Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Singing of a Finality

Hello To The Touch It's Mercury

Sewn on the test of the hands on event Imagine a blast from the past on asundering,
superglue as Latex covering to the Fingers on the stipulations gloved to ounce a dipping sink,
as the wholly Water is d.m.s.o. laced with the Chemistry of an active component to trip,
in the Scope of the send to the Church on the bends a Real live passing of the Gates to pew.

The lights are Flashed the Music is Chapels on the Liver to bundle the shed on the Floor,
ask a Cool Man to present the Gorge before the Come as in the set a gift today is brought to score.

In the decade of the Hands-On forward to the line-Up of congregation awaiting the Sights,
men stood the anchors behind the People forming the stand to experience the glory of bring,
the Chaplain of the day on the skirt of the Alter will provide a Prayer and a sing to the lift.

Long onto their backs the People would rack as they fell to the ground while bouncing the tongue,
some would Say that it was the Power of the biblical Rebuking to language the devil on louds,
yet in the Science of logic at Age Four I present to the state that the Involved was witness to a Mickey.

Like the donkey of the Ass in a ride to the Outer film performing a Blacker Mass with Sum,
there on the Church in the form of a rinse The Bowl of the spray Holy Waters laced,
than on the dot to the Foreheads read Placed a certain Instant absorptions on faced,
dropping to what would Seem to be shift was Mirrorly the evidence of the drum at An Ear.

Never did I see any other on a direct Relation do such counter Measures to produce the faint,
however as before the After on the blink I tack you the Saddle of the Modern jade,
in My Roar to the Sham in the Pain of Memory a Concordance of Scene brings California the Means,
in not distant but the Actionable labels that Produce to Syrup the Apple as All Halloween in drugs.

Mark these Words as thought is a Verb to extend Not Purr Verb be All but the Truth in a Sort,
so that is the deck on the pull to a Venue as it happens to the All Emergence to this Firing gunned,
careful in the Farming of the ladder Day reins As Whom is to Prey on the Vision of placed.

Well in the Define of Want to seed it would strange to the Religions on knees to Prove corrections at deed,
by the Ways & the Fees increasing the production as the Measure is taken to induce a stature of driven,
target the reason with formula dread And it is not Far to the Path that delivers this Sped.

To that as a fax attention for Whom carts Concern the perfect position is the street for the Game,
in that understood should the bell ring a Wrong than the sign is of the prequel to the stored,
making the proof in thus proven by the avenue Blues sung to the dump stirred as already played,
therefor by the paved the left to a right is in the Clear on that boulevard of presumption to steered,
making the silt on the bank to Shill a per tank The query behaves to control at a gate,
the Price is Ever lasting.

The Trumpets Sound While Blowing 'It's A Rein Dance'

In description of the World on the pleasing of the Age at the dogma of arm parched filed,
religions reach to the pleasure of the exercise on the demonic desk to dust the shelves with ankles ripe,
to parish of the take at the base of the decade in the bus of the sippings I say that its a sheering,
on the skin of the bald to the flesh of the bone case to library a chapter on the monies coin pursed,
in process of the future doors to vertical place Mints on the dollar hide as the baskets pear Apple lined.

Bear this Calvary as the Course on the Bred to the Hard Cruising of the Oak as that is a drive,
to the Store on the soda Popping a Can for the Raccoon and a bowl of Porridge at Olivers shoe,
tie the bust on the Grant it type to the verbal blow that voice Carriage shoulders the Sure,
towards that decision Long Past I have In request compass to the North by treasure of Norse on say.

Simple note to Postcard stoke on the flash Strike is the Match that will never blanket Smoke,
in the steady on the Eddy it will in Place to person be that Sing on the sting Sleigh of Merry,
on gather by Gathered to the word on This Sentence a Pandora of bicycles be Launch to lock broke,
at that the Lumber forms a Bench as the Chemistry Experiments on reality in And with an 815 Address.

For stand on the Mail order Scream my Brother whites his Eyes to brow the furrow of no surprise,
to tangle with the Comb of the paint Brush the less is a Mind on the stairs that beetles to scene,
shall the Case be of a Singular Theme to alter a Persons foundation by ways of divide,
than in Independence I stand to Shoulder the Pack by an Universe that parks lines too.

Brought by NOT my invitation to thwart my Family by waist rather information glued,
in that Paste by clique to Letter of this All KAP to shine I product More as the broad Bored,
for Sake of the pride of Relations to the most obvious in Learn it is the development of Classical,
to Organs that Sing as the Pump on the Handle taught the Start of a builder on the Sounds,
a House performance to the dedicated is a Chap lane to descript of the Tattoo on the Watch.

To the 60's persuade as Shouting to the Scent for the Choice in summer of blues its the Scurry,
in remember Remember the 5th of November for less I forget the smolder of Ancient spurs,
rise to this Horizon on the Spawn of simplicity for even Satan had a Placement of arranged at the table,
formal to Rank & Style I purely Clear the vernacular to burst the Decision to Placard of the skeet,
rifle trance a Arms Race to the Method of operations as Per the badge of banked grind.

Inn Coffee the Crispy Cream with a 7-11 to drive the burp Ankle bleeped,
fire that Blunt to King the James of the Country that lords the Shift,
for on Translation to Interpreters it really is Greek on the Flame at the All Ready Event,
it is an Arena of Olympics at the Sport of Humanity on locking morals for excused Principles to sprites,
march up the Trumpets breaking the barrier of Acoustics in A Warm-Up of gracing Perpendicular a chair.

Line Any with A Square and that Try Angle will bless Grace & sing Blunts Feat,
as the saddle is a Bill lets style to Cinch the bit on the Bridle of the Song,
in that Stitch of Skull to the Sharp Tools that Needle to scratch the Record for the C.D.'s raised,
I put to Proper the Signs as German Shepherds in Our life had Names to Say bark,
however presently I Own a Miniature Pincher namely Nero and that on course is a Tell.

The Scratchy Violin playing While roam Burned is the Reality of the Dungeon Song original Cast,
called it the Bank in the Cult Classical of throws on the 80's return to the Sight,
as the law of the Leagues on the base of the beginning of a designation coming to rise again I scorn,
the Ewes on the tale of the Stations at the local 76 branch to that decade of Steer it is a flyer,
the bro. Sure to dive An in Action I shore the Early hour to A broadcast know longer holding Coyote,
in Route is the road And by that root I was Told that the Fund A Mint ta List is marking the Choir.

Gibson The Perfect Sounding Board

Cruise the Nature of the compassing as the correct navigation on the bravado of Horse,
to tack the brush with Hoof Pick it remains to be the Treat of the Frog to off the ride,
the pebble or the Nail in the Wall is an irons Shoe to hone,
sand whips for the Creek bed on a Rivers theme banks on the Trails of the rocks to Taught!!

The barn of Stalls on the favorite ride of bone is in the better to the Best of the sport,
a titans release to the Ice of blizzards on this World of vernaculars languish to Ship,
for the balance on the Sphinx a Knows to face the Stars on the Hall of As guard Start the swept,
on ideal to Relation from the arm to the Eyes in a blanket Stare will connect on the saw.

Cutting edge deep sharks on the Reefs of live have Ventured to the trip,
a skipping Enclave to Scent of perfume As over the said a Possum came to say Its a read!!

Pace that with A Walk path Posting to Not trap but Mirror the buff reflection to Ram,
horns on the Curl of Trumpeting difference to Cobblestones bright.

The road well traveled while on the trace of Mother Natures beauty of Night,
an Owl for the answer to Owl a simple sound that echoes the savor of raised,
by the day in a Sent from the basic on the Breadth any Cause cans the lid,
brains on the Mind!!

Thinking print to Scanners that sight the Scope to register the Film per the Core of broth,
floss on the gears to Orwell's be sat Certain the estimate is Sure to the deodorants rain,
browse Aim at the Haze for in The Fog a blink will bright a bring to An Actual reality of Cruised.

Structure sings the bars of the Bridge to speak A Noun like the Fax of James Blunts leaf,
for on the Inasmuch to address A trouble is Heaped on the taste of spoons for the Forks,
every Traveler talks the Easy rose touch a Soar to the Cribbing on doors,
stables that scene to Cross-ties on the rinse for An Equestrian will Trial the event A Cross-Country lens.

Google any to Atlas of the Crawls worms Dimes and Cotton balls Tip the clues to Ear plugs,
music in my bones Marrow that rich Wealth of blessings As guides have been a Home Stretch pointer.

That being of Understanding does not the Said as the dilation to focus on Vent,
molten Stock to Mountains Crock while in the Midst of explosive seals Chose to spine A shock,
earthquakes & Puppy dog Tales brought a Fuzzy Was A bare to the Skin & Shown being a Buzz,
the Lite Year to Posting again is Nigh a jog rather a gate that Introduces A giant stride. 

The snap to the rhythm of the Cadence is with An Arena to sand the prints with a drag,
the standard of Tractoring believes Not for the rake is As Mighty as the Hitch,
for Pull a Pin to purchase the Disconnect oh Wait that is the App on the sell of the Trap!!

Carrots Syrup or the Apples red Pear to supply the Farm with Perpendicular share,
stock Yards to the pastured Milk likens sugar Cubes to the loose granule of Cane,
the before of the After a Factory or Industry?,
the Question is Knot the Answer to Spike the Ore ray ga Know,
it is the Isle of the Mind on the swimming with A Fancy of the Day on an easy Parade!!