Friday, August 26, 2016

The Shale Of Sand Must Be Cliff Notes To Ground Earth In Eclectic Thunder While Lighting Such Reasons That Life Is The Shores Of Waves On The Sees Kenned!!!!!

Odd a see at the Worlds hinge to be of vigor minus the real eyes of Hello,
these process a schedule of such farms that milking seams an owl to feather,
each product of revolution is of at the floor on whom is have a nice day??,
seeds to frost glaciers to slides the best of seen is people whom would avenue a piece not steeping.

Trips to Fashion addressed while society charges a foot for the pace,
as 1965 April 29th is my birth to know of the Wood Snake,
I challenge not to thorough on the being myself in a state of being.

I love the sphere of dynamics that have delivered such themes,
not a kick in my brain to skeet my ass as the bed of bunks to orphan a Trap,
harnessed to discipline Order and knowing that it is strange that people have gossiped to Smack,
however the choice of the fax is individual to pears as every apple in a bare.role is subject to tack.

From far to the mirror the seat of balance is just a collection of practice and brings,
further on Thought is logical beams coming with certain attractable philosophy it smiles my lean,
for I in a life of wonder and have experienced the fleecing of more than I tell,
my find is the steady on the writes in a place that provides for I a beautiful time,
expression envelopes how fortunate days raise answers with quests to see oceans not graves.

For the shipping of building a construction of truth in habit provides structure not fines,
as the draw of words connection to verbs makes simply complex a chart not a plane,
how different I piece deep subjects to plates for bits of license to being of taught,
grace to the music of such wells that with single breadth I sway to Key know^oats,
as the wind in a dial the breeze saying posture of shoulders sew gentle that ever is pen fold!!!

The Wares of Portcullis??

A grit of sands be leaf to a stone of hinge once Art,
the cliff is aspect as coupons grow,
food gathers,
faces sneer,
the base is a shoulder at the shoveling spring as the sprouts of brussels collect cucumber sheds!!

Tools often Mankind to Hi Tech and Knobs,
hugs are occasion to the thermal big miled,
trailer a show a port of sherry,
the glass is the glasses that knows of the brows,
to Turk on the Trumpet the Puppets be lined,
speak of lyre and that Harp guts a lion!!

Roar Rings off Mead be Drinks from the Chutes,
chimney brains that Mind to think keen sew soughts that audience ankle at hobbled by Lot!!

Shem Mi eh Long at Ages be Frank,
poe leased to the known from I to the Keeps??,
there is no dungeon on lairs that steep stun,
the horse to the Officer it is the more in the hand!!!

Former be sort the File Treasures,
beaches that full to the loads of the seas,
waves granite frost tour touch ice glacier meld,
slides that blink life lives to growing a clammed!!!

Peak Mountain,
that stile of valley gone bridged,
the cable ore satellite that strides to a spanned,
the Net work of phishing??,
not my bother this panned,
fries fork to spats and that is just land??,


Lets dance the Waltz of Times,
the mull to duh brie inch the ice as a slides detail to sign the Ages as Iron grasp,
reach age earth dirt grounds as built by template plates on stretch thoughts to comforting lied,
Tides say to Traffic that the its are in the hours detailing of Everyday Fax,
look at the value of arbors artistic??,
reality is that bridge thus Toll on beep honk horn!!!!

Now on the vain in most discard the giants at the desk of dust shelves with tacking lists,
each process is the melt of glacier find,
a grace in the subtle charge to change??,
it is the ability of Wonders of the whirled,
round to been and up goes the sync,
a certain sway of sweet Feeds that individual eyes course Jams??.

Width that brain to the mind of Matter in a grid to the graph on Ancient guitar at the migrate Ding!!

Cheers to those ability to torque fathom while the roads pier to shipping lanes,
shingle a pad.dull to the idea of oh's??,
great found day shins will sween.knee a perhaps to delve,
drive with the Ages of golds and Elements asking not off sleeve,
for computers and leans have brought technology to land!!!

Relay.shin.Ship is a store.ridge that Cents to a pen,
stow name bye navigational pull,
where in that shift is a tap,
this is a piece of craft that speaks as the muds drip dried,
from that to the buffalo saying gnu,
worlds voices in sigh neigh long shore Mensa to sew.Shoal??,
wise is Glenn Beck tax eat to this dinner on the sift,
Fork & Soup??.

say that once a profess.shin.knoll granite thus pwned,
didst thou study haul to echo etch as a draw??,
is that like streakers and miles??,
a grace that signs Out to signature a strike of bowel.Lanced??,
Nifty Nigh Oles may.ache Moore's bogs towel^lends and shoe.ooid!!!!

Post Script

A Guide To Group^Pers That Are Shake Keen The Saw Wrist To Be^Cons and Clear!!!!

Shell the language now on the in fluent to a politician on the trump of cue card did as a beer,
the stool to cork the rise in pitch of sleeve is finding the words that treble,
cleft in musical theory My Mother a concerto in Instruction,
the gut lo abdomen as the gauge or for the guide should won say breath??.

Shift to the National challenges??,
it is the describe of fraction on division visa 'V' Theater,
move ease,
speaking Speech show when adopt shin touch interpretation should the vote sku??,
price per pence on coin as the flip on cent Tour course??,

As the weak transfers to Walrus does the Whale lean fossil Eyes,
glass see knows piece once audience??

Stage Television,
enter view,
raising cane ankle sugar,
cream method while honing a tent shinned too heal reads wimps,
yet that Peter doubting Thomas is a beach.

Hum Tee Dump Tea SAT on (a) Wall,
for cork the sham pane gave sit a zens a big stall,
for the harness is bridle the bit is a curb,
shackles came verb bing and nouns say its burr??,
what is the Ice is on a Cup in the thump,
a rabbit or Turtle that Heads a still tump??

As Cent touch Dee Cent Wares the wattage apron,
puppets to Trump pits that merry the feeds,
yet should the hand spelt trip to a stoop,
while the pen And stow writ in oop's goes the Troll??.

Carriage of words working the Crowds,
above counter cradle and get what it dulls beens,
the cent tense will rock and booths will Fall feather,
in the season of scatter a scrap met Toll lab to pea Tree dish as a method of bow and air.row,
to placard of diving as the teft is a drag,
the line is a arbor to case study the saw.

The bot of the See,
a sand in the froth,
lathe to chin strap ping the hell meant of months that delivers to scuba for the cheers bye just bumps,
The Bends!!!!