Saturday, April 6, 2013

In The Stress of a Day, a Flashback gave Away...

The other day, last week in fact,
I went to the dentist, in chair I sat,
I began to shake as a rubber dam was placed,
inside my mouth for cavities sake.

Bluntly spoken with no repose,
I stated with no tact,
"I was killed as a kid, a plastic bag was wrapped over my head!"

In frankness I just said.

In such fright I must have turned white,
and their compassion won me out,
they continued with great care.

But as my fear did soak my being,
I closed my eyes to seek relief,
in this I was not scared.

Instantly without a pause,
thrown back to time,
a child I find,
it was me in state of See,
I stared in disbelief.

In this scene, of what was done,
I saw a missing piece,
like a Movie or a Film,
it played a brand new seen.

I stayed calm with eyes shut,
 I now do share this strange repair,
myself was back in that basement trap,
a total of recall.

There I was, cradled, love?,
 in the arms of this Man,
the One who did this true.

I waited with the patience in,
my self I did still shake,
I clamped my eyes till day was night,
in this I still had Sight,
the dental chair I held so tight.

There I stood, in close I could,
for my age has brought me height,
the difference understood.

I watched without such fear it's weird,
this Man drew my small frame endeared,
he kissed my cheek with tears it's clear,
my body was so still,
I seemed to be outside myself,
I stared for I seemed dead.

All too much, my mind did touch,
upon which was unfair,
this Crime of Love it seemed to be,
I still did die downstairs.

Why now do I close my eyes,
in a dental chair,
I was scared, I felt the fright,
creep up into my being.

My breath was hot,
I sucked no air,
did this act bring despair?

I guess good reason would so tell,
a flashback can be Hell,
but all this did was fill in rid,
the gap became the voiceless kid,
from action of, to when I froze,
and now I know 'The why.'

To think that this is remembered when,
my stress did heighten fear,
but life so strange,
I watched deranged,
and now I feel like I'm just here.

I guess no matter, this ensued,
the act of done, so near to sum,
the total of declared in wrung.

I now know,
 why the Cat,
did seem to have,
my tongue so young,
'because silenced has no scream.

I see my death as live record,
I do not question the answer;

"In death I see my life and life became my death to me."