Monday, November 19, 2012

The Glaciers Slide Off The Polar Ice Cap Melt

Storming glacier icy melt,
the Polar Ice Cap leaving...Stilts.

Divine strength dust wane,
in this the Eve of our Changing Tides in Time.

Nature suffers such a strain,
as you show disdain for her existence,
 because of her inability to recover the damage that Humanity has done to this Earth.

God's lightning can't be heard.
Thundering of the Spirits Pride,
rain down a mighty shroud of Why?

Gold drops and platinum pours,
from heights I cannot see,
to warn us of the rising of the impending Seas.

An Oracle of stones in time,
a structure known to man,
makes a stand,

I see Stonehenge,
I wish to seek the wisdom of such Simple-Complexity,
just to ask,
"What are you meant to be, to Me?"

I don't need a hand.
 Look out!
 I am not what you know.
A Seer, A Sage, just coming of Age.

To witness Time Standing at the End,
 and watch as Change stands for it is The Begin.

 "The Continue."

The only wisdom I could show,
is all written with pen in hand.

My Mind is busy with my plan.
Messages build this outrageous and ready flow.

The Sea side grace is all I face.

Storms of nature!
Hopeful tries,
just to let you realize,
Mother Earth does not want to die,
and really, neither do I,

a Polar Bears Cry!!