Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Called 'The Bounce'

A clean wash of timers in the ticking of Baldwin once the Keyboard of price,
in Tollings of symbols on the signature of Infinite I spur thought touched deep eon,
other to source the value ore coach in An of instant problem`d memory of riddle,
a press in hand too Hand may core in Involving to trade winds on shore seat,
these beings of considerable measure bake the logic to solve a peaceful state of Existence.

Speaking of like kind in trait chores On the issue of shutters that chord in clue,
a stamp of pass ink on the Portal of screen A chirp on the wiring of today in big theme.

Sporting a sail on the float of delve is aspect to future Foremast of walking prevailed,
short tasking the bottom of Pits form introduction to the settlings of Goose bumps,
a feather in a Napkin serves as decor to the Sneeze of the sun shedding light perk subject,
a trail or branch on the drink of Umbrella via a carmello on Terra Firma pore.

Shall the dance never leave the sync of text Marrow than the Rub is suspense to a Thrilled,
talk is leg Falls on the bent iron of jump stirrups to raise the seated by training the stride,
a three-bounce In&Out is not counted as a Full distant Foot to the measure of exact in known.

In interesting footage of Arena stadium Course of set in rounds the Must is a half-halt to ply,
indeed actual Strides are moreover the Feet in the production of understanding the Gallop,
on canter or trot approach to the Cross-Country standard it is Timers stopwatch that wristband,
hands now Digital told by Brain a keep Sake with bounding retention leap Lots.

No precedence has Vista in Homeland of length to height to Hands to rein to Saddle to lit,
the Candlemaker is shaped with creative designings to achieve the ambiance of Evolutions creed,
brine degree with Logical pleats than skirt to the narrows of grain the Oats are the hour longs Ace,
syrup in the vitamin of Oars in How that portion makes the Painted Horse a stout muscle of lane`d.

The path on a Trail formerly dipped to the log on stumped bee,
a hive in and Of a stinger is only countable should the bugger be ran,
combing Tree versing can is Not the bat at stand,
nor is the dunking of Head under bough,
artistic expression basing Product directive pinging Remote scene of Thread,
what do You say??....... Aye Know, Aye Know!!  It's Rumpelstiltskin logging a Tree.

Touch Eng

At the 'Joint' of Henge in the arm hammering a Nail for thus Cup of tea,
in guild on the freakish 'Happened' still pops the First tooth in dental,
a sort of gum adjective with add 'Taste`list' teeter taught by Verb Tweet,
rock of Rolly Polly touch down to jiffy in Mrs. Buttersworth of recently acquisition`d,
creamery with a dry spell on the lift of Attention to photographic Proof of the negative in Truth,
seeing be Witness to the Harsh conversation of Terribly sound at the deck of Float.

Like the little water speaking the Creek in the river on the Tides of deny,
sands bottom snorkel Up with waves touching the but of course,
as the Doughboy is plastered to the ream of a Call on the Dialtone.

Oh look said the Disaster it's The Boss on the rafter,
oar right over Clip a clop on the stop,
halting the ever wonder to all Ready stripping,
No Tease Needed.

Sparkling diamonds on That swing of dot what Aye,
the skinny on Dip former Poopdeck has been Tinned,
that silver tray with the fluid in base to touch nothing Up,
just the Sample of post Haste in Times long, long, long, Even longer a go,
gosh went the Sonnet in Tank opus for land,
a Tunnel former echo spoke of Wheel in the span.

Creations Illusive Evolutions Crawl

Head Scratchers

Taste discord in the verse Mouth of firm Read as the bisque of the skull Route,
in the map of by design a Nat in the bug of soup is meat Raw alive in swim lest,
rise in the flavor of acid strain on the Thought of wriggle or flop lands a soon,
cave plains with addition in freeze Framers on the cold Shoulders the Tense,
as moving sleeve curtails the speed to greater in the mince waste Salts!!

Sprawl said questions not the dunk of friend-n-pea rather the digestion of squid,
platter Place Meant tablet Trimming the belly Mind character in plus-leaves shake,
did the apple cork the Basket or the orange crate the Color,
in Task sprain Text the spring of Wheel in And of the branch of condemnation,
both Either ort pleasure the senses to reactive Material in lean.

Crutch these Means as chill Fires in stick at Shoulder Box crane,
a disc for the Spin a record for the Label a vinyl for the Needle,
round Table lappings tickling the Sing-a-Soar is Fly bound,
pull the wings down to landing gear on the Tar Mack concretes Found,
add liberal with a Tab tick Clock on the switch to believe in lessor of the Seed.

Plow a mountain form a Valley to the digs that Flats have desert Palms,
in Cacti the prick is undeniably annoying to not even justify the stuck,
festering while trading station to the possibility of the Miss in locale perched Wrong,
set on the Venture in the stock of song a birth for the Instant & know skirt as the Tong.

Salad in the greens of Soy on lent is in of At Self treating the start gone bong,
bing goes the Click on the arm trapping Throng halts burning rubber-Bands as it's gone,
slinking by Alley whilst the Bricklayer knew That mortar on the spill was a bubbling sloop,
give it Time in the Wall regard trait to the Style check-In a Value breaking on the File,
rust with Nails in the tubing of Prescribed is as Easy to gather the Iron on the Side.

Choke treats a Tractor to the filtering of Flood,
gas in the Engine is talends of the Crow,
brakes to the Wheel touch Human Life root Ki,
ba Hoot to the owl as the Coyote is a streaming!!

On The Wind That Is........breezing!!

And The List Goes Ons

Sounding touch the music in the theme on a smile for dialing is truth,
in Tugs of no guidance the equation of mint ask the Candy dollar a deed,
eyes that slowly blink to appreciation sync in tune method a sing,
linger`d in the dusting of watches in the sight a gentle farmers care,
the plow is echo not Certs for chocolate is there,
in amongst the Thought of words before the share.

Scores of raid in sentence explanations on the chair,
in dining on the glandular instead of being stair,
terror is more than often the turn in chill from glare,
a sort of early Warning the system is work pear.

The grains while Silo fill-up a curtain on the File,
gaging shall the Mile come to interrupt,
steady guts from in the rough lips must move to chain,
the link in earth on Ear of girth as wordings got a gruff.

Systematic patience in logistical be Clears,
learning that the Base of brains are jerking list at Pre,
a method to this shed row the hearing of the purse,
jingle bells with Tower smell is first a Future`d luff.

Steeple on the Game Ware in virtual designs,
idea of rather elderly in down right done to pair,
twin the methodology to Professor on the Feed,
farther quick the Rabbit whole is chicken by the see.

To be of Mind in simple line is other than the trap,
innocence in syncing that is been in Yet of snap,
listen to the gist of Carp the duck will goose the spot,
capture in a Content crop thoughts are running hots.

Pot of boil pot of Pan pot of Whistle in the hand,
palm to tree palm to Pay palm to say that Talkers are a lot,
silence true in singing Wide on riding in the Storm of life,
raised in land to being stand the girth of hidden docked.

Each paraphrase with defining gave along the extra plain,
in seed of posture to the said that Ancient understands the grave.

Noisy blather most of squall is held between the scissors stream,
chopping cutting snarled keys to catch the body stop,
tunnel carriage frock the shock to blinders on the bridle pop,
quietly by magic bring a practice to Account.

One number too tumble Three in the jockey,
forth coming piece of pea Tree dish a familiar on the bungie,
bouncing frame to Tongue of same leads Que to cue on stick,
twist in the throat of spring a verbal carlyle's ditch.

don't forget the mug

Tell the Flesh & bones on Meet that Proud always serves Coffee to the door,
in the close Contact of a beautiful you're Fantastic,
loving the 'a la cart' to the Shell Wi On those read fold stations Name`d googlings,
a Type of red Dress to lantern the Left with a bulletin Pen in Have!!

Towards ration at the least of Brain waves to Fire Fly,
an All Zip 'Record' to touch-Down over the board,
a Fleet of informational Free thought to bring Tuner method,
minuet on the Piano of Key with a bit of Honey on the side,
a 'T' Stop approach to the Surfer in the Nudes of siren Odd est Sea!!

Crew the binder with double-back at the Clam ink Oyster Steel above the Octopussy,
traveling pants All around the world enter the stage of Venue to The Hold.

Ranger filed with a Logical at Place to performance in the Watch as the Fuddle,
Even the Best laid Plans in the nestle of Vista parked the plot on the win,
credit to the list merger of 'Working it Out' as breathe has bin gagged,
silken Web efficiency Nailing the tool of right done Up the alley Lot!!

Cream Sugar Ore. 

Reel Minds

Most deadly of deeds are the deals that card the Players playing,
in device on the streak of life in the basket on the deck travel,
hark the bring Task the leg to a Footstep in stride with law Sing,
I will honest to The vein in my Own self to the grands of the Rounds.

I stair watch to the Eyes, the Ass and the Hymn a tooth reality of brush,
painted in the facial acknowledge of the muscle on the Pocketed theme,
treasury to the blast of a shoulder Walking lives in reality that ACTUALLY Move,
that rare balance of Meat on the one to the whipper snapping Stings!!

Try on a Life drink in the might And value the Jeans to a T-shirt tonight,
skirting the understood to the Compassion of the Blind in Guise of laughing,
a tank Top approach to that base Bottom of growing in-Large of mental Note,
taggers in the Hopscotch of Older not younger free being the Eclipse!!

Heavy at a 4:00 method of gathering the Spelling of Whom,
charge it Off to Tea for Tellings of a chord on the Table Bloom,
flush with The Deck a Full-View from back to Basic in School,
the Throttle of grown to That tip on the Shown in red Read,
I have Herd that honesty is the Best in policy of Inn Sure.

The Homers

Work Salts

OH for the Wares of the Talent that must exist in the Elders of this negative World,
the wars once still waging to task the battle of only the used being forecasted in Failing plause,
cast the sing to the guitar and that Pick to tell the stories that Once upon a day sung in Far,
spilling the gut on HOW to trouble not through rather bring sustenance to those Times of cruel.

Big is the over see of gifts grained in the olds of this clock Hour band tsking such hands,
deck these requests to a dreamer going to the Tall Nationals and broadcasting that radio sire,
deeply seated in experience with gifts traveled to forward the Ear to Watch the Here,
to touch at cause thrills losing advantage to back reversing foolishness of roads Planed!!

Studious are the misses by Management Corporations to flavor crew boot to particular Use,
a tunnel of the device created Tusk horns in turning Tides to Leapers out command Perform,
no letter of sweat in the Truth brow having to strip sign Sinners as leading no stack Heard,
the fodder of the cow in milking the Calf to the Tit of a Singular sharks Tail!!

Gross profitable waste in minds un`capable of farthering leadership while languish`d in spline,
the victuals of intestinal scavenging over sputter`d dribble nothing learner`d skit`ing dead blossoms,
facing the stab wretcher during the carrion version of gobble Gobble want of dog-past pleats,
squatters steer to the Reality bemoaning gypsy Parade in lou of rather the or never suck sessions.

Campfire grasped by the cinders of Embers flaming dirt ply mixed blend stork Finders glenn,
looking at the grip of Truth with an eye of blinking recorded in the Mental Notes on standing term,
like not other forward Reverse cart climbers larking the close to the pass in a Noise arse`d,
titilating business to the tooth of jagged Edge speaking professionally of quest verses slong.

Gathered by the side Walk in the actual barrel during the Work Hard daily grinders rasp,
sought the A Theme a WISH not to blow Out by some Tribal Tributer in coughing gads,
criminal lesions dunking Seats as easily as the Mind blown from sparklers joy sport saddled,
a Crop harnessed with troop introducing Found scot`ing the spoof climbers with matches!!

Napkin to Hand curr chief an Accent with a purpose Opera to excel brilliance Chandeliers,
not smudge shattering Smashers hitting Topped in the 'Same Mistake' fashionable steak,
floundering about Buggers in bleeding Pleasers to bump the goo Spit to Oh awe Oop's,
association brings Lighters Fixed oil slicks stringing Violin as the The Assassins Marner. 

Groin Gallery

Tow Jam the Singer is been in pregnated with factor X life leap`d to Fallacy,
the trip down the Happy Lane to the alteration in the versing of 'gots plan' pleading,
the defense of no trigger pulling rather the dues of a walk grown Man in Tracker Hitch,
the trailer of the ridden to chain the At Let from An Enveloped to reality on pee Lo!!

Bladder soaked with sticks on slopping the muddy Ices for the Freeze Framed Poser,
journey while Memory kicks Thought to the spur side of a spear on the lung lister,
guide the Mapping to journal a Prose with a byte of Range on the arena of LOCK,
keys Caged the ballistical Rocket to the sweet Bitter charge of should Ah would Ah did Ah.

Stuttering in the speech & Say to the Up streaker to the Bridge of saddling a Video on spooks,
ghostly pale No Brow striped Naked down to a crown exposed!!

Skin & Bones to the burble of the Scuba on the Air tank in the suppose a Oxide,
in choline the breathe is Addition to the suffocation to the sack On How,
Win a spot to the Theme of Apollo compass atlas at the Roam passing pasture Fees,
gates of Cloak in the rooms of denial Art tease the Hare in the bobby Pin,
a posture of statement with a drink of Worm in the chew of Tobacco on the squirm potters.

Strike the lighter to that batch of Cigar`d in the Box of delight a scent in the Humus,
stand like a duck walking traits a Stool pigeon folly the Wire to subtraction of the Boole,
swimming in the arsenic of Venue purse dunk drool Spreading in the Cockney to under bee dress.

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tally at the Told to divide the Track for cold Shouldering know loaders is Crane`d,
scooping of the cream to the Berkeley Farmers dreaming City put the power in building,
not the chase Milking for each dollar on the hide Carting to the Funeral of another suicide.

Tubes take pictures Crazy fast is silly dancing Class swallowing the Pebble in throttles on the lack,
warbles in the Tweet or crayons from a Chalk lines are spotting breakers as the Ocean Roars.

Digs that talk of 'Genocide' the text in lyrics done to Stun have run the chaotic Fold,
bending dog Ears horse in Stall the tack birthed of the Foal,
listen to the bellowing of Wine to glass the Stem Wares,
crystal for the Cat and striper for the whore!!