Saturday, April 26, 2014

Light In Up

As Life is Surreal it shows dot to dot,
the increase impulsion rockets to shot,
the calibered release in posting relief,
the puzzle to pictures in snaps mere to ream.

The ball that does bounce to each a provide,
an apple to oranges the type to a vase,
the cut of the crest to aptly incept,
remarkable retentive the excitement of quest!!

Choose the dreary should you believe best,
choice to the tender of simple complex,
a locale in a scape it's all ways kept interest,
invoking the wisdom to comprehend chest.

Sky in the stormy is whether to vein,
the blue to the breath in fulling to tame,
so wildly rogue as Clouds do will know,
the hide of the Moon is the sunshine impugn.

Fracture the distance with mathematical tune,
the trumpet will blast as Mozart did press,
the symphony plays with valiant express,
an Operatic voice to lyrical blest.

Grand to Piano in black and white keys,
a chord still does play sewn independency,
put in the score the presence of lead,
the Intro becomes an Audience to Bead.

Brought To Be

The instruct of the New in spread,
the ancient is eccentric lead,
secretly held to viced in spell,
the artist leans to breath the shelled.

Clam to pearl,
grit to sand,
the froth in storms,
of waves in See,
the whether of the cast.

Ports to wisdom,
drops of deeds,
life defies in keen of rise,
the lumbering in the realize.

Jumped the source to open sport,
numbers show the ample know,
importance is the actual bow,
the Aim in Ordered flows.

Joint in composition through the span,
music plays the Age of Show,
the lyrics seed in growth.

A Torch to flaming Crow

A Smaller Venue

A late night Movie showed the sip,
drank it in the clued have tips,
to not a dream or wish to be,
the Prose is Quick much like it's Seen.

The lightening strikes in Riddlers ink,
the chisel of is not in think,
the dip in swim of open see,
the form developed Life in Read.

Left to Right the enticing Kites,
the string in wired to the sight,
can't so claim that ignorance plights,
the found enhanced the rein of tights.

Spoken in shorts explain the Might,
the walk to simply speeds that came,
relief delivers no meet to Fleet,
the Ship to Sail passes mail.

In posting letters He said to speak,
within the Verse there is a Keep,
a natural balance advised the worth,
interest drives ignoring state.

World tours to seed the strong,
never stop to ask what's long,
the purchase of the drop in dimed,
would have added to sublimed.

As the month of May provides,
just another day to side,
passing through to sing for due,
the stop not made is knews to true.

Question dream or wish to seen,
the older wisdom will enter theme,
some are hear whilst sums to cheer,
but the move remained to steer.

A Curtain Call request of Small,
even asks the question sprawl,
to know one day I'll pay for play,
a private show to stare at foe.

The astro came enjoyed the same,
lost in space that takes in sprain,
empty halls to filling panes,
the invitations pride,
the tickets Lane.

To Ask The Question 'The Dream' Did Answer

Interest of the Ancient art,
B.D.S.M. had a start.

Shown with witness,
on Big Screen,
written booked to add the tact.

A Country grasped to wonder in,
so excited read to learn,
shades of number,
colour to gray,
as the picture gave to turn.

Brackish form to straight and narrow,
first repulsed said not right,
than in silent depth of night,
people sneak to peek in light.

Order Set with Scrolls of How,
degree relies the value high,
natural seeks say born within,
liars take to do it in.

Purchase known to open doors,
the pain in offer,
discipline whips,
not to subject further demise,
rather engage the why in flare.

Sought for knowledge,
done in lanes,
private sections Society been.

To understand Out & About,
comprehensive Degree of Shroud,
dungeons Keep the Lairs in brake,
serve the practice to open sake.

Should design loose the seek,
than the action turns to stun,
sensual desire in mere of Mind,
similar Chakras spun to spake.

In so found for naturals place,
self of purchase sends in nape,
the body of or mass collect,
reveals much to steady pace.

Win ignored by forced isolate,
the growth develops Feat in rate,
stour missing with no placate,
furthered journey revealed of late.

Consider age to life in lived,
pains the measure no fuck did give,
to meet a 'Like' whom should delve,
the Well of Sent would seep in bold.

Denial of this Art to Legend,
increases start known to Silver shown,
a big screen entry reins to poke,
still closed doors and you'll do in vain.

Masters, Sirs or Men in yearn,
artistry not simply learned,
the pass is down through generate,
as Rosicrucian is a Gate.  

The building growth within to bold,
in only surround of no sexual fold,
vibrations stream to whom in most,
tones to steel the bahut in real.

Lurid scene in dream to ream,
amazing to have even seen,
an embrace from outer case,
the cosmic driven revealed face.

To have relaxed in sleep of nap,
to wake with information Mapped,
the Line that held the Versed in Spell,
a Circle graced with Mozarts lace.

The Fact that Infinity swooped to show,
the arrow of the crafted spoke,
to draw it out and stare in spout,
the number did leap in.

The Internet provides so quick,
that 108 had a flip,
the 801 within the Ton,
gave more than light,
the Hug was Rite.

Never have I been embraced,
not made love just been a place,
in the first of this said state,
Life became a brand new Take.

The odds against this info made,
there is no way I would have came,
across such difference in difference plain,
the dream played the type in Movie born.