Friday, August 16, 2013

Rooted To Know, Rendering Shows Stowed

The Matrixed State,
a Fate,
the Hand of a Destiny,

Long is 'Last'
deep in 'Part'
the 'Begin'
a simple 'Start'

A Cosmic Star,
a lite to rite,
a fire,
a 'Spark'
the surround,
an 'Elemental' scar,
the 'Unite' is,
the 'Return' to 'Par'

The Equal 'Whole'
in Life,
a triad of a,
'Total' full.

To advance,
the 'Human' kind,
a 'Service' of,
 'Just' Time!!

Arriving from,
the distance of?,
'Mere' Space.

A Place,
a Twin Soul home,
the planetary 'Zoned'
the Universe has a name,
'Here' it Reigns!!

Divinity creates,
the 'Sign' to 'Know'
the Milky Way is a throw.

The 'Center' is,
a complexity,
an Evolutionary resolve,
circling spherical Maul,
where dark is red,
black is blue,
and Dragons 'Masters' do!!

The lair are Dungeons,
I stare!!!

In destruction,
the Human dare,
the 'Being' not fixed,
search is 'Out'
every Thing,

Upon delivery while 'About'
whips and chains produce the 'Wares'
to Keep ascend from 'Happening'

The constant motion,
in such,
'This' notion,
Artists flare,
commands a rite,
sparks the flame,

To 'Send' Ignite,
breathing fire,
'Sight' is Tight!!

Woven in the Two, to One,
adds to 'Be'
the Show?,

'One' takes Flight,
'Two' holds Might,
the total of,
sets_at_zero to embrace the fright,
subtracts the pull,
spins with bold,
to be complete,
the fight lands Three!!

A Deed

The 'Countdown' found,
in the scene of 'A-Round'
a Read.

The 'Run' begins,
the 'Pace' is fact,
on the Rack it will exact,
the Origin backed,
by a simple Wrap!!

The Post not Wood,
brings on could,
to 'Sum' a 'Probable' should.

The Mind unravels as you 'Soar'
dimensions 'Shores'
you try,
 admits, sublime!!

Listed 'In' Out & About,
the mount of how,
communicating shroud,
surrendering a,
Must to Know,
future lives,
this Life stowed.

Below 'Exist' you enter mist,
the reins have 'Contact'
the Bit is bridled,
the Gag is steer,
the saddle is to ride the Knight,
girth so tight!!

The sword so shown,
the 'Arrow' homes,
the 'Ballad' shakes,
the quiver begun,
know Fun!!

In the chase,
Post Haste,
I See the trace screaming,
a 'Stay'

Point the way,
a Path, a Play,
while cruising through the Galaxy Blue!!

Orion's Belt comes undone,
the Bull does Charge,
a Taurus snaked,
does awake,
a Cosmically driven Tune!!

The 'Coil' of,
igniting start,
lands not turf,
Skies the Earth!!

Gazing 'Across' the 'Forward' truth,
all is lost without a plot to regain what has been,
thrown away for a dollared sin.

...a trend,
 to bending, 
 for win.

Downward Spiral,
staircase walk,
I See the Men talk a Lot,
captures attention,
'Holds' a key,
do you 'Like' to stare?,
a/too lead.

ancients lending,
chored long before, 
for ..... the.....point of no return.

Can't forget it is a 'Send'
before the cell there was a blend.

The 'Olds' knew Roar,
inquired with a journeyed quest,
to invest,
a Natural Born, at "It's" best!!

As this World suffers trip,
the Word was summed,
apathy, stunned.

Lost the Way,
selfish today,
Sight does gift exposes rift,
the trench is dug,
leaping feat,
a 'Jump' for Roaming,

"If" you don't want,
than I can have,
an explanative stand in,

The Wild 'Goes'
the blizzard 'Knight'
whirled too only truth in try,
I pry!!

So go ahead,
purchase the 'Blackened' dead,
Death is Hot,
a handsome Sight,
I look too,
special night of real booths.

The Candle lite,
the 'Wind' blows,
 the Storm brings Knights,
as the lightning thundering receives,
a magnetic bite!!