Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Polaroid Mousetrap ~ not for publishing as it is or could provide to much turmoil to the Artist Thomas Struth as the American Press is ignorant to this type of Wreath in review yet Armstrong & Getty on KGO 810 may bright it as a 'dissenting opinion' so you may send it via google should google feel it is correct to audio. Thanks for the treasure that google provide. Karen A. Placek April 18th, 2017

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To be done shore by the flying quote **"Without trying to hide the urban grit, he presented New York as the world's most formidable minimalist sculpture." This may have beckoned to your age as the gulp of your own barrel as Niagara truly is more to balls and rise Fall to the fine draw of the river's mouth.  Each gain should be on the best of?  No.  To strip your method is to be of religious car crash and making conversion jump to another failure of brain to connect that ink to prose in Kodak, however should the math ad then be of the galaxy at a universe to breathe the Space in recognition that there is one!!

Rinse to sieve a final word from Ms. Putz *"....since by drawing in a freer way he (Jacques Lipchitz) was allowing the line to wander and thus outline the shape of an idea even before it was fully realized."  Fore reference to the picture top, to drive the choice of farm to land a berth on the harbor off this verse, and, numerical draw to count the price is right, as this is the gear of To left Feat!!

*Catherine Putz: Jacques Lipchitz The First Cubist Sculptor, pg 78