Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Council Of Men

Along The Change of Men,
comes a 'Setting of Rudeness,'
as the Attire Worn by Women.

I beseech each,
to Care not for Your-Self,
bestow this Upon what is Afoot.

The Rising Tide of Known,
will come to bring to an end,
a Deadly Reign of,
"The Blues."

A Depression.

Sat on by the Filth of what has Been,
deceit and robbery of the Brain.


Let 'The Rule of Thumb' Replace such Chaotic Means of Women!!


With "No Sight,"
certainly "No Thought,"
Women have Rambled to 'Know Acclaim.'

In Speech, in Action,
Found in the Chore of the Daily Grind,
Women have made,
'Mincemeat of Others.'

"I'll never be caught,"
"It's all in your head."

Which One,
I Proclaim!

The One that Seats the Ancient Mind?
The One that Only States,
"Men are Kind."

Humanity should HALT, to NO:


There Always is....
Why not Trust the Action,
of those that Exhibit the Ability to Know.

Without Judgement,
retaining the Wisdom to Act,
not React.

A Treasured State of Love,
not seen, but,
Understood by this Sage,
A Vision to a 'Seer.'