Tuesday, October 28, 2014


As The World had 'the birds & the bees' asked settle kitchen Table,
the born and raised in The City had change as the appropriates to School Yards,
hit the penny hit the nickel hit the dime hit the quarter,
these descriptions at 'Pro' Nouns,

Steady the dance with hip fancy pants a curtsy to address the infamous lay,
ask any of every on All in the play each to Their Own in answer per sway,
swale of determine was a Given by way in niceties of describing the shades.

In the perk of the brow formal Invites to now better be player in dancing a round,
should the Talk go to feet in wriggle of learn than what does the sync bring,
a pocket or Worm.

Stagger felled Well in signal displayed That Action of streets in On,
San Francisco had The Haight in Staged from Cork to the Smileys on stickers of Trade,
burst forth with some Cents in Out of just play,
swings at the Park for the Bush Men in say!!

Long droves of carriage in Fire of Flamed yet the laughter at Under ten was the game,
so put those treasures of Mind to a Noun and understand that Comprehending is proud,
for with gentiles as boomers in range of the found a little discretion was venture in sound.

As bread is the Central of dough on the pound,
perfecting the language did drop from the crowd,
best of the greatest in explaining to Vow that tremendous Curtain is closets of shroud,
to take in as desk of Mind not the ride made Capable littles brain to a Tau,
cycling bikes that wheel of loom created a steer regarding the room,
growing in midst of troubling times brought Awareness with hugs on the tremble in pines.

Groves in the park to Stable on start learning the value of Communication by part,
rinsed with innocence grown with care a symbol of frozen melted by share,
inklings are sort of Obvious in left but in after the Hurt becomes better at desk,
to rote of the find like the Pole on the tongue,
it sticks to the process of stuck to the skull.

Ripped at the core in extreme I was fun for many of Others used like spit gum,
trailers to sing the chords of the drum washing with soap was threatening to lung,
so in the existence of childhood troop The Troubles were Handles to speak on the Truth,
be formal of entry made Mates to be hold for the judgement was simply no lies in the told.

Levi Not Guess

A Dollar For The Nickel Of The Dime Drop

The guess in those left behind from being broken by the crime does consider the Speak,
as the fame is Fast to flattery last that line is still the choke of pulling a quick stun,
in oatmeal the modge of carrot soup to mashed Takers ranges,
in first to Third to Tends of counters,
baldwin played on beethoven's strings ask the ivory of key,
the black & white symbol to Triangle theme barraged the guitar with Cans in a green,
a show for the Educational borrowing leans,
is the bench of the written by theory or seems.

So the teachers professor said how is the grain Inn Salt of pillar the shaker goads lame,
yet on the riddle of the babbling stream A soak in the steady brought relief from the pain,
as the fire was consuming the gathered in spline does the Crowd of the hecklers deliver a scream,
performance in other say in Way means racoon the coyote to rubber band trees.

Trail of shattering a sole for the heel Shoes to the boots that did it in reel,
photographed Filming in more than Snapshots nude to the skull and Crossbones of cajoled.

Said to have been approved by the spend Feature a stature that whens by the send,
I would state if but other Wise win fort Set to the Feather in the constrictors by grin,
can't belong with a signal as the smoke is The Choke,
flumes to the camp are the wilds of Throat,
deliver that brain sum Cents in the rein,
as directional rares scent lost to despaired.

A verb or adjective in pronouns describe Singing the matter to Outside it's Live,
no echo for leg lifts or breath held to hold,
a cave with a drive-thru is Wonderland Fold.

Ae Bro Sure

Charts, Tour Buses, Join Party

The Wars on this earth turf in the location is it News Media worthy of Station,
for as the song tells aye sent some men to shore & told on return the look was a born,
in like of exact the Channel Satellite does storm,
static in identify as the color of form,
poltergeist over with religion or shore,
to different in balance the Nationals lore!!

Scope of touch Continent states Country in sword,
mountains with chimneys the smoke of the sense,
engage with a stake at level on field the latch is the hook of the living in reads,
tron formal inform on ration of led,
streaming a natural called bodily storm.

Nerves in the taps at Spinal base store,
equal in system for the Mind receives live,
thoughts to the Memory that Once sang of Song,
noting the pain so badly it Corned.

Pop goes the mouse Clique in covering the lip,
hour county per country a disaster in give,
truth be the Beal of raw nature by door,
birds in the Hoot Owls warning of florin,
basic Foundation logistical tell that heard is the feeling of death in gone Hell.

Circle the compaction to disintegrate fell,
the fame in the shrink wrap of tithes that do spell,
penny in the dime Quarter frames the moon,
red introductions to a spherical bell.

Should the back of the school come Schooners at still,
the Vikings in passing of Shores on the dooms,
cycle the ages in while the climb is,
remember remember the 5th by design!!

Scraps for the beggar & dinner for nod,
lunch in the brown paper & bags for the sign,
air bubbles spanking the Airwaves with sight,
signal the tower the radio smite,
a hundred makes it What in the points on Parade,
or is the Thousand of dollars for paid,
flaggers don't smile in upset chore lay,
nor is the La la La la La La a Formal Enclave.

Sport 'phishing' now is the real of graved,
tombs of the findings in wires on saved,
pictures to dial the sell Up for trait,
yet the blood of the dirt is the read mud of the crave,
no cents in the Peace of the Sign on a paved,
a gain inking 60's was The Decade of Stilts.

Solve Vents

The Rising Sheds As Lands Hour Bled

Reminded of last year in a strain up in the night at the barrel of lane,
storm on the coming The Clouds did their Score,
tears I did shed for the showing was dread.

Passing again and again and again,
the animals formed the shapes in thus sword,
a letter to feel the loss was so felt,
I did ask the question what world had pelt.

Blown from the coming in thus the echo,
shadowing of the them Wilds on this belt of a Clay,
in silence of said my face wet with pain,
I troubled the watch as the beauty did rain.

Distant in version to touch on the Sky a person to Person in ample Hello,
to this day of sorrow in being the rein capture the passing as it is the slain,
rail to Porch I steadied my frame shoulder to cell the bones of the shore,
skeleton shaken in bodily sworn Valley of nature envision this store.

Above our heads in past of the fed samples of Creation on heavenly said,
land is for marrow the solar be sign Stars compass guide in the Seas of the time,
nautical treasure to loss of the slain falling in Tunes that sing forward of news.

Turn the Manual of transmissions from Space in the deed of the system by chase,
found on the chain as the percents did do Vase,
a painting by cycles and the evolving dips based,
from nuclei to shall Why a previous play is the Map of discretion to Erosional display,
a band of energy to show the displaced that Placement in prowess to prepare for this daze.

The question of answer in the Watch of the came,
what world was blown for the death of such storm,
trips upon trips the Journey Or raved yet in the Finals the curtsy was raid,
spray bugs with showering glimmer trade flame,
the fire in the sky view spoke wheels to game.

For A Pence Sir

Tracers of sky burl ori cry the tremblings core the born of the far,
in method of lie the cinders in Plumb a fume for the siren and single for song,
treacle the syrup with sap of the snap trees in on forest Orchard to lap,
riding a span with the ink on the vein read from entry chiseled Tomb for a tray,
grounds in the ashes at dust up airy phone,
crunch on the factor the genocide bomb!!

Crinkle the wrap paper scratch touching slap forward on humpback Camels in pack,
matches with strike light a cigarettes fact silver fine Ices cube vodka extract,
road on the tractor moreover a Tank shielded my mucus slaying the folk,
cream on the puss to infection of mind brains on the splatter flood marine land with buds.

Sprouting newt flowers oysters for clams grit in the teeth and thumbs for the band,
banshee on siren in alarming choke fanned screaming of bleeding the Ears can the pram,
strolling with rifle swung over hip buzz Pistols which bullet will fire the noise.

Whizzing in Ignites barriers chase street lights that lamps once said available good nights,
rose out of symbols the Nose fleshed the scent stuffy with tears strain graves got No-Name,
still time with the chill in the ghost of the hand cold are the bumps that goose told their for,
swamping the paddle with marsh or the boar,
skipping a detail to announce in the chore!!

NO tell in the inside take your orders to steam pipe on the Long Feather and stick in that stream,
miss interpretations to say it's deplored but people have stomachs the belly uproar,
dough in the pastel Crayons door took flagging a Tar oils lap river shore,
at Apple of airports or garden of death symmetry barrels that dead end Approach,
triangle the Bull pasture The Crow does the be stripers candy that lot.

Kernel of Corn in Indian thorn summer is hot and Feat can do soar,
army a footman to coach of the care decisions of knowing that bouquets wreath each door.

Choosing a patience to see Paintings on brush,
goats dipped for billy in bloody signs splint,
an Organ dared grinder to Wise Man of shore,
three in the temple are eyes of the floor.

Count Up on the example of Law subjective to tasking the text in a wore,
badge to the stupor that dropped to the sore taking consider to live not be for,
charge upon top as the shovels jade facts Hoes to the chopping and rocks in the grass.

The cross on the label did ask for the grasp A Tither in bringing the truth to the snore,
in rest at the active to burial form Fluff on the table and Feathers in pore,
cranes in the business to cloud do you watch introduction looks to seeing eyes on the shocks.

With the movement in grace an Aeon to sleet raining the snow is black to the book,
pictures of edison in nature it's soot the rant of the sky hi to deep in the vein,
galactic burrows the stars own the scene drawing Orion to magnified fee,
journey to question that rocket of nigh is the worth in explosion or the death charts to still.

Timex A Kodak Moments

Gems in the raw of the mind a score of sculpture to the thought of cutters,
quarry in the cents bother the dollars on the orifice french in the mouth,
a sole in the hike on a mend for the creek rolling the gold as the copper stoned list,
files through hell on earth of the toll branches at correspondence by rough,
in advertisements of wall boards treating the grip to a snippet in verse,
stamp passings to Mule in the order of rote to text a wire of Crow!!

Painting that sense team chaplet to girth the forward present laurel,
a rent in subject as the warmth is eye steins words in flow,
paraphrase to short in Naples torn grease,
oil for Ducking and rambles for goose,
a Real dog & Pony show!!

Guitar to d.g. in rose of the thorns,
saying that Plainly the rig prisons shards,
scraping the matter in peanut butters swarm,
makes jamming the jelly of toe in a sworn.

Jello does wiggle laughter in chill,
mixture of sugar water & spill,
pottery bowls glass in the cold,
harps of string fruit in Yuck of the boost,
all forms of tastes Creation did lore,
bands of the Nature evolving on store!!

Hooves in the hoof Pick cloves on The Choice,
antler in Racks that hat to a short,
wood on the stand Hallways of land,
islands in Isle of burning the pan!!

Whistle on Steam in engines of claim,
hitched on the after Before the big fight,
chisel to arrow the aim in deep tight,
general of callers crude at spur of sight.

Number the rail way with Station go buy,
settle the comfort cause shatterings smite,
brush with a shoulder the turnstile pipe,
banks on a portion of gruel in the night.

Tables of layers in circuit ovens wrench,
tools that curb rain in the Gutters of trite,
smuggle the ground in Under a shite,
clam bakes can joint the terms said in site.

To the use of cockney Abner or rib,
crack snapple 'Pop' the rockers in bib,
quest on the Trumpet subterranean crib,
sparking the Imagine of Microphones loud.

As pass in the city a room in the seen,
listeners often did shades on the deem,
mortuary aisles with Photo grabbed Frame,
a coffin for pleasure and A collar in Crane.

House that shift to he Fireplace lift,
staircases moving with Organs that rump,
sounding the Music to resemble an age,
timely in copy is confusing to page.

Grass in the blender is drunk by the day,
said to be solid in growth of the stay,
chocolate Milkshakes better in scream,
the bitter chillings got a swallow in creams.

Mash the pulp in truth by the sea,
muscle to sand dollars hype dent in Tea,
shore of the Fire in Oceans Beach lay,
blankets to Babylon thrust comedy Cove.

Parking Lots credit to cars in the lane,
lines for the steady in growing the sum,
dash to the Windmill on Cliff House of drum,
seal rock inn is the Breakfast of done.

Cents to the smell of radical pier,
the telescope spoke of a animal steer,
travel the Hark in the Cape of the Mind,
set of the difference is The Jays in define!!

Bold Print Trued


James Blunt On UK Success: It Was A Particularly Welcome Surprise - EXCLUSIVE

Blunty’s had quite the turnaround this year and he’s unsurprisingly thrilled

Yahoo UK Celebrity
By Chris Smith
22 October 2014

James Blunt has been enjoying something of a turnaround in public perception of late.

His fourth studio album ‘Moon Landing’ spent an impressive 33 weeks in the UK top 40 and thanks to his brilliant use of Twitter, he’s finally been able to shirk his former serious image.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity ahead of the reissue of his platinum selling album, the 40-year-old singer explained that striking a chord with the UK again came as a genuine shock.

He told us: “To me it did come as a surprise and in the UK it was particular a welcome one. We’ve been doing well around Europe but in the UK it had been quite a bit quieter over the past few years and it’s really nice to have that warmth of reaction.

“It takes me back to an album in 2004. As a result I’m having blast. I’m coming back to the UK to do an arena tour November and off the back of it we’re putting out the Apollo Edition of the album with five new songs I recorded on the road - so I’ve been having fun with it.”

As for why he felt that Moon Landing resonated so well with UK music lovers, James has a theory.

He explained: “I really didn’t [anticipate Moon Landing’s success] and I tried not to think about it too much initially when people asked me about my expectations.

“I’d tell them that I was just thinking about the recording process and that it didn't really matter to me that much – of course that was a lie! Of course it matters.

“In the recording process I tried not to think about the music industry or the audience and tried not to write songs with a world tour in mind because if you do that, you start writing songs to try and fill the arenas with sound. 

“I was doing that on my third album, I picked up an electric guitar to try and reach the person at the back. But on this one I just wrote songs for the love and the pleasure of it. Maybe when you start thinking so much about the audience you write songs that are genuine and more honest, then the audience eventually go 'hey yeah, I can pick up on that'.”

Following his meteoric rise to fame with debut album ‘Back To Bedlam’ in 2004, James quickly became a victim of his own success, namely down to lead single ‘You’re Beautiful’.

The backlash led to James becoming the butt of many a joke – but as it turns out, this never seemed to bother him.

“No [the comments didn’t get to me]! I come from an army background and I have a pretty thick skin,” he said. “We in the army know that if you’re being abusive to someone it probably means that you hold affection toward them!”

Nowadays, James has managed to gain a cult following on Twitter thanks to his joining in on the joke, trolling his trolls with witty retorts – although his management weren’t particularly keen on his unique brand of celebrity tweeting at first.

“One of the funny things is, when I first started doing it my record label called me up to stop even though they were the ones who asked me to get on Twitter,” he explained.

“They said, ‘look, that’s all wrong, that’s not the way you should be doing it, no one is going to enjoy it’. 
But now I think they’ve turned around and said, ‘hey, wasn’t that a great idea!’”

So what has James Blunt learned about himself the most over ten tumultuous years as a musician?

“Not to take myself seriously. But the same should be held to anyone in the music business,” he said.

“At the end of the day, we call all these people celebrities, celebrate them and call them VIPs. The thing with singers and actors is that they’re just singing or reading out other people’s lines.

"I’m not a doctor, I’m not saving people’s lives, or a teacher who educates, or an aid worker who rebuilds a country. That’s perhaps something we should celebrate.”

Time To Face The Music Anchors Away

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Pulling Punches 

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Marathon Men

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terra Pharm.d!!

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from understanding it is not the Wreck but the gain of the orb inclusive Example.

Thrust Min^A^ Role