Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Backswordsmanship The Hazard Room

Buried breadth will still file Nails and Hair on the growth of the body to tomb conditionals,
the jar off of Organ to the pipe calendar score is for the verse of the Marker on the epitaph grave door,
in the sixth foot dig of dirt touching lived is the chaise of the lounge in muddy all go 'round,
burn the light to the bent apply as the reminder that energy is capable by designation tied.

Loop that yard with the Gate of Thrush a bird on the predator of the Screaming at Mush,
dog sled the Comprehend to a task at the lens than mathematical the dish to a Satellites returned,
spring Nature to the Fort of the languish on Earth a product of Hell has announcement on birth.

Gasping for air choking Oxygen exchange the flip on the system to this mortality at range,
quiet the thumb to the years sparking Summed than wise are the Cards that grace original to lies,
in that shovel of Cyclone the twist in the Guts a Horse cannot throw the bile from Up,
oh wait that is not the truth in a lie for a good bareback rider is often a Bride!!

Eight second count the Judges keep brawn to the hands on the clock or the bull bucking Lines,
touch down with ankle that rib or a snap bounce goes the jack on the Pop in the trap,
rockets on Ignition fuel with a class the anchor Understanding the propulsion is Craft,
helmets liken Skull with a bit of the lip trunk to the Chest it's Bahut on A Zip.

Sparkle with the signal for the Smoke is blankets Scene,
whom is on the Island or the Aisles of the Means.

Chapter with a Tongue to the pull of the Cart,
legs do walk to connect the elbows of the Shocks,
part the sandy seas with shores on Oracle,
that Muse on Inn to the bin for Humanity is ready lensed.

Strike with the favor of this Tride & True the laughter that is broken is the spoken Percolator,
a coffee in the Shelter as grinding for the bean is be reason for the Hots on the kicker spline,
that stomach fork of knots the belly in the Ache muscles for the season cramp from all goad Reason.

Circle to the linear bank the subject caught Whom would take the value of the Time in Ages Crop,
one could barrel with a jump to lumber of the built abound that Theme that says hello got a boat,
the glove to Coat the black & White affair is rather in the portions dare to rumble with a Scot.

Skirting kilts that talk of Clan that tribal trooping Freedom,
the horse grand to riding Span what is this Merry King dumbed,
silent for the clever Hoe or Chapel on the pin,
the Colors of the Rainbow scout to every simple bone,
the Ark shows of the Magnitude the pot of Gold is found,
 at the base of Wonder the systematic Sound,
the stigmata is the Clown for nigh can the Make Up cover the Made Up on The Louds.

The Human Race is Proud

Nine Lives

To Tablet a record on the 'Shall we dance' formal reduction of the Feat,
finding that Humanity lost The Principle of setting the Opera to formalized Locked,
the pad of redemption comes with Sharps on the Notes that sheet to the Freeze,
shoulders with ability have taken lives to cut the Face with leaving a Nose,
the scars are smiles gone Frown the Upside Down of churched around The Battle of pounding to Know sale.

That place in the Tribe of collecting to gossip to further the nails by crisscrossed on scrabble,
a board that Monopoly play while lighting the cart on likens a Wigeon,
to craft at that Candle of list with The Flame as the slight breeze announced The Whistles,
flickering with A Bell likens the clouds on slivers that Stratus Sphere while Opened,
shapes to Chandeliers on crystal Mortals free basing the brain to Mind froze case Stoned.

Slight to slice a Narcissists delight is sadistic to scope A Mirror by doorway,
drowning in the sill is that branch of Hang the rope is the curtain in blinking soaps,
a scouring force that treats life to the snot of Pig Tales a foreign in Trait Stirred.

To be part of Race in the Human of Persons is bearing the Compass of the bridge,
glass recognition is the Thirst in institution yet the Pitch is of dry sand filtering Sand,
the sieve Junk had stones that pebble of born to variance of tack and salts,
strong bars that Verse the Text in jail with Prison as the Founder both Ways will Sweat.

Universe a Treat to aspire with root on Route a map that body choir,
step by count The Won of loud is learning that winning is of importance to Sound,
a personal application with growth as vocation even in The Being of shambled,
for energy is electricity on the Run of language either Shocking or grounded with hugged.

The contemplation of lost bye proxy is found by treasure of the loss in of it's Self,
removing obstacle of crowd to singular the Vow is standard of transmission in eternal of sents,
that lead to be of prevention is knowing stability as infinite in marvel at Cloned.

The scatter of cell the phones of Numbered the dial of the license that room for adverb,
propositions bank Nouns the verbs in style a Class to logistical production of locale.

Brights are the earth in Teachered by squirm lathering browse that only death bows,
Taoism that with a ladder in left to write of the languages in Citron or jade,
a flower on blossom the grass while Mowed leaves a smell of Sent it's the Knows.

Enveloped by a Holiday of cycle to Age in the resting Iron it is a stirrup of Sage,
the leather attaches to what it may Crow for the saddle is message of the girth that's it's show.

Round about the barrel life or a Pickle that taste of the drink is it Wine or a think,
the process of consider is not brought with no part for the glass that does speak delivers Hold in it's reach,
the full or half low is an opportunity to be Fate for do you measure the liquid or appreciate the state.

Evaporation in the wait should you park with Find not drinking nor scoring nor evaluating the sign,
water is movement Falls are their wrath designed by Nature to show that it's kind,
a whirlpool of difference in brought a Swim task to the Cave that Values the Trim as A Porcupine.

Pageantry Of Sport From The Age Of Chivalry At The Drop

Should I have a Date with death than certain this to Read no uncertainty at Know,
for I would Rite to The Fool for James Blunt I a Send,
in simple known to this Earth Zone is bark upon The Sliced,
as James Blunt cuts the C.D. ruff I will lease the Comb for Purchase is of dice in Snake Eyes a Thrown.

Challenge nautical deliverance Roar the ocean of the Apple Stores a Church Religions boned,
fillet the Cod to phishing shot the Shocker is the paddle,
the electric is release upon the tangled upper signals strong that counter bell freeze logistical form Found.

Tack the Body with A Language easily Understood by anguish than it is in the Turned,
a table Record vinyls Label introduces a Newt stable to Barn the horse A Rider,
a saddle of the stance of LOVE the lock is The Bridle,
a hard rein with a gentle Hand is really just The Bit of Corn that buckets to the Feed,
the shape of backwards Key whole Well is good in shape for muscled Hell all on the walking stride.

Darkness comes that is 'The Dumb' that Pork did spine on Jung,
an example not taken-in for in equal it is Sun on spin,
no not really just clean Movement a radar of the Shadows,
tight in gift to Talent bit that Curbs are set to handle,
the lift include of each a groove moreover it's a Slot,
that hook to chain ensure it's Flat as no born does like The Pinch in gratch.

Formalize while lessons 'lives' return to basic Central pi,
the evaluation 'The Just' of station troubles Knot to measure Ration,
a bow line with the Quick Release they Type that Hitch of Post snubbed,
know Scene at The Trainers ride a Clinic with Professional side A Sabo with the Means.

Tethering is not of style encouragement with heavy miles in creating best of Ride,
that approach did gallant bone as not A Circle but the grown in teaching of Arena tone,
with candor of Excellence the location of Safe that brought this aim to Purchase with increasing seat.

Simpletons as I am 'Run' the Human Race has choked the personal by processed,
the 'if's' the 'won'ts' the 'and's' the done in church religion Worlds list that File as a gun,
firing will eventual for even Friction sparks,
the flying embers from the sport will light Ignite with 'Shorts' at riding Onward styled.

The Olympic Events Torch Started

James Blunt Has Heart Worms

The Counter-production the Marker of the Miles on the per Inch by Creative Design,
as Human Beings toss to the Said yet forgotten are the Real tasked life At Hand,
to negate the breathing for the death in the Tombs is not of difference rather Professed,
truth belief in the Innocent in speed is the Raft talking floaters touching the lumbers To Bed.

Fourth in the Post Style type of the lay is the Cover Lids that blanket chanced Smoke on the Hoods,
to never be of Shades as the glass cycle Knows is to be aware that The Hut is a Skull with eyes.

Socket off the Wrench's place the Ply to Wise in the reason of the Being a return to Natural Seeing,
with the Vice of the Thirds in the Mind of Shield tall all the Fires with a Short talking for the Smile,
grin with facial on Express the training of Caboose ask not the Front for the Aid as Rearing is of vile,
to stand on all countenance to be familiar Horse the Mount is the Hello Verb to Cart with Saddle & Girth.

No failure for the Human Floor as whom does recognize the Course as Either either Ports,
a Tack fill is the Harness of The People with the cabled swell at Tomb to grave the Shrill,
screaming as the People fudge the Soil in the breach of skilled will just be patience drill,
earth to sky to Cloud the swing it is the Bigger lung.

Blowing nothing negative but in the Storm it's Sent,
to lightening with the roar a Thunder from the Message rent,
to lease that Body bye The Frame well Energy exist,
eclectic in the Zap a Brain is Voice to lips with disked.

The curve of Tongue to Upper Roof that accent on the Dragons Puff,
smoky Ceilings did have Scale as the Found was Central shale in New York at Rail,
the Station year`d the Tracks on spear to Shot the Engine with the Mirror,
and Overboard the scrolls did change from flip the Letters to digital Tolls lane,
the fast on Switch to charge the pitch is taking Conservation niche,
a moment groan that Work is tone The Call is dial of the Deed in the At of key,
no loop needed nor is it Taunt the evident was written Sconce the light of pressure Time,
therefore the drops of rein just proved that the slip was buckle dude or Split from length in Taught.

Not all shall skip the Big Ole Rock to 'The Continue' of The Few even bible teach It's Ewe,
the Flock of congregation Cults with the signal of the belts without considered braid,
as leather is The Horse in Sport the Saddle-maker stamps the skirt or places Brand to burnt.

This process of Name I.D. is of the Greatest Importance SEE to know the Strength of Built,
a common Manufacturer has copied the small Insignia born not Hidden plainly Scene.

Bounce the brush with what is Must than sign a Piece to signify the shape released,
this in the common Theater of Computer Gamers heard as much to be the ripping,
get the Log on the portal to the channel of the Mortal than principle Erase,
as pen to Sip the lead to Role is in the Wood of each a stole for imprinting does Cleanly,
no better show to task the Vote that go to the Graveyard Ste,
paper on the Tomb of dawn and Crayons Shade a gentle Picture of the Cream of Honeys bee.

Earth Parks

Creation is the burst of life to the explosive comprehension of elements on inspired,
the shots from her skirts to the spread of the stars at the Press Earth a planetary Stand,
the depth of the Universe in the cosmic Uncertainty that growth is destruction on birth,
that craft of containment touching The Outer Range arrangement by design of nautical,
throughout the clam in galaxy to the pearls of the stations Satellites are the beauty of Caution,
on the Hem of dirt to the gases of the Giants while Moons are additional to attraction,
the circular deep Vines in the clarity of breadth to each of the separate yet joined by a line.

Particles of dust showering the place a Comet talking Meteor telling A Tail,
whipping grained stones with volume on the Lo a harnessed affair with verbose as The Showed,
lovely in the hour on the short of the glad in happy on consistence until the platter Jagged,
a symptom scene the tractor the Scientist does rack where is Life Itself on this sound of such an old knack.

Know Dish of reception the conduit of speak a hand in the fable to the egg dropping Day,
mix the nothing to the Sum and Any part will due at the base of structure it is a real stew,
thought on Ideas that furthered Mankind's Lens tacking all the favor forgetting of the limbs,
on lone to Wolf in howling boot joint with the echo lock to shall the common heard a Bell Winds,
the pricked of ears that scoot to shoved will spur the Owl to home a dove in the Crow at send.

Travel in the slower trail with The Buffalo at Railed the Herds that made such Thunder light across the Plains On Entered flight,
the ground so turned the Plough did say the Constellation of the play must be on the Curling,
there above the Task at loved Sheds that LOOK! it's on the dug to empty UP the plot,
a seed that plants to be hugged by the dirt a snuggle bug,
wrapped with warmth of waters drink the Feat of sure the rice is leeks,
ore on said to lock the fed a trace that syncs the memory blinked to face the Morsel dreads.

To the starry nights that show the Tights a drawing of the Comp at fight does spurn the list to Keel,
etched out ruff The Dragons lust to burn a Fire just like Flew!!

Nero is the match by Lit for in the story as it Told for McLauglin in the Prose,
those moments in the Text of Tile to brief explain the Billions Miled,
an Ice that chills the bones to Steer a Wheel in the Sailors seal Clapping to the soled,
armor introduction Pounds to forge the points to Arrows loud,
the Bow for gun A Loved begun that Set the gear to Styles Heeled,
the Ankle of the egg in Crack is simply called the Voice Intact!!