Friday, May 26, 2017

Only Just A Book And Chapter

As the balance of humanity is to take to rake and sand the fact it is the grace of key to sing,
a more is the find on the dream of what is life to I,
in the midst of home I laughed with the Trumpet and said to the flute,
whistle note to verse and remind Time of extra special love,
it is the sky lined with library!!

Shade to valence it is the booth of only one Cosmic encyclopedia,
shall this be only then may humanity term it to grounded,
as that is the face of tombs and graves,
easter and rods.

Dig stipend and bank that to count nothing never for those that wish to be,
as it is more to a flight of no freeze to glacier and yet it is the blue icing of so much door,
across that is the element of vein,
to speak in a caliber and not on a bulletin,
I skit this to exit?,
no as that is intro Duc shin and I prefer to live a lively dance on the Waltz that says to sing more!!

the style of what is my mind's eye is stream?,
it is the reality of an Arcadian,
the Universe and the libraries of came,
how excited I this morning of glory the measure of core.