Thursday, October 22, 2015

Duh Duck Shins

How eyes know the fears and rear,
it has torn that shore a particular of mirror,
that is type ping to say that it is on ground,
of distant for in land,
I stride to dial that form of scribe.

With balance as a beam,
the light on a gave,
ankles are the hours shoulder ride.

Saddle this write to know,
sands dial to soapstone,
etched in gentle form,
loving this gird dole,
the banana is a slug too.

Slippery Win wet,
ice breathing bets,
games of Human Corn wide Eyes shut,
closing blinds Tell the cent it is a Sign!!

While dancing rains snow flakes bold,
sticking in the sum whispering Fall,
ought tum leaves.

Treated language as the gift of presents every great,
making the ribbons silk threads of pieces work,
scrabble a board lane,
avenue breeze,
incredible Tides,
glaciers And sees.

Dust jacks to Name the storm,
say it is the Nouns turned,
to rock glasses and still,
ink lean is short Wave radio on Tagged.

Station feed is Oats Wheat water tee traced,
dirty minus the wonder,
amazing travel,
bells pour is singing faces,
out on theme sphere a fires read.

Care on this planet has been tossed to . . . 

heavy are the goose bumps crew,
a ballet on Point.

Silent Blinking Moved Eyes From Shrinking

Ask my pocket what it is in the question of the dids,
on that Welch apple Juice,
sauce & Words upon the Fizz,
in that drink of Vernacular lid,
the screw down has had full done dibs,
to envelope produce letters scene,
bark is found on tree Times creed.

As the swirl of Scope is Arm in Hammers baking powders note,
that bridge width gears tack to shift in Cause,
deep the channels of ABC,
counts that read like 123.

Than the per festival storm is Live,
aye lens Land line in bench sit bind,
equal can knew on mead via,
just on park road,
the wrist watch sign.

There abouts each Every lie,
holds of Whales on ribs of Cried,
willow wakes to breadth at tide,
chart Tiers rinse Writes brine ride.

Hourly chorus with ankles Walk,
whats in my Posture shoulder Talk,
now speak Easy this Whip of bide,
read with reason wisdom shied. 

Future for Cast in that Stream,
valor Anchor of the Creamed,
silk and dairy Factors lean,
what is Who in How on Preen??

A tee And tea have Sauced the bread,
money dimes Cookies bed,
steep the kettle bun Syn drop,
lets us know the in said slow,
for each a word the nickel plop,
snails guards And pop Peas cropped.

Written on 10-21-2015 at 4.33 PM

And 'X' Ample About How An Ad Of Pill^Grimms Progress Moves Tech Know Logics To Say Sigh In Tall Oh Gee

Touch static a tum on The Bee,
a chimney of birds dust spelling leaves,
is that a scurry or the rushing be gone,
down on the feather to Up goes the sigh.

To have had that speak on apples at orange,
peel does pit the said in a coast,
as the prevailing wings of care read a groat,
grains of the bits on sands of a wrote.

Print sigher of grand banks on a ski,
mountains maintain the sight on a deed,
practical Horsemanship the Future be saw,
saddles that knows band reins on the Jaw.

Just per Hat pens that to riding the life gallops lead,
time on the barrel from saying a steed,
is that rock Salt tiers or the Cheek piece,
sheds of the applicable spins Stirred be bread.

Sourdough does make Mantle at why's,
X on the play Tow off butters and rye,
yea of biscuits Brain and be dough,
have taken a bull to Ox in debt Ste.

Car ^Ole Say^Gun

Gee A Nome man U Fact jury read is off that simple bank called len^knee^edge,
blinking eyes pew poles fried duck pore shins,
raising verbs label one dyed Say bull.

 Of the brain on the showers of pass part A call,
digs to statues of grain rolling Rust touch pebbles string to Beach the bed Creams,
soft package delivery on pinch shale in chalk,
stored in the Spy Null flew Id of skulls,
be that Straights crate Of bones and goal`d,
the chain lynx is shall the in sure Milk the Bullvines of sword^did gulls.

Grit brings with tap a shackle to arms,
 the shoulder once Cranes lilt,
hugs of Horror grown just puts to the lease a language Scoured Mess^Edge,
while burr^thing Tongue, wagging the more's,
onto that Thrush in gauge The frog on a Horse's hoof,
say slowly the amber of And Elephants theirs the Willow Trees Wind duh of a sync^Crow^NIS^City,
thoughts of & origin that harbor of said to cork dark Hour with a sake Breezing bell^owse minute scrub.

Letter by let Urd process of led,
drinking that cent Troll till doll Giants Fold^dead,
 telling the passage of price on the Knows.

Antlers on velvet the rubbing of Cocks,
rooster cog^burns showing the pistons of slopped,
muds to miles of measure that crop,
whips braggarts and lops of leaf in the severed.

Now at the hour of Nobody kicks,
fly's on that desert purchase Wind on the bee's,
strung to steep ankle the Heel of seed,
up comes this bank that clay fossils deed,
dessert is the means.

Grubs to talk Worm once an appropriation of bid,
water that salt did to Fish in the skids,
pork belly laughter to snort chortle read,
look its a Sentence that paragraphs fed,
pigeons on brae`s Zen dried in the squab,
flying the proverb to spelling the gog.

Heave to the Carrot stick on the gave,
sweet honey syrup The tap of drains sheep,
drill sap to Tree maples Pine nuts like beep,
road runners Jay birds that peek on the sats.

Dish in the clear comb Hare Owe or pea,
pilots that dead-in's to platters and dealt,
minute rinse waltzing with stars in chores wed,
steer are the Cat toll of clause wake of bid.

How many lives are lived in the stretch of the lamp Shade of sun bursting energy seer?

Could this be a Reference to caller identification at toe simplicity,
Thumb Tax,
the grains of trees that show in the burl,
The Rings of fire and brings that shelf off the Scale in storage Called mail,
a Post off Is Glaciers with Scene.

What Is A Mountain But A World On Loan

Some in the lung on an ability of said have disk arch aprons that string to a sole,
the bearing of North of south to the Pole brings in the pants an empty to lead,
to sad for that daze forgotten and be Tray`d service to speak or that quote off a sku,
perhaps it is simple the step of just slot,
dropping no stanza like the shoulders of Co. which in letter is called face to face of be bold.

This World of colds Sniffles and flew,
a foot caste that designed no growing for grinned,
frozen at acting to bing that sing bong,
happens to scores of Aces that tight.

Wrapped up in photo's to mirror on the Wall,
dancing with jeeves to bank the prevent,
break a coddle of a word with an in,
place of that At cent is the verb on a Nerve.

Cogs on the horseshoe for grass at slip tack,
iron of same yet on the stir light,
name tell the Noun that The Drink is a limb,
off of the land does The Pier hold to jam.

Tires on the pylons telephone pulls strong,
loving the docks of those Ships that streak Cairn age,
rocks on the roll to know of the deck,
sand beaches waving an ocean of lakes!!

Sewn in by lands locked is common bean light,
corn bushels Turkeys the lumber of try,
Mountains shed Valleys in Canyons heard grand,
aye the draw bridge to Allowance of Tug.

In order of Solar the Sun on the bare,
a sky that is dreaming of Moons on that dare,
loving the Universe of systems that seat,
more than the compass of dead by deaths leap`d.

Hopping Frogs Toads Snails shore Sheep,
ba Ram hum bug the whistle of grubs,
worms talking trades a Butterflies lull,
bee's in the buzzard of Hummingbirds bull.