Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tea Peas

Slow the wheat was in the summer lift of a shields wind on the scale of stalk,
the gentle sprinkle of rain from a cloud that once upon a time worked the sleet,
seasons changing shook snow ice to slates blend,
the crust of frost on the fires dice.

Spoken tightly that bread from nail on hammer toned,
an the ear of the corn sent fragrance,
butter churned the cream of crows,
milk called cows and the turnip towed.

Try the seed of snail a banana slug`d replied,
a taste of wisdom soared the skies to empty vacant tides,
desert storms shored the land ask sand, the beach less waters waste,
waving with the tide pools stoned a cactus needle pleased.

Horror did less to blink the best for creeks only wet aprons sleeve,
as the thirst of flash torrents played that stand of dead deserted spans,
trails stepped at print read feat allowing coral to recognize sheets,
that in that change of earth to see the underwaters razors bleed.

So essential sip of what twilight called shipping put to lanes the skill,
harbors found in natures sound a simple bay that stayed,
through length on steam the engines lean was not a railed car,
for on the sorting at the crops the fields new and the harvests brought.

Exclaim expelled that balers lathe touching cobbler by shingle,
advertisement freed the joe of specials like a loin of tender cuts of choice,
shade be ran to not the cloud for ample was the swather,
at each cut of standing shake the oats the hulls the soils raked.

Twine in wire twisted lined the bale fork of hay,
stacks did not do Irish ayes for pitchforks now were hitched for tock,
this was a small matter not to sweat for shoulders are the balance,
to ride to saddle, to harness to bridle, to bit sincerely seat.

Kit Tack

Curious chorus on the fed let dust jackets Com,
a grape for the apple an the apple is orange,
peel it skin it call it ripe,
that is the wedge gee of markers with light.

~ James Blunt Has 'Working It Out' Down To An Artists Detail ~ I Don't Worry As James

Probability of coincidence verses just happens on the facts that back to person by done.  


A beginning and an end of a journey is how we measure the distance we travel.  I am tired of the Judges that insult and disable the Wares you carry with you.  Constantly questioning, then discouraging while the cripple your Bank Account.  Answers they want, a Free Ride they try to steal by Ways of watching you when you sleep.  Eyes open or closed you feel the breath on the back of your Neck, tick, tick, tick, they whisper with binoculars in hand.  What Country, what County, Container!!

Madness surrounds a journey full of peril, cruelty is abundant. Selfishness and Envy surrounds this Trip. Yet the judge, they comment on your actions, your reactions or your beliefs or the way you may hold another accountable for deeds of horrors that they have committed!!

No one knows how far another has traveled, especially when the Journey began when Man destroyed the earth and made the Universe go black.  Flushed-out of the bottom into Darkness, Emptiness and Fear.  Flushed hurting and crying, searching in a blackness for my Match to light the Way.  I shiver with the Thought of what Man has done and how close it seems He wants to do it Again.

I have been called so many things, I have had to hide in a place that I do not want to be.  No Home, No Name, No Mother, No Father, No Shelter from this Storm. So in this lair I reside until a Way is cleared.  I am hated, and despised, anger surrounds me, conspiring to scare me to move.  My laughter is lost, my fear has retired, stillness becomes me.

I listen, I cry, I call, I scream, I look, I send, I am lost in Time.  My soul is trapped, my Mate is gone, my Journey is long, I want my family with me and I don't want to be Here.  I am sick of the scrutiny and I am not even known to You.  I have no name, I am my Father's creation and I am called a bastard child.  What an insult to a man that has a heart of gold and stayed the Course until The End.

I will not explain because I do not care, I am nothing in all of this, nothing at All, I am nobody and yet I am trapped.  Still they Judge and Point and Presume to know that which that cannot have any understanding because the do not know me.  Locked up in Hell, parasites surround me to ensure I don't escape.  Yet you judge.  Sickness and Apathy washes over the World and yet nobody see's death lurking at the door.  An end will come, this is true, they cannot stop what will be, I just know I am totally sick of this apathy.

Judge this journey, Judge my anger, Judge me, I don't care anymore. Believe what you want, point at what you will and remember you are also in Hell!!

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Dedicated To L. Ron Hubbard, the MAN 'Cause I State Goodbye To the let Overs!!

Win the chart is on the top of the thank you for the dish, as I smile without the risk and just know!!

The left right correction is not on the turns rather the stops,
in read light green lit that avenue of market borns to shade,
oak treats the teak as the balance of the trunk to Mark the fax of 22. Ten,
be of the verse out Telling chapter of this is a Numbers of johnson.

In soap beet to I sole late shun bring the ladder day rein and corn this a pick,
crop rifle to armory that Well being as the shake is Not the knot of bean,
string along length enough to backwards Pearling an oyster to that pits.

Form of Africa to March the onward dart,
antelope on Alligator fish in the mud and egg crossed leap!!

The plains of Why Om ean to Ion of the arrow,
trade with a Breeze the Winds about the Stereo,
radio with An tin Nigh nor branch of vapor score`d,
monies of the belt maintenance the empty I am uh spare!!

Get the message as the breast of Beast to say the Ounce,
a pitch to 666 is this variable to bank the equals hitch,
shed no tool chore the Reap don't allow the state to bake,
a hip pocket swagger bay`t to Ocean with a Field!!

Ditch to plough the Weeds in ROW dank The Hour glassy,
a poole of Stick the Nine baldwin to Beethoven' Arithmetic,
in the Sheet music bore to makin' lots of Snow dens,
trait that bill to lets say Raid and Air a Saul that Altered.

Grassy Hail the reins in Station a Trainer bisque to Soupy brains,
mix that with the Mind controls too shift into the gear`d,
brave be not perfection Grew to handle all these doors,
now at the Honest of the Harness the road is More of Planned.


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The bliss of ginger and the color off wasabi a taste to the skeleton of shades on a limp.  In the shade of a base to not stretch but familiar patience with steady on the been, the trial of duck to air and geese talk swan across the migration to Elephants mile on the walk to tremble no table.  It is the sound of The Horn a picture put perfect, the giraffe on the edge of the Antelopes prize.  A lion of the stretch to that leaping leopard belief, the cosmic on cheetah and a crock for the tooth that managed a gear.

Streaking at the speed of stars comet of book, from send to the form to that look on the suite of blasting into the atmospheres reach, oh for the quarter of the prime!!  This day on that fax of outer say to the watched in each harbor of language that trunks the home to a prerequisite of turns and chances, I shallow the wades to an oceans blues, the jazz is the waves on the dusted shores of the wetting of lips to know the Conchs wealth!!  The trade line of a trail that has brought to my tempo a piece of the music of charts sailing the Cosmos with a vernacular voiced on each step of the path on this paddling sight that Google so readily supplied.  A treasured thank you, for as that is a brand name to I,  it is the World that should applaud your foundation as the Internet swash buckler of a fantastic Pirates plundering to say, that Peter Pan musters the child out to teach the swamps the chill of coolers.  For from the grand banks, to the Panama Canal of what, who wanted know, to product the content of safety, at least as a core that does not apple, but rather shouts to speech that change is the wonders of the placemat on Feat.

The daisy with trouble no summary from hassle as what would that puff but a camera for the think second double.  But for the swallow of all that will divide a crowd I put to the license this grit, I have sand in my shoes for a fucked up reason and the cost has been the price tag.

A Nursery's Wrinkle

Last night in the bearing of night I hit a status that gave dream reality and reality light.  The bring to that conversation was not the dragon on course but a human mans understanding of lift and lilts cheer.  For I have been without the touch of another human being for the time that a child would have passed from the neglect of ...... you understand the point of no return.  The state of skated formula of the dream narrowed to that exact calculation of no touch.  That at this direction of no commerce to ground via a hand or hug that the strain of stop is no longer enforceable by Human Beings negativity and chore.  That in the inevitable of Infinite change the energy of bell free is ringing clear to wave the charge on as the sway to the love of life itself joins not only a foot trace but the level of spacial formulation as an understood comprehended tangible pace.

Strip down the coordination of strike high to that scene and simple is the dimples that my smile enhanced to the thwarted life that has held me to fluster on this fasted torque of an earth dead to an engagement with the system of operation, i.e. The Universe.  For those slow borrows of mud that since have laid fun to place a bible thumping park to toll the bridge with happy go fuck the nearest drop as the necro of the sheer, I stead you a candor that thrifties your spear to a pack.  That store of the mimic  off crock and the fear that hell is the tumble and heaven is clear.  There is no fraction of dry dimes to squat, the self of a text is the debtor or let.  Should the value of timing be lied at the skeet, than rifles are empty and the bullets did scream for now the geese are not swanning and the birds all now Tweet.

OT is over-time on the clocks of a score, what more could that stand in from as the branded from lend.  Oh weight I know that is the sumps shun to pump, one for the money and two for the bumped.

Or might the loaded be ready to sail, on to the Futures of wall streets and bales.  The wire for the cruise line and a dock it for word, like to be so blunt that stars were the scarred.  To that is the breadth of ancient hop ledge, the 20's at 30's with an easy speak rear.  So on that the Grand Canyon just bellowed with greet, the river on the style that earth said its Creek.


The marrow of life bone is the richness of the greatest taste to a dog or meat eating animal in the wild.  As the animals in the exotic wild born have died and their extinction has not troubled the main stream media enough to even mark mention, the promo to such an event lines the pavement with cement.  A concrete term of agreement to bury the news of any charge to former the garbage as the meals served to the public as the best of roasts to àla cart delivered corn.

Staples to context with a milking goat for the yard, a year namely Ram on the Chinese calendar for the start.  This powder keg of Humanity puts to the plates service with a dial.  The food is layered tiers with side dish of spark.  The appetizers are the commercial with a prescription for the mark.  In and on the brunch more advertisement is the fare, and as the lunch comes with sand which choice of certainty and bred.

People form the gossip trades and invite the chorus to dinner.  The screen once kept flies at state and now its a picnics lair.  In walks the handle an arm attached to the body you once thought was a person.  The shock of the raw tender cheek to have kissed is so bible tempered it said Judas had Cage.

Prize first to the phone than to that bone then to the edge of tomorrow by shown.  Now down to the sharks that speak of a lawn for the morning is broader and the coffee got shakes, ask the ice cream factory that milked the vat for the phat.

Mill Ton Burl

The worth of this world once heard the vernacular of a floor and with an actionable calculation measured the virtue to not the green dollar of silver minted gold coin, but to the accent of the type of concern.  This now is ever scold as the coin is nigh silver, nor gold, the dollar changes value to cost at the instruct of which land you hail as an airports pilot steered.  The skirting of challenges to provoke easy Hollywood pre-made pork is as the Indie chorus to the Main and Tale of framed to Act.  Spike to the Make-up groom of a letter and whom does the active on the shoots of film without the Stunt man stepping to planned, even for the factor of the leg, thigh or took look of backs at high heels in waltz.  

To those Stunt Men and now Women I propose that a good watch on "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, a 1963 American epic comedy film produced and directed by Stanley Kramer and starring Spencer Tracy with an all-star cast, about the madcap pursuit of $350,000 in stolen cash by a diverse and colorful group of strangers." 

The out play of the cut to stretch the chase to that filming on the Tie was a window to the lace on people and the chaise lounge of todays hammock effect.  The real has brought to magazine a beaches bun to toast the bundled skin with insult to injury of the mind and that perk plus to the plural of civilized blunders.  Onto the box of milk crates and watch, it is those that suffer no aptitude crying wolf on the pour handle that have paid with the line at the grocery reach to just purchase the staples that whistle pan to feed the Hunger Games provisions.

Cheat Sheets to duvet scramble the word of mouth to that gossip crowd, where is your mined of daze drills head dead to stilt the plight to a doors list of age to history to channeling the gleening as the telepathy of traveling belts witnesses the done at trips to step on the dust clod too.

The Ever Clever On At Keen Horn

There are times in a decision when realize says to done that it is the choice off survive.  As the tender today is of ridiculous and locked to keep the state of distraction on, it is as speaking to the dead end of a worlds loud.  Tongues engage in speech like sp and pts for example of more well known and particularly today to jab a crater in that smug reaction of a NBC chair skit so many years on that hold.  From basic to back at the stage of venue it is those treasures of completes that hammers the nail home.

On that saying of ocean us to lake a forge, I stride the factor on the abbreviations mail on Tom Foolery as a present day large at get a dockers grape and keen.  To have had the satisfaction of todays turn enhances the arbor of this growing electrical charge at sentence structure to simple carriage.

For it is a foot on the stride of beach sand, the wave is as 'Serenity' would have put it, and I would have done it for any person on the troubled line of phone connections via slight.  However in light of the Movie House to theater at Operation dot grown I merely say to the ever last on that mission of impossible that the pleasure has been Tau, the exhilaration a bring and the oh lay, well, that has been the fuck of lifetimes spring.

Its The Dawn Of Aquariums

For eons civilizations have attempted to contact the outer realm of space frontiers.  The inhabitants of our History keeping records have differing testimonies on witness to the accounts of success verses contested proof.  I believe that the information is for Trial in today's modern Society, as the World is a series of land masses filled with abundance of humans at lens.  The available hug or smile is readily available yet people and/or societies are so busy with their hand held factory made equipment that they have alienated the very context of the contact that in our collected history was in deed trying to achieve.

The irony seems mirror parallel.

Balance of contact between understanding and communications have now been tossed to the winds of air waves.  As the basis of a trend more and more people are making less and less physical ceremony.  The Internet connects a particular view for the formula of satisfaction and once logged in or connected to the sign in fashionable address that channel takes front row attention to the analog of part lives. Distributing the commercial formulations to a shopping barnacle of fossil repetition increases the cart to core shoulder, the only agenda driven carriage that does not brake the tongue of language so strong with muscle that it is now for the in crowds of abbreviations to cork the "Morse Coded" sent.  Should the 'Coffee House' disagree with the applied, than it is the coffee house that is hit not the satellites envelope, leaving the address with know return on a one way direction both lined, linked and supported via your next important payment of check in`d.

Responders with cycle on the perk of scream have hosted technique as the say, and value is the score.  Should the hand be filled by battery turned on in whole/complete not represent the soap/sink/rub torque than the shirt is of foundered.  Meaning that the 'Main Frame' has porridge for soup and stew for a scoop with a touching state of menu as conversation all prompted by the screen on touched.  But should the Kay why jelly be of lubricants answer than the question would not be of begging but towards the available present screw in a bolted situation of fountains.  So, in a social interaction of stools verses pigeon on the squab of cockney in that back alley dumpster of diving with rally, whom is the pork, whom is the bacon, whom is the pan fried potato and whom is delighted to say good luck and good buy.

The word 'Horror' comes to mind for the definition of the Ancient bust is as the Trojan was to the paradox of Pompeii.  Of course the stroke of the volcanic explosion that ran the civilians of Pompeii to the sea of caves and death also in addition seemed to be a talking hide.  In that is the distance of the street to that car tune playing as interruption to the commerce of a corner heard for the store, or, is it the confusion of the ear that is now the 'but' of the 'plugs' chorus, singing 'stick om up'!!

When Batteries Ate Energy Like Humans Ate Gossip

The rise of ones wist to the temper of the world is the deed of marrows receipt,
a task to terror in the shallows of sail to say that trays are the shadows of taunt,
in facial pleasure to that recognition of hand,
the touch then speak a talk on to stand,
be station tell course that standards are Tram,
tooled to be of a best explanative.

Sheered shepherds the husky voice or a deep said quotes went Ram,
ducks of flock to fly across the formation V making ready,
no circle for the structure as a 1100 lives on the Wall,
court of counting that rifle bead lunged to fire at the squats,
one at a time the grill smiled long but the V of formation grew gone.

The charts of the seasons that used spring Summer fall fell to a core,
the flocks that once filled the Swans eye in a goose understanding died,
that pheasant spread no wings the list was a bring,
each Parrot rote scrub and the beaks and nails just jugged,
the forest of given the earth with a gift dried up all in a single one night.

True to that was the silence that roared,
unlike the singing of hooves that ton of clocks softly covering background shores,
people screamed yelled and creamed one another to eating the ready worn meal.

Ripping platters that ending up being lives,
peoples societies baked heads on the pans,
served it with salt and peppered the flesh,
just as if it were the animals they killed.

It was nor cattle nor chicken nor pork nor turkey,
nor was it wild abundance from the cactus of barrel,
nor was the drink of milk nor honey,
it was blood red like the vein of the beds that they drained.

The bodies had skin that had been peeled for chips,
fried up in dry oils to crispy the sipped,
roasts were on thighs and heads were left whole,
for the delicacy was the inside of the pour,
brains a ear folk went bananas on that spooning the liquid like opening latch,
they slid it down on their tongues to door throat,
words became lumber and then it went sword.

I could swear in the street that belief said no way,
but just at the mow mint the crowds did that take,
swerving into the loud like the swarming of fish,
the krill of the cod and the whales were shill.

One would have thought that the minds might have been Firm,
it turned out that the batteries from cell phones did burn,
right through the skulls into the tissue,
what was the remainder was stubbed ends of inertia,
the burnt tips of where one thought Thought would spark light,
just dead ended like an alley loaded dumpsters with ripes,
the rot opened air to the smell of a shop but the scare was that it was a person on lopped,
the ooze of the matter spilled out like walnuts had been cracked and then chopped,
the entire ordeal was a grocery flop.,
it all scene`d surreal until the day it reined peel.