Sunday, August 13, 2017

If You Had Friends Would They Be Best?? Or?? Is A Pair^Rent The Cop That Makes Best Friends Made??

I Broke the Sound Barrier in the Vast there was no Moon to say Hello toot,
what is the vista of that deck,
I said it is aye and you are the beauty of the sky,
to touch upon a store as the star graced that suns liberty of leased,
I charge this to the office of desk at the particle of my real body felt,
to discuss this with conversation delivered!!

Treat to this is the squish on notable for in the Soup it spoke silt to seaweeds reveal,
all in that is the challenge?,
nigh the hour to the minute on this Earth,
for the Ocean is butter froth as the Wave is the whale of Radar,
skids plight no harp as the Lion roars so does the hearth,
to gasp would be the foot to liars that gave debt to graves and banks to Stones on the lawn'd!!

Thread of silk to the Web beacon,
depth goes to method Operatic,
it is the shift of no President to swail,
it is the person at the status of their own Wheel to harness the Mirror of Self!!

Blame, Blame, Blame,
the television or the radio,
is it eh IM or is the eff a major to that key'd for the excuse song to lyric those wronged?

Question mania Jail or the Prism,
a bacteria is a bacteria and a Virus is a Virus unless it is The Chills,
trip that to the goose and that statue will speak the name, date and revelations 10 to talked 2!!