Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Breakwater From A Pier

Balance is a Beam to the Sky on the Nest of Whom has Already delivered The captain of poet It Tree,
the best of Show on the World Tour was the reception of the Drawing to lyrics on the Receipt,
as the Muse is Product formal to Wares of the Scene than it is reality drive to the Prose of natural at Root,
the Dali Lama announced on Televisions National Media a simple notion to the Change of guards,
to negate the obvious with what is eclectic to a Mountain saying is to Know of the bridge on put.

This life spent on the deeds is Nigh butter to the Facts,
tried to spelling the route of the band that Plays a sing a long treats the Rice,
a dimple is the smile stile of truth to Rounds of this present Snow globe of rations,
dried compass to The Movie house Theater the divide that is Now a Trailer preview to sigh in toll a gee,
based Proper to prime is the number of set at Zero on the decimal of speech,
paint the Horse as the gain Gust khan of Outer Wealth on the Wheel.

Spark a Teak as the jade is of Iron on this stone of Reading the breadth of life on Plan It earth,
dust to part it call is the tremendous core of Wares,
skip Hop and dance touching the reins of last will Farther explain the residence,
sheep on the Year of the Ram mere the lion on a start of the Elephant tusk to Planes,
flight of the bird is Now a chorus of shaded shorts to barrel squids on Inking plateaus a grid.

The fax is of great satisfaction speaking for the strength on the Tides of we're ship,
this is a mine ore to the Flame on a eternal fire that sparked language to describe Kong,
is Godzilla the shaker to sing with a Tell a Phone on the golden gates bridge of Cave??,
shall the Ocean bear to the Whale known beyond the Flat mention My Grandfather,
sew shall My Mother advance to the know of reason to Wisdom of Mill in Knee awe Walks.

This Narrow of shallow Drifts remarks to strange land that slash to total recall,
width the try to a gain on wall Ups to build the structure of a channel,
as Sea Organization determines the gift the truth will barrel Monk keys or the briny pick ole,
which craft is the laughter on Watch,
the shade or the tighten,
the Voice or the Factor,
a judge or the jury,
the sentence or the paragrapher,
the answer or the Question??

What is the ground should the liquid faction drink the blood and eat the flesh of a certain trend,
does that say to the shirt that breaking Wave on the shores of Sands a shell to be of stay,
did the trending face put to worry before the raft found a slip to harbor the consistent torque to Instruction,
while this is in discussion look to the future reminding the production to the past,
with knowing that coffee and/or tea is but the grind or the leaves in a cup or a mug,
but what of the choice,
where is the Tune of speaking a course to Act on the knocking of a door Via email not the French of translation at a Kissed.

Studying Games Of In Tell A Gents

Bounce the sun talk a galaxy out on the universe of the wave,
in the space that is just teaming with life on the globes in rise,
civilizations bustle,
different I will say that,
however what is it find or just deny,
is that dream of reality the stride on arrival of the belly in a Chute.

Throw in the sonar and bleep a whale to speak a shark at the depth of a seal,
ruff the shallows of human trucked,
brains on tin percent add a coin jingle a star run like hell the other jade,
planet earth is an australia prison of the great skate,
ice said to the glacier that the method is as frozen age as to Christmas on that timely cave,
the hand print off a Palm on the Alongshore of beach erosion making Sand dials land.

Operation special on the comet to gorge the impact,
than spiral account for the get a long,
should the under skin still be flesh and blood,
should the skin tan only be a rainbows slant,
do than the plugs reason to say Hey what the shell,
or is it the extra of Nope,
well on the experimental rock its the fletch of muscle and wrecks,
out in an isolated bump,
this galaxy trump,
to be that dividing future to sting the key to a skeleton of gross disgusting people and their prays.

As that is the arena of the Ass ankle ream to the bind,
the have to that hold knots,
lives just speak to horizon back to tale of the Moon on a fantastic day,
stage this with the fragment of what courses the Trillions of billions on numbers not known,
that is the calculation of a thumbnail in my Mind.

I ride the factors to report the routes,
humanity is in the role of example,
the show is death to stagger,
drown to breathe,
live to die,
die to sigh,
shell to crumb,
oyster to muscle,
clam to secrets,
sands to count,
rocks to pebble,
seas to bay,
oceans to la goons,
deep are the blues in the reds of the sheeps wool on the dye,
reality is skin to that is the sunshine so easily shed Is the light as Well,
deep and dark hours to say that this World is Hell on the skids to know it is the process of . . . . 

well lets just say that it is the process of. . . . life Itself.

Setting The Standard Of See Horses While Singing The Reality To Those Able To Grasp That Idea Of A Knowledge Report To The Faxed

Graze this shed to the tools of the work on the ditches as the fed in a field of this world,
so blunt I shall sing to the list on the reason that wisdom scored a long,
lyrics humming that hope while at term dropped the hover to scramble the Minds eye,
in this a quatrain that is at the aim of cruise to the lines on the row of a we're ship tacking the games,
on social denial to that stage of the movie in the real life for the ones I know have hard dealt to my forward strong.

Watch this clock tick on the shock as the kangaroo is just born to know as I special that pocket,
rice is a staple as bread is a product of the Mill,
circus is an account off the elephant,
swell to a tank its a blackfish in a Crow of a shoulder lap,
singing every curl to stretch the dawn as the horizon just pigeons a moonshine,
the drink of lane to build another grab.

Map other troops to the stagger on the heel of a sway yet I know of the flutter,
know hub Board true to form a simple know shin to the car Tens of place,
at the trades of lives while what is gone is in additional what is hear,
belief on the farther or the faster or the purpose it remains to be the glasses of eye route.

In this drive down Park Road position to say I am not an accidental short to this verse,
reality deals Time to be a Great in vest the Meaning of why is as easy as deads,
the Means and the queer are string along words advancing definition to the Minute of a fag,
should that be a Course, or, a cigarette, or, just plain off the kite strange saying gay to sleeve a Happy song,
the logical song with rein is while the years pile me a known in the gentle tell LEP a thee to store,
the Mountain to say Volcano on the turbulence of love,
bringing thought is more an after sport on the scanner of putter.

As the ocean is a large body of dialect sew is the sea organization of a speak to the bay,
the ease of the crest ton arriving to that turn on the ever calm of what makes a stream brooks babble,
that tile of a mailbox this write of Future touch now,
finally a breath of fresh air to allow what is the letter,
a file on thus is nigh the know ledger to report a new sorted information as a trace to dog paddle the Soaps,
shirts on the Song,
Actors in the film,
this is the Warm-Up of a Horse in a day,
the condition of the condition that the condition is the condition of exactly what has been done to The Keys.

Keep on Truck kin the freight while railing the load with ease as sweat is indicative of steamers,
sing on the delight,
shoulder nothing to note the carriage as the harness in a toot of the cross sing,
trains and stations Rails and roads,
bridles Bits saddles Girths,
all while Hello was the Trait I did send directly to the Water float boaters as an Oar to Engine a slick,
for I braved the fear and sent that email to The Source for a direction on saying guides are important to the spills.

Rising amongst no problem for the posting trot is also a class in learning to sit without enter fear Hence,
regard discipline equal a venture A flip of the coin to Equal no parade,
only the fact that facing the done is best as life is what is said I remind myself of an old truth,
its what you make of it.