak a Cosmos?,
trees and for wrist I write to spoke,
person to person,
this is the bank of message,
not a dial on a note to few a word.

Excitement is,
from that to what was,
it is the tickle of funny bone to elbow only the exit as Ton,
shine til the ankle gets that posture?,
nigh those hours of Trojan,
now the love is as basic as the thought to say that I do.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Durr Not Duh As Spelling Is Know Optional

Should the United States Post a course throughout the event of only the curb to a stop sign, the average alley would be where on the block?  Or, is the Map of the counter on the seat to threshold?
What there from is the breeze to the smoke on the ceiling of that draw?  Trip to journal.

Trip this journal to the paragraph that just records without a vinyl scratch.  Deep groove to those and grease their balance to the fame that their after said in such grasp that I shore.  Then bounce this to their desk and tell them from me that their idea of what is beyond is so studied that IM.plants are the cell phones in their hands.  As those that cannot be named can do the best show and not have to worry about being gleaned by the which craft of each every clover guest, the clear and persistent is the doubt that push is pine and hymn is so full to piece of calm that I always draw comfort to the learn and acknowledge and yet I treasure to the curt see of time on raised.  As it is really the posture of ballast that marks this day a saddle for humanity, it is the rift, the bare note, the tires that never die tread that have made fathom of nostril to stream.  For far from any is the hug of Marconi, the love of my dawn and certainly the life in and of what is known by me as the real.  Not a film, nor a clip, it is the berth of such magnificence that I know love is more then a pause, it is in infinity.  The rail of train to this measure of seen is more to the library of that grown just the other night in a wonder of Worlds, I etched and did not scratch in a thought of what I never wince, as what is love when singing is graced.

Worry I do, however the breeze in the wind is the harness of the saddle that bridle of the bit that the ones that cannot be named rein.  Therefore so glad that happy is be said and that the ones that cannot be named are and safety becomes rather the continued leader of confidence and strength that hugs my life with warm love for tender sweets that have not swept under the carpet of society the man in the blindness of what marked as a planned on the News this evening May 28, 2017.  Simple; that bring of solace to wonder is no more, as sobriety to clam chowder, as the sourdough of Midnight Gallery, this day reminded me now of those drives with my mother at the helm and my brother and I in deep listen to the radio on I-5.

The gravity of station to the galaxy of repaired is the distal branch of no fish.  To belief of faith is a joster ring that brings nothing but foolish doubt and debt as be dealt.  Grasp to the rim and know that these are the fathoms of Universe to Universe and this planet and it's dark hour is merely a note to remind myself that this is Hell and yet as I travel the bell free the suns are in the found and life is not bound by shifting shards of thresholds door.

For the ingredients of what is bread, it is the sway of the wheat as the gentle salt in the air is what is the rise to the sun and announcement of the Moon to know that there are 24 hours in a clock.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Only Just A Book And Chapter

As the balance of humanity is to take to rake and sand the fact it is the grace of key to sing,
a more is the find on the dream of what is life to I,
in the midst of home I laughed with the Trumpet and said to the flute,
whistle note to verse and remind Time of extra special love,
it is the sky lined with library!!

Shade to valence it is the booth of only one Cosmic encyclopedia,
shall this be only then may humanity term it to grounded,
as that is the face of tombs and graves,
easter and rods.

Dig stipend and bank that to count nothing never for those that wish to be,
as it is more to a flight of no freeze to glacier and yet it is the blue icing of so much door,
across that is the element of vein,
to speak in a caliber and not on a bulletin,
I skit this to exit?,
no as that is intro Duc shin and I prefer to live a lively dance on the Waltz that says to sing more!!

the style of what is my mind's eye is stream?,
it is the reality of an Arcadian,
the Universe and the libraries of came,
how excited I this morning of glory the measure of core.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bill.ding Blocks!!

After Earth a Will Smith jam,
the ghost to the man makes what to the Shade,
a Shadow in the Breeze,
singing to be lead?,
nigh the sour grape Will Smith must just be lei!!

A dig on the Doug would be repeat the parade,
junk to the lotterey and a ticket be leashed?,
know it is as easy as the counter to never count the pound per scale,
a dumb.stir at

the fact that a sheet can fill California core a Nation,
filling out the bubble to Deli the Sand.Which,
what is the disc. to see deed,
pleasure of the pause as that is just after love,
won word or too is knot logic,
simple the view,
recover the curb,
mark the Cops to say that Police are dear.

Now on that is why bother the Tape of Ticket,
there was a day of draw the half an hour,
round the tumbler to number and out the bingo grasp,
now it is just announced on television sight?

Who really ventures unless it's over Tin a bill Yen,
risk at dimmer is what is that ghost as the 4th of July.Ayes?,
day by day the week say month to May this is not June,
forth that is to to and for.

Now on that World cranes to Father, Sun and Wholly Ghost,
per happens is the Noory as what is George but jinn,
to reach at kip is to stick?,
nigh that Religion as drink that ghostly film to dime in Catholic it's a find,
for owe Win said to what is how and I just said love hymn!!

Cultures social people,
colors in the rainbow,
that pot of gold is on the mirror or is mirage a plural?

Also known as: 了1, verb 了, completed action 了 and perfective aspect 了.

The particle 了 (le) has a lot of uses. One of the most common is to express the completion of an action. This is called aspect, which is not the same as tense. Tense is about when an action happens: past, present or future. Aspect is about whether the action is complete in a certain time frame.

Basic Pattern

To indicate completeness with 了 (le), the structure is: Subj. + Verb + 了 + Obj.


Should a person have a thought to do something and due to a circumstance is unable, i.e., Stoplights on 19th Avenue for instance.  Those stoplights were re-set?  No, as the fact of traffic to the Sunset is all in alphabetical order and the Richmond is on the timing of what a tunnel reserves to the bridge (a native San Franciscan only would comprehend map) causing the specific by coincidence to be (A) said 'Hit & Run' not be at location of decision causing person with thought no person to 'Hit & Run' thereby leaving that person at perceived scene not the dead or blood scrap body at Scene.  Does said person with thought think Wiser (Hence leaving Scene not violated walking away from pure coincidence.)?? That A - B = A parenthesis numerical one, right~left: (Including google search for any interested in only an 'example of' the Numerical 1)

Now 'Hit & Run' (B) is missed, A is victim minus 1 (WOW)!! Now process repeat is from A.
1.) Not completing act decision made from preview of 'Hit & Run'??
2.) Path was decision and did not complete path full^fill^Meant therefore A's feet would continue to walk it out consciously or unconsciously regardless

No, it must resume conscience in someway.  Would the 'Mind' go the walk and extend step to walk range than clique thought? This would pattern A "Hit & Miss' (Geary Street) City Block (Clement Street) grid reality [insert question mark here] (California Street).

Geary Blvd one block on 19th, cross Clement and go one more block to California to cross the intersection. These instructions are on a hand-drawn map attached to mathematical circumspect, can't draw the que on here. This note has been whited-out as the skip to my hand-drawn map not in memory, rather a kicker to work on this specific as thought

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Engine, The Key, The Sun Is Energy Of Harness, It's Wiring!!

The schedule of every pun is not a brass to the bass instrument's thumb,
to grasp the horn of a rinse,
a guitar on the picker is the being of blunt on a small cap it Toll!!

Trust this as the next typical Life,
no memory from the board of this blogger's mile on planet scratch,
the tile between the rein is a bit of a bridle trailer!!

Tribe with nothing to Note,
write on the Cliff to etch the Artistic come,
released by oh eight at the Nine teen of age for genius on a sage's love!!

Trips to Journals,
songs with transferred brings no Florida this Time of clock In and Out,
it is just as the French Fries for the Hamburger tomorrow today many years 2012 at '13,
a does in is just the meet tour and blunt tea gave Wraith a brand knew Name?

Add that with the How,
in deed the challenge is just those 1000 Years or the Milenia of Ages on Times?

No as the facts are now not Existence,
just Nature announce,
next lives awl forget to wit the ripple with a fountain on the harness,
it makes the balance of the mind.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wraith is a Scottish dialectal word for "ghost", "spirit", see Ghosts in European culture.
Wraith or The Wraith may also refer to:



Fictional races[edit]

  • Wraith (Dungeons & Dragons), a type of undead in the Dungeons & Dragons game
  • Wraith (Stargate), a hostile alien race in Stargate Atlantis
  • Wraith, a colloquial name for the Defel, an alien race in Star Wars
  • Wraith, a sentient shape shifting telepathic species in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Rogue Planet"
  • Wraiths, wandering hooded figures promoting the roller coaster Thirteen at Alton Towers amusement park; also appearing as theme elements on the ride itself
  • Ringwraiths, a term for the Nazgûl in Tolkien's legendarium
  • Waterwraith/Plasm Wraith, boss and final boss of Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3, respectively
  • Wraith, a type of monster in the video game Evolve
  • Wraith, a character class in the video game Dead by Daylight

Fictional vehicles[edit]

  • Wraith Squadron, a starfighter squadron in the Star Wars universe
  • CF/A-17 Wraith Class space superiority fighter, a Terran starfighter in the StarCraft series
  • Wraith, a cloaking all-terrain-vehicle in the game PlanetSide
  • Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage, Wraith, a plasma mortar tank used by the "Covenant" in the video game "Halo"


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Just Slop?

Should I wright a Square and the Triangle gave to Priced,
that Iceberg would be in give Inn.

Just as the sky says to moon as the sun is the atmosphere from skeet,
a X at the why would speak!!

Oceans on Filter to scrape the bottom See,
a Mars to the sat a lit is the Space Economy in today Two-thousand Seventeen,
for a dive to the sands at the shores of what is discovered?,
the basic realm of under saw is cut or piece to summed?

Now on the tread to what is ice it is a pi write Pen,
ink to angle up the perpendicular and what is on the sive,
a great to form for study storm as built by graph designs,
Man on Kind to ships and Sound?,
know that radar has it's loud!!

Imagine on that is who is what to Vampire on the seep,
seaweed kelp to whales fluke a barn at stall of starts!!

To venture as the people sit to throw the arms as or more,
yet denial ad's to scrape only thought of random,
to perfect the choice at oceans closed is to say what's fish,
a taste of salt to grape the jam.

Pea nest as the Farm,
the lanes of shipping can become an opportunity,
to wave the say and bank a came is smarter than a Valve,
now what shall Treap to Sickle cloud a rein or pouring shroud,
for sake and honest True and Just it's knowing of the shout!!

Smoke is what to Stars,
the years of cycle climb,
to know of sand which read or clam it's muscle in the bone!!

Left-Handed *abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz*

"Increases the compression without tamping The Henge!!"

What is the simplest things when it is the simplest things that math  Speaking with vocal noise or audible vernacular is reserved for those that comprehend.

To enjoy writing is to remember the 'Letter' that contained the message with the information to return.  A bright mind often compliments the 'Shadow'.  These memorized facts while written will bring not a envelope to be of from the written and send address to or in.order to know the mail had a stamp by the locale of direct postage!!

The balance of more then harness is the ability to understand that humanity employs governments to product an actual industry to blame.  The factory of such has built a monarch.  This would and has delivered yet another society that remains to date "The Dark Ages' in not the consorting inhabitants at just a marriage in a divorce but also a divorce in a marriage dividing support with constant residence.


Shall people bother the truth while looking vista in the mirror do the facts renew a sight into the 'soul' said to be the eyes?  Is this the simple reflection of the corn that Narcissist shook at the pool's river?  Are the old paintings Murals in a speak to describe the creek?  With each brush stroke is the lashes.

What brings license while humanity rides the burned need for difference should Mankind dip ink? 

1. Tunnels became worm paths?  No, as that would have shelved dust and gagged the Ancient lad. 

2. An alphabet in Modern Times is always now! 

3. Should belief want?
      a. true to description a word in and of treasure will shiver as Latin with cork at bamboo.
      b. thus thy route touch the base.

4-11-2017 thru 4-24-2017 I was bored and tried left-handed writes each day on the stream.

As a crumble grain seed,
field drag soil breadth Wind,
baste of slate,
corn and Wheat bales hulls seat.

Speak softly asking the shovel at shed,
the tool off ditch.

Where is the soil in your concrete tarp,
should your handle be sawn-off?

These tools are a yard?

Then the soil,
now dirt became the word's face,
 of what had been said by the mowed lawn.

As it all does the seen in a vision when aye was four,
the reality is less terrifying.

People are just wasting their time,
while aye have chosen to grow.

For instance and by example,
by learning to write with my left hand,
aye have learned to stop writing on my blog.

With this added and unexpected time,
on this planet's clock,
aye have been able to expand my brain,
my mind even further!!

This is an unexpected but defining benefit.

The basis off-planet,
is Creative Design??

To sent of form of being,
a foot at elbow hand,
the Hip Joint to learn a stream,
this a mountain's fact on planet lathe,
a shingle grave memory wave?,
what ocean ice gave Glacier performance?

Each in divide there was and is math,
add and nor subtract measures,
inside balance a mind travels show,
Tau a Pi too M sea squared round slate birch,
grass wheat's a mull of apple sigh dure,
the squeeze a lime,
drunk land skirts Suns!!

Each independent 'Solar System' is affixed,
by only dimensional doors that travel,
at the understanding,
of Man's growth?,

You must know the rotary number of all the constellation's,
Universe to simply dial,
the actual galaxy's wormhole,
in order to journey,
the spacial tunnel's that can afford and maintain,
Man made spacecraft currently.

Sieve touch words,
flower's bloom does come Aft knot on Wind,
the mouth of water's grave or Tomb bee lied,
from enunciation touching that act cent,
eh penny do to Sheep,
the errand weave sweat.To.err's?

As pause begets the brain at a Mind's Scotch,
that ice is glacier chills of a goose's booth,
coffin Nip,
awl Ka hall the connect capacity Skull!!

The 'Leach'

A consideration?,
Not should the PhD bee,
honey too the comb's blood.

At strain cancer receives buy invitation on exit to live,
grow and comprehend the human body bye preference?

To negotiate cell bye dish,
'the leach',
defines this bridge,
to cheek piece!!

What has the posture,
off at a wall,
yet knows the that,
Humpty Dumpty had a claim?

Style of mind becomes casual wind,
in Storms win these word more than theme of experience,
travel bell clang.

The throng of Clashing tight end's Ark,
hoarse to letter spells deep deed to written,

Should Chaucer have drawn a drawl as Art,
the sculpture of word word would brush meet,
a cup to Chalice a mile of gems.

First drawing with my left hand.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Knee Quist Ad's Favorable Post!!!

Watch the fresh mud as the dry dirt in the air of the track on this thoughts,
should the hooves bang to the Tale of ancient rafter of the Ship of rein,
is the Mountain lame or is the valley forge to touch the saddle of each girth,
does the bet to that make the bits a par shun to grange on that buff a lo,
ask not for the breadth is the breeze in the round to what I see as pae,
truth to that is your founder on the pocket books of public lip,
for I it is the morning of what brings such candor as that is the breath!!

Streams of steam,
heat on this is just the simple prose,
to verse a shore on that stretch as the slow in motion begin that grace,
oh how for the peace of thunder on this lighting,
shall that be of what on how then humanity is really missing the Jockey.

Sip a drink and water your think,
as that bangs to your tail of a lend will the blank be of a friend,
does the words escape to only gate,
is the track of your desire a lane or is the road so freed that you as a Man can believe,
in more there is the bog and the Marsh,
on this log there is a Truckers mile,
instant measure!!

The horn of each railroad crossing,
coursing on the map of what read,
is it the garbage in the trash or the money on your belt,
where is the vernacular that does not drop your heads to the tows,
range with I to be,
it is what complex that does not pool,
the laps.

Trains an those Auto mow Be ole's make this just a state?,
then what is the smile that fell to the gin,
the ice in the clanging of what shot glass brought you sun shades,
is the echo of a shadow just the time of Moon on a scatter,
mark sting and as the be is it the spelling or on this lettered bake,
vintage violin or trumpets drum,
the orchestra of every hat or skull,
what is the hare in the grape?