Friday, January 24, 2014

The Sent Music Played

Twirling 'words' in 'lyrics' stood,
not to hope to understood,
to be heard seemed a could,
knot alone,
in such was put.

As such notes played in 'tunes'
public plight created boom.

Music shows,
found a fight,
in the burn the flame is blast.

Knot against,
to know this might,
maybe more will feel the right.

A fountain of Opera's provide,
simply loved can't deny,
Mozart Scores like Chopin Lore'd,
until their death they were ignored.

The common thread,
we'll all be dead,
history, places, in our head,
sew 'To Continue' in life's Venue,
a stream of natural flows, a sinew.

Dreams are ways to beat old days,
a personal war to manage doors,
produce a key to unlock deeds,
too find the strength that I did need.

Promoting 'Stance' with only Chance,
is writing letters,
a public romance,
to invite a further dance,
production of a play.

The footstep print only meant,
that churning 'Page' was a similar sent,
it's rent!!

Freedom Courses Inking Changes


Through the 'Art' of expression,
the verse to just plumb,
strangely it's done,
a riddle or poem?

To speak on these do's,
the Life that has packed,
silenced in flew,
instilled to show facts.

Too stand not in flight,
my conscious is wrought,
streaming these lines,
with ink has made vines.


What is, is done with the Site,
displayed to show fright,
the Nightmares I have,
written, a plight.

Dreams are 'the debt'
the darkness is set,
the triggers are pulled,
in sleep I still fret.

The bullets bleed in,
to days from back when,
my body was racked,
and my mind suffered trend.


The Stanza Release,
nearly in seize,
the moments do taunt,
and writing is font.

The light that does shine,
upon 'Times' that so rhyme,
the news to remove,
attempting knot per-suit.

Complicated Brings

To allow what still came,
a horror in such rains,
to pour with a storm,
Thunder and Form!!