Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cursive Nome

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~ Heart of Oak Books ____^____^____ NOTES. Page 107 ___^___^___ Copyright 1895, 1902 ~
By Charles Eliot Norton

    The "farrago of fables" which Thackeray introduces in the opening chapter of "The Newcomes" is but one of many instances of how deeply these stories have sunk into the minds of the people.  They come out of the dawning twilight of the world's history and have girdled the globe     North and South, East and West.  "The tales were told," he says, "ages before AEsop : and asses under lions' manes roared in Hebrew : and sly foxes flattered in Etruscan : and wolves in sheep's clothing gnashed their teeth in Sanskrit."
    Although, as Mr. Joseph Jacobs     whose notes on the Fables sum up all that we know of their origin, and their history     says, the truths they have to teach "are too simple to correspond to the facts of our complex civilization . . . as we all pass through in our lives the various stages of ancestral culture, there comes a time when these rough sketches of life have their appeal to us as thy had for our forefathers.  The allegory gives us a pleasing and not too strenuous stimulation of the intellectual powers : the lesson is not too complicated for childlike minds.  Indeed in their grotesque grace, in their quaint humor, in their trust in simpler virtues, in their insight into the cruder voices . . . AEsop's Fables are as little children.  They are as little children and for that reason they will forever find a home in the heaven of little children's souls."

Cauliflower Ears

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Practical Horseman 'How To' Make Grooming Wisk

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that is what saddles are For.

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as the grab from Arm is the pressure of known Mirror muscle,
with a flowing stream pound the Haunch where You would increase Tone,
upon first bunch than slide with gentle appeal across the broad slimmed.

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with liver-Oil in the addition to Hot grain for energy of Well worked Pied,
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communicated 'Feed' is good round jumping Photographic in detailed smiles.

Black Tails Shine

Strapping your horse (a grooming technique)

Practical Horseman magazine published a book in the seventies -- The Practical Horseman Book of Horsekeeping -- that I still have and hold dearly. The book has a section on grooming, where I read for the first time about "strapping" or what the book referred to as banging. The idea behind strapping is to lightly slap the horse's muscled areas with a wisp, cloth, or leather pad. The horse tenses and relaxes with each slap. It does not *sound* like fun, but apparently the groom gets into a rhythm and the horses relish the feeling as they would a massage. Strapping aids muscle tone, relaxation, and cleaning/polishing. Most experts advise starting with just a few slaps per muscle group and building from there.

Per Sents

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Intestinal Twitch

Remington Steele

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