Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Pepper In Salt

I believe in Singularity,
a paradox,
the product of,
'A Delivery'
 that provides Sum,
to tabulate,
or, too,
be Free-From, 
what has been done.

To kill the Instinctual Heritage,
retrospective to Our given birth,
deemed an imprisoned state,
Few make mention,
 of memories which I adore:

'A Life Before.'

The Cause & Affect,
which make many, abhor,
the opening of such a door.

A Given State,
of 'The Lore' replayed,
sung by Ancients,
a Source, an Origin,
which can support,
the Questions,
by delivering the Answers,
a Roar of so much more than Die.

Albeit an Invitation,
experience of a situation,
the growth at least for Me,
is without a hesitation.

I love the fact,
when you look back,
there is no loss in knowing the cost,
for the gains of such:


To Educate or Too Train,
the Mind with Reflective Thought.

Allows a broader,
respective view,
to Continue, in a Begin;


A simple stand,
delivering a complex hand,
a Poker Game it seems,
reminds me of the time I wrote,
this blurb, 
I thought, I loved.

Simple Complexity

In complexity there is simplicity,
once you see simplicity you once again
understand how complex simplicity really is.

When you no longer see the complexity
in simplicity, you begin your own
extinction due to your lack of vision
into the complexity that simplicity

Understanding that simplicity provides
complexity with an infinite number
of simple equations to be understood.

You then realize, that in simplicity
you find complexity, which is
the biggest and most complex
puzzle, found, but not understood.

A settlement of a mind that broke,
brought these Words,
that flowed with Hope,
to build My-Self,
back from: Chore.

This Structure of My Reason,
a Riddle I suppose,
received by none with interest,
laughed at,
brought Me tears.


In the After,
which was before,
I reminded my Mind to Know,
it is 'The Motto' written,
that complete expression of,
a Natural & a Driven Purpose,
that I doth should love.

I was a life that listened,
inasmuch I know,
Patience has delivered,
a Life of all I show.

 Stand proud!!
Allow your posture to be your Voice!!
Then your words can be your grace!!
Silence is golden, until it is broken,
that is when you go Platinum!!
This is our heritage,
Freedom is priceless
will cost you everything
no promises. 


Is there Piece in Love?