Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Key Is Turn

Yesterday's Tomorrows,
Our today!!

I write what I See,
I read what I write,

The surprise is,
 it is automatic,
dictation without a fight,

The Words are Memory,
the sentence goes,
as it comes,
it seems to flow.

To determine the Origin,
the longing for home,
far from here,
the Zone so Clear!!

To gather the reason,
the Mind does graze,
the fields to know,
deliver Post-Haste.

The thought just act,
the move is tact.

Reaction carries,
 the Show is could.


The road is paved with prose,
the path identified,
still seems the math,
as it becomes,
a fast Tract!!

To Add and not to Subtract,
it is in the addition,
not just wrath.

To walk and not to run,
gives Time a hand,
the Seconds count,
as the hours mount.