Monday, March 18, 2013

Do Not Post

I see not right but After,
the facts of Mass should better,
but in gathering 'They' only condone disaster,
not for 'Them' but for 'The Factor.'

The bolt of the slide in action,
delivers no slight of hand,
but screams of bitterness in Action,
developing Bold in Traction!!

In this 'Human Race,'
is it to be the first to finish?,
or is it, could it, be the last to stand?,
ending Treason in the Land!!

The square which bears the circle in,
breaks apart to expose a plan,
well-constructed blocks to build,
fall-apart on what is dark.

But within this Pi of Life,
not a slice, a whole Complete,
a block released can be used,
to establish better news.

For in our each,
a Spirit resides,
not to hold but to abide,
in a life of Mortal Hide,
it is the Me of I inside.

To release this, the Self in Wealth,
takes a Mind to only delve,
into the Thought that Life's a Well,
deeply seated and often repeated.

As you wait for one to wake,
you search out another to quake,
bringing round misery found,
you even state He is glory bound.

Christian Teachings

The Fact you know of such times,
that deliver more than lines,
keeps it real "the guess" is the deal,
that makes your traitor only bait!!

To declare in open venue,
is to Announce a certain menu,
upon which you seem to serve,
yet another his just desserts.

So as you gaze upon each face,
will you judge this day disgraced?

Who shall be the ones to see,
calling-out and blaming He,
for "All" the lands hypocrisy,
without the proof to even be?

For in the Verse that you did write,
for I understand your teacher did not type,
do you state or do you blame,
that the Shame remains with Vain?

Should you not teach a plot,
but take account for your Lot,
can you not know you have sought,
the lives you want, the ones you bought?

You have turned aside and based your lives,
on a certain 'Play.' built a block by squaring words,
as a step but it may be worse!!

For in the Thought that we go 'round,
it is in the Circle we have found,
never broken for the stone,
which you take and you have thrown.

So save yourself, dismiss each task,
'Cheers' the Life you eat at mass,
but I am bothered by this act,
for it teaches what should rack!!

To eat and drink the blood of 'One Man,'
is forbearance to a plan,
the cannibalization I can't stand,
it is a Sin and You are damned!!

Peace be with that Lord or Man

Two Millenia since He walked this Land,
yet He has no burial or been entombed,
haunting words you hide from view,
He was not even One of you!!

You took His Life to increase the Knife,
left Him nailed to His view,
looking from the Cross you hung,
in every Church and on your Lung...

as if this Treasure is better than His rest.

Foreboding Thought to be faced with Truth,
but maybe with the square you block,
not the continue in this Verse,
but the Four Corners of this Earth.

For with the Possible asking Why,
final words just don't lie,
'You' are wrong and He did try,
died for reason not for turf!!

Yet you marched and took such life,
'Christendom' flourished while more did die,
not for lack of Personal Belief,
but because they did not take yours as relief.

With each Country over-run,
believe in christ or you will die,
such a fornicated messages guise,
to steal wealth as well as lives.

Your Balance in the End,
will show your Measure from Begin,
no off-setting what you're due,
it's blasphemy too.

To Eat the Dead the Flesh of man,
to drink his blood as part of plan,
will enhance the cards in hand,
and produce a bitter truth.

Your remorse will be the life,
that never dies and shows the strife,
for Death will come and realize,
you are not worthy with your pride.

Even Death will leave you high,
willingly and without a tie,
to the next world of thought,
in this you will feel Death has Wrought.

In this Plight you will be left,
this will be the Truth that's set,
but you will have what you desire,
an Ever-lasting Life with no Require!!