Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Absolute Fountain Of A Beautiful Jacket Loving The Story Prose

Oh for the space to station a send on the Timely performance of Hark 41 as the blessed by the shunned,
as the I land of state to the formula Shot a Master of Tweet helped the aided by environments reap,
as thee earth of the body form range width of Fates @Elephant dot lion an Enormous Roar for tray,
service with a smiled to Silver on the sleigh driving with a Wonder to the belt of Orion.

these Winter days that touch a Task to pen on the touchscreen laugh,
belly full of chortles to the simple craft of boat,
as the pebble with a Stone to the Cover of the shown,
make Way for the Ever in the example of the Sky,
a walk with the Arm to Hug a shale.

Fantastic from the found as the bridge to Method route,
as that is the Best of the Best in the dragons for the Cribbed,
an Answer to the Beacon as the factor on the Mind,
a simplicity to sound as the Cry is all but loud.

In the forced expulsion from Society at hand the At small is privately making counter doors,
a wink for the Eyelash to brow that fire brim,
the stonehenge as the Calculator to guy the fork at Hymn,
so bake a cake and say it slow for Icing is the trip,
journey with the perfection of Mother Natures lift!!

Feel it at the global Pace to sign a Name to gift,
with a Pastel of the Crayon coloring a grit,
a Razors edge to good Ole pledge Its all about the Grands,
key on Ivory for the bring I believe the Suit!!

Fore score on Quest to banks of Staff it is An Order challenge,
in the riddle of the posture the Winder has a ground,
to Tick knot Talk with Convo Crops as the Wheat is grass At most enhancer for the Tolls,
scamper a Bout to fickle trace and draw the Self a dancer!!

Mill it Tary for In role Meant to treat the date A steering,
began before the Past could crumb to Bellows of the keep a drum,
that Nice it Teas to Cups and Things be Lane on alley for the Creek,
bubble Up with grins and Luck for that is brains on Savage!!

Bless It bee to bumble Treed a Syrup tapped for Signage,
certified by Ole the Vibe a tell on Bull a Var dee`ing,
maps of Prance the Feat on pounce A Kit 'E' Cat to purrings,
rumbles of the Showers love is grace with Tons of Cooing!!

Out Writing

Piney the Nuts on The Wind dust for Trades not for the Sense but for the 'But' traits,
ask a length to Up ex-Plain the foster of Frozen Blake's the At gauged,
for on the Informational to the Book Case by swept,
as Easy as speak the Cards are strike Hall Mark,
hidden from translation the English sewn dogged Letters to symbols no Grades,
fancy the Sucked to the fantastic to Age as that in the brought was the Pleasure to Great.

A sane to the Handshake that Good ole strong Memory,
for with the be balance the weary are cuddled,
not slammed to the grounds of basking in frowns,
rather brought with the Gift of cheers on the Sounds,
so skip Dolly fact to Touching on glad,
these really hour the days to know of the graph!!

Trigonometry taste belly for the Try Angled bong First in the line to Ample the song,
in beauty of Hymn to the grand handsome of Fine a Couple of Magic to theme the big strong.

On the divide are the Experiences saw Cutting the libraries of Minds for the law,
in address to the shore as the Anchors harbor,
piers to that Fax is of challenge to Boot.

Timely to Sang the Computer for dues A grave on the dial to the language At Saved,
down goes the Up to the load of the File grounded form Electric to numbers on Spiral.

Circulation News to the froze at breath,
making the dollar of the Prize on the Test,
push the Pole of a shoulder to chills,
as Cold as the refrigerator with Sites that grill Bug.

At Branch to the System with booty on Techs sure is the binder that Chase on the tracks,
money bring Checks to the balances of price,
ankle that cost to the bends on the lights,
as green goes to silver than gold tacking crates May the nail be on the ghoul that bounces the drip.

Spilling the plug-Ins to a scene as the Flipped harness the powers and Ram this the tsk,
may the Patrol be of care Fold to the pickets on Fenced dicey are browse to the perpendiculars lens,
bright Tons barrel to the Train of Ka Boost cream with the Spinach as Popeye's big shoot,
muscle to Bar with no Sand in the Tent shall the pitch be of Vernacular that dialects must,
in Cist of social to the Theory of String thread times the Morsel and ring the ding theme,
to dangle the Supply than More's are the dime Course the tile to count at the shined.

Dippers that have stirred for the Satisfactory fringe Table the lap Top to cables that dash,
dotting the tangle with Know Comb for the Spline delivery diary to show of the rib,
switch the purr former to Trap ease of the snap Upside the down bribe to bridle the found,
on this the Mail to a Quail be roof Change is the bearings that Compass of root,
any and all trees burrow for strength may the planters be Peanuts on a Charlie Browns escapade!!

Close-up the paste With this binder of State that request for Composition to the most obvious play skate,
so cubicle sport with the spice on the gourde Corn maize to Platters and butter the chord,
seat on the brisk as that is the cork to bottle a message at the base of the cab,
lights on the Metered to loads of the Knack an Al gone rhythm to verbals greased crab,
baits basket hotel with a Tub & a Well dry lift the Cattle to throw the Cowbell,
grey Mare with muster be Pasture at Range as all of the Heard is an example of chains.

Brief Case Of Languages It Was A Fee Lean

Into the A feather the flight of the pence to docket a Pence on A far leans coined,
that a the ache of the singular Pound to arrow of the Computer on the extract,
an extraction on the Salts touch the peppering,
as the Or in the gone know the place Settings on the tablet of the Tooled,
in the midst of the sents to that Gravediggers tracked it is the Tomb of a saddled preview!!

Enter the Junction on the abbreviate Plurals that have know language to the Closer shack,
Radio down to the more's On remote to the button badged as the Marked,
in the dust of the ash it be gains the Quick & the slat,
to shingle the swipe as the Ass Tech to double the Bounty on the Poster.

Wanted buy the Purchase it grocers the butcher on the Text Machine,
diggers on the parade to that say of Well it is bound to Conquer the plate of Licensed,
as Numbers groom to Beacon the tag Ancient burn would Slim to the bland,
station of the Fax to change as the Phone is not of copper blast rather the erased.

Now enter the branch with a LSD to 60's referee to ripe the Apple stock to Wood,
apron strings with Wash flood the Flash ranch Guards gone Tart shards,
move squeak the paste is on the glass to Ceiling of the Floor S -ence,
glow Work to the thought of time on the ankle of the flat work griping In For May shunned,
tubular Echoes of grab & stash Curled with the Blunt on the deaf.

Makings of the dollar Hides to that specifics Ranch to dressings of the Maple tapped,
tee Parties slept to C.B. brothers ride purring the Television of the Bill Owe Rye lead a Fair,
this office of Ick to the Gold fish on the breading of a Cancer to starring rolls at jacked,
Up window down Door to the handle of the locked in from the desk Cored,
wholes in the Iron of pleated with the bramble of Bones,
cycle Truth to the grout on the Yellow of the bladder to Nailing the Corn.

Any touch Reaper to a Creek on the River classic is At symphony of the personals,
diving in the Swim of sharks and Gears to act tangled bye list Charge corking,
advertise the Splash on the battery of large Ask no fountains slope,
the slip to the taught is as Old as the Ax is to the Mount of the Norse wiped by the Religious lavey. 

The bookings of Stride to the day timers waddle a clause to brain with the simple Cell ewe lars lane,
at Crossed by strange Ore lurid rasp the bench of Approval rumps to the Haunch of bee Hen`d,
that egg Cracking shell for the Chickens warrant on the Rooster placed.

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The Barn Dance on the Global Shoe is that Lace on the Faced by reason of Tooled,
in the Breadth of Centuries the coin on the Pockets full of Change felt the blankets of lane,
fee the brain with a plant to Root the shadows of method to Operate the dead,
as that is the Spirit on the loose Name the Sleigh burning Narcissus from the Reins.

Three pick Buckle the Glue to a Tongue on the splash of the Ancient Herbal Mash,
in the Paste of the nuts to the dried Fruit less the pit to dived on the List of equip,
to taste the drink on the H Waters Five to the forth degree as the birth of a dealing Tree,
branch Out to the Inn on the Homer for the Hit on a Foreheads spline!!

Bang went the Boom on the Mind in a down to the Fly of the buzzed....Oh Whats A Sleep,
in the depth of Bowl on the Anvil of spoon to grind a Grit of part Tell called its a Sip,
mixture of the sap to a Stick for the fenced on that is the blessing of the lab err nths design,
process on the Pew of the scent speaking In cents to sprawls of the wafting crews!!

Shop down town on the Ages loud in crowns of the thrown to drownings by platters plu.,
dig a dig on the Crossed for the Would be a lope to the dog & Pony shows of Crates and Nailed.

As that is the sentence on the brows of the Tumbled done It is in the Scene to Correct the Fax,
as the print To Palm on the span of Delivery with A Certificate for the Foot is in the Choice be of Wise,
in that sky of the Smiling Sun make Mention to the Tale on a fable And chart the Moon to spake,
for on the grin breaking the gear Shift a great to the Mighty Fate of sample of Say.

With word of measure Fountain the day with Flow in A poets read,
shine with a Foundation that touches Imagine to the Reality of grounds per Stolen by jeer,
as every insult for the Milena of pinned Untangle the comb to bar the Sheets with Verse,
at development of the trace to the Actual on the grace that blesses Humanity not curses with Skeet.

At that rifle on the shot Gun for the Hugs and the Cheeks that dimple to the Chins for great,
bank the eyes film to Record a bunch so that decisions may be Earth Based not casted for stones on clones,
mark to the Chapter and bring with the Hands a simple Rare as the Communication is both love & Dare.

To Parchment of the bred An ankle from the bend Heels down Seat straight and Ride the Action,
for the Horse With Know Name is only a Cactus for the Month of April is a birthdays Rite,
a day to Sake in the department of Vehicle will be the Breathe that sighs to the Fight,
in an Instant acceptance that Battle is Wars piece To War with no battle but Whence at the retreats,
for as the Honest and The Just begin to Structure a feathers flight with an Eagle and not Tar I glade,
the Forest of a Unicorns part is the Magic that life is Spectacular to the Gift of rein.

Direct the Attention to the Bell for on The Watch is A Crow to shoulder the Worlds chart,
as Stars are the Hour of a Minute sing be a Absolute to Incredible the Feat,
special Thanks to the Wonders of the Times in Ages that death became the Life of lived,
in that Full Folk of lore I cannot be more Grateful but Yet I can't help but say that I can,
for each Moment of each Day I will Write to that Outer land Crying I love You!!