Friday, May 16, 2014

Water says Hi!!

It is the Turf you stand upon that lungs,
up from the drills that fires strong,
made to order the destroy,
know mention to the acidics' blew,
the air into the wind of move.

World afar would say it's Tar,
the clearly blackened ground in marred.

Is the worth of all the birth,
brought for life upon this Earth,
only to experience gurt,
as dams of treasures have been hurt.

Lathered sweats in Lodges let,
the Minds of the Indigenous lead,
it is the choice bye choice decide,
that knows the Moon is High.

Coy ensembles played the drums,
the repercussions seen begun,
before the strung did bang the stunned,
the dapple said it poe.

Rockets did glare as longs burst in heir,
gave proof through the life,
that the existence is spare.

No doubt to the written approval of banned,
the dance of the Native Indian of land,
took many years to bring this to hand,
now the Red is the Facts that have Stand.

Running Arrow shots of Barrow,
the handle of two made certainly moved,
to better the groove with the Bow of the shrewd.

Prints that exact the horses in pat,
left is the right the beast of the fight,
numbered for reasons that tattoo in the want,
children are real as this is no taunt.

Torn from the bosom that Nature has grown,
gouged out for the oil that Whales did bone,
ancient ideological Oracle stoned,
the present has lifted the burial combed.

Deep with frying the shale is tone,
to hear what it said would be that you're dead,
for all that did open King Tut's tomb in stead,
the curse of the monkey hung down like a shed.

Al Gore made a Movie that I did so watch,
he spoke and he spoke and he spoke a big notch,
the Nations of interest insulted his locks,
ran it to empty the speak of the talk.

A Day came in Passing the effort of trot,
even my favorite did sing a sweet lot,
it is a Wild World the Named said the Cat,
but the clause of the contract took years to exact.

Follow the Leader or have made aware the arrears,
in every of after the first sets the gears,
shifting to stations sold for the steer,
I wonder was it a statement in clear.

The Backwards Trued To Be

Criteria blast wit Prow,
the Verbal Tone of now.

The delivered past the introduced,
let allowanced be the truce,
with only One in present dual,
four in the life and zero in strife,
the hugs denied added the stride.

Lacquered light to each a bite,
the parted left for appetite,
not sanctioned can cajole.

In the documented fight,
the Issue came down to I lose the rite,
at every turn to correct the burned,
the cut-off was supported learn.

Lies did mount to all the sounds,
breaking laws never saws,
the lumber of the Human pause,
is the brakes that rubbers spake,
the change did bid it's due.

Nation reports the corruption of Courts,
the mediator of this grossing dish,
the settling brought before the talk,
it's over and it's not in rocks.

Measured distance to years of weight,
the packing of the ever nape,
the grounds of each law in take,
it's One, than Two, then snap the fake.

Driven miles in cars with childs,
that never made the trip,
to be told in late of cold,
better that you do not hold.

Freeways buzzing Trains railed,
the bust of whom is battered by,
in presence of the Judge and guy.

The only safety of that day,
came from sides that do not sway,
pay to looks of what was took,
the decisions were thwarted shooks.

Attention Flagged immediate tagged,
the rooms did show the threat of go,
the answer from the head of gavel,
slammed it down by saying no.

Heavy lead in this a sped,
to write the forward stew,
the brew did hold the future bolds,
to prove the sake of throw.

The Awash Totals Scrubbing

Breezing the Elemental Falls the Watering of the Fire Lawed,
the Flaming spits that kilned the Clay,
to Sourdough I do say,
the wealth is in the dough.

Long to thinner narrows bakes,
the tasting of the showered lakes,
the head of which is changing breaks,
to stale for the bread of rates.

The fiber of the Being in leaned,
caved in to the shoring,
the bits of left to right the meet,
sadly said in silenced sheet.

As notes to posts did nailing,
the Google of the logging,
mowed down the search to leave a lurch,
hanging in the air to speak,
the Titled did knot Sew.

Yarn the fabric to the Thread,
the value of shredded streamed,
to each and every head in seen,
the baster of the speedy talk,
enshrined by locale left to mock.

The crisis feened the handler chopped off,
the Spear of Destiny simply shocked,
for every blurb to each a word,
the Sentence is the gossiping spurred.

When Two Are One And Three Gets Done The Habit Can't Be Spite

Spence the liable to the View,
the burial of life itself to due,
countered measures at bellied fulled,
with All to Team the Deeming Troll.

Hate to straight words are stole,
a skulled imponed the rate of loans,
collecting lives in chairing pries,
a back tracking in real dies.

The quoth shoots rambled tangles lines,
not to imply but set the briar hide,
to skin the bermed in Lie,
a factual interest that is shied.

The Spook of Echoes heard the Spree,
preparation delivered deed,
to supplanted malady,
the basis to the T.V. feed.

Crafted webbing Spiders sprawled,
the denial is the stall,
bedded down a Country saw,
the hay was mounting fields pounce,
upon the wobbling fear.

Tightened wore the retirement soared,
two did step the spear,
in creative balanced Pier,
the Church found a Lamping lear.

The Learned Priest is held to Stone,
the mention of the walled in dome,
to keep the fed off the track,
that doubles up in exact.

Churning difference to Gamely sherds,
the gamble writ was named in fact,
these worldly deeds that once were needs,
put down the battered for the knack.

Spoken jeer was lost in lack,
the herd to brothel a brother burbled,
does not a thing to stop the sheering,
the cuts will never shack.

Dirty Plots

Browned the planted growth in charred,
no simple letting to froth the death,
the salty pots spoked the bread,
a baker roasted kept to thought,
that basic was as basic had.

Groaning Earth belched to birth,
the Ice Aged melted glugging ler,
filthied by the chemical lie,
to drill upon the inner lawn,
the dunks to upping sky.

Principally driven to ballistically hidden,
the foundered grounds burbled louds,
striking oil in gaseous pounds,
the smell no propane found.

Released with conscious knowing sault,
construction maid to self,
no further needed attendant bleeded.

Caught not between the hot did steam,
the heirs no longer needed theme,
the deadly downs were only scene,
as disposable liabilities being,
the monies green.

Paint showed the peel of goad,
the fruit that never gamed,
pieces of deframed did thought,
to ask would make it pot.

The Milk went Sore,
the butter churned,
to hours as a litten grave,
curdled in an open save,
the bottom maid it so.

Digging to the shrunken spewed,
a bloody vomit from only do,
no air in ossified brittle holed,
the clamp brought the grip of sold.

Melon Balled Crown

The Sprite of the Babbled,
a gas to hand held ream,
the swipe that erased,
an application to every spring.

The creaking of the bones in ply,
the burrow of the vestal spy,
the Judas Kiss from Mothered times,
the dream so told that she was sold.

The fodder found that maternal role,
was pailed  for the shrew,
to think that the act perceived,
to actual follow through.

I cast upon the Worlds wrong,
no matter to the strength of wrong,
my mother is loved by this so strong,
I testify as witness of,
the ugliness under Minded subbed.

The breakfast nook to apple look,
the dreaming of her old friend shook,
me to the core of skinned by scored,
the words that poured from her adore,
made shame to hugs and telling floored.

The sight of this approach,
timed with a different Coach,
the calls be made the phone in trades,
yet nothing stopped the blaring raids,
a hole left in the brain.

The scene to view was outside true,
to nature I do love,
the Fern was burned with standing stern,
protection gone to open yawn,
the walk to drive away,
no directions gave the say,
the temper of that Mother's Day.

Volatile rash of firing back,
this person lit the words of formed,
with trashing pictured verses learn,
taking, taking than in spake,
"I know we are on the same page."

The horror in me was silently,
reminded of a child deed,
the day I saw another bleed,
in similar distract.

I did not stare at what was blare,
for in the Act the Cut exact,
made an example of the walking shove,
from times that liken age to five,
the years of strange to stolen vibe.