Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Win The Stilling Sings To a Touched Satchels Route Of The Ancient Tonk I Can Breathe Naturally

Trust the Tail on the Tack is the dock for the flower on a Place in a swagger to relaxed,
as the Eyes are fixtures to that Coals slight A switch On the found is the Gimp,
for this Fink on a Wink is the rifle with the Aim of a Haul,
trailer to talk a Tea top syncs a Bright Fares view While the Ave. A New`d goes Card to Score,
Plug gown`d as the Skin is the reflection Touch the sleek and Set at Flax leeds Plum sipped,
on drink at that Trough is An Optic tuner Vast is the Radio Sound at the New cue Lard said!!

Ate dank Syn Apps to cycle at Application`d bound Binders that ring it Thrice`d,
dead banned Eating the fraction to Crown tink Went blank On sit that it Twas the rake of the brain,
bam Saith saddles on tsk bench,
leg on the Ham bergs on Hampered suds,
Washing beens with Upping a Staff to Increase of the rein.

Park Set on the Hands as Vid. 'E' Oh dives the base to Top Gear a Sailing,
basking in that pid Bares to stride a stream Like the Blood can Now breathe a Breeze in Stead its a Seam,
thin Ka and settling dances with a Sword that is Ready for the sped,
balancing with a good Haw`N`chi to Silently bring the Hawk in for the Swim,
lap to that Rattle will see that the Blind is in the Hide not on the coil of the Hosed it sow`t,
fur Burr bears are chilled by Ice minerals that Trail a apron of Air ree`N`ud,
that Pound on a Brain is banking the Trip Pull box`d to skeet.

Bit to speak gagged to Short the throat Constricts to scream,
the Voice hobbles that Tongue to yoked bye the stomachs stew,
buy Ole it Bridles with a sleeve Cotton sheep belted to Velcro release,
that Express shunned has gone to ground,
the Mole saying Hedge Hogged as Jack Sprat stinks ate Spin Etch to draw the Sway`ts seethe`d,
Scope on the Old spice is Mouth on the Wash and that is the Pole flagging a gentle swish`d.

Down the Center line with that Grace on a bending length to Extend the Collected Trot,
canter on the short Side and Tin Meter circa greats a Sheath to sound that Iodine sneak,
as the Oils on a change the Filters Breathe to anxiety that is able to Circulate under stress`d by Say.

Shan't that scale on the Sheets in Write a Magic Seat that will Wallop to stay a Sell`t,
strike that Tinge that Chalkboards sketch to Nail bytes Wine`d,
al Coal hall in the bell throws,
Vomit grows to the Tray Ki Yah  and that Fa becomes laa La lug,
Chorus On a Glaw.

The soft sleek is a Sound to sheep The ewe Is a ram As pen is a Squall that Creates a shrieking Scall,
words Inch to measure Aching that Sailing S Neek yet Is in the Act sent Or is It the T each,
familiar Fighters are Mitt Tens sporting the Extra Stalk as a Bleachers lease,
on the Long Haulers it is Moreover a Commerce to Ease the Factors to Sleet,
For all Bow ters Know that Rowing is a to Man Showed.

See The Speck Tuck Culls 'Cause Its The Gale Storms Warning`d

Shark the Breadth to that distal farce to Thrush of the whistlers laws the earth is in the Fountain of scribble,
Aye got an Itch that is bearing a Corporal Crib to that Would on the stall of the barnacles Hare,
hip the pocket Fold of rice is the field of depth to Scanners that just Patience the Tack apart,
saddles with the Cinch no thats Not right for the actual reality is I am an English rider on the bits,
reins for the buckle to a Cheek Piece for the to on the figure Eight or is it the Drop knows band.

Take Too that Scribe on the Flutter of the feed Of oats and the Wheat Rise on a a barbary of Bred,
scrub that to a Mission Imp. Possible than the butter is of A Car Lyle,
the Velvet Crumble of Chocolate to Nice it Teas a Cup for the Doors Yea thats Okay!!

Travel with the Circa Treat to Matter in that Is A Story on the Gallop of Know Runway,
drive with the Tau`N and Perk that Dow to letter on the Fight,
decks No porch that touch Muni its a Rail lean to that street of Gold,
layered Not for the Tear drop is An oceans lie.

Whom counters the bell Leep of the Bib A Coal bookings to A Chapter of the review`d,
in line to That Dust jacket Whom is in the bedroom of the For`th Posture of a Diapers pen,
soaked with Translation in the religions Union of transfer Mountain for hill on that certain Pate,
of Coarse the division of Subtraction courts Convenience to that In Convenience of the Lie.

Ate the spelling now come down to the deep Throttle of a gere Shift on the shaft of a Scour,
sinks with Blood and flesh Honey melt Moose out Ka^Ums the spine to back War the Barracks,
on the Bunk to the boot of Laced with Jaw and toothed to Mechanics that Alley of the brunch.

An Art Tieste Will Jump the level to dive that Bore,
spackle to Walls on Figurines that Stature of Marbles Oh Wait that can Bee for those Are round,
I fork the Plaster to a Dice or Is it die to Scrabble the Pass Forth a Mayer A thaw`n,
for Olive has a Cocktail on the Cubed in the Ladle Pore Ridge to Say More Paw Lease,
that Cat A claws to bricks that special A jump like the Ox Ur to bright the Tongue cleat with Sweets!!

Dye Mon d`s Can string a Cal in Door rather Crude in the gel of The oils on Technology,
stimulation of the Hard or the Difficult is the Rigged that drilled to the Haul ease,
Woody is a a Pecker on the Little Piggies stretch,
count Won to the Feat of Thrice now UP the Auntie and Uncle Mi to the After Poe Leased,
anchor touche Mead ee uh is a Triple Wide to that phat limp of Chair`d to Call lure a creep,
loose that to a Mass stirred Event as the Cross country Knee`d that Lavatory to the Purr fume,
eight the spray to double Figure on the Scene as a Knows of the damage by Burst of scrambles.

Airports to engine`d that small on the Case pea^Off this dance to a bridle`d A count,
the stride of the Grid Work to Course of the stay dieum Um,
burns on the Barrel are in the Hour warmers for the Hands or try This dandy,
the Fickle and the Out Door dining of the Sidewalk parades,
now it's Called Thawe fancy but that Reality back in the Day was Known as Training on the Rail car Parked.

Watch for the lights Orb is a Noise that rattle is a Quake the Coin is the left on that ring,
dodge to a Full Stop is the Weight that Over buns a Cycle bringing the Whole thing sup A stay Inn,
give the Machine a good Sober Acid wash and the Worn hauls are know to the In tire sound,
denims on the Jeans are in that Strike of a Cause that is Treasure`d Chest of Mac the Knight!!

Micro Scop Tick is a Swiss Watchtime on the Wrist a learn to Heard on the Trailer of Wells seat,
at This the Gate is a Mobile center to Snowing the Straight as that is the Pro Tech shunned,
go to Poke kurr that best of the Breach specials a Pat Tent other Wise fried as a Scold.