Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Reflection

Stream with I to the molten lava at the Free flowing write to a Massive display of feet walking a Day,
in the midst of this World the work replies to the Nature of the North by Norse Fleet,
on the Ships of Majesty I state Stand the Moral dilemma creating a Principle of simple,
be grand to the shock that Stuns the bright electrics to show the Lightening stride of Ages in Ride.

Charge your breadth with fire in Kind to explosive desires reaching for the Stars while in admire,
measure that shot to the Face of a sign that speaks by Design to allow us all to Meet and be a lead,
in powering forward the hug from Me to you the squeeze is the Truth that I all Ways compliment gain,
forward succession of the thread barren life to know that it is a Mirror that evolves a stitch in Time.

Starting At Scratch

Tankers that Move 'freight' the Tugboat trues Bay as I have gone riding with such a display,
off to the channel up the Tide in a day charting the Grange on the field of play,
tusk to the Water limbs to the bough treat with a Savor the grass than Wind sways,
in all of the handles a learn teach in Ray,
from the base of the Watch to the Crest in the Lot.

Parks love the Concerts that radio of Live truth in the Appearance makes living a Tribe,
human confidence to picnic the Blanket laid down on the ground it's the fellowship sound,
the accordion shuffle to Calypso in heard the Horns of the Tall Tale turns,
pink sands Hotel the balmy in trail,
a Fable that grows with each a live back.

Pan door a footwalk with letters that Talk riding the list of read writers block,
designed by the fabric that Internet crops Ants to the log for the lumber is sod.

Roll to the waiver as the Grip of the mast is on the way up to the Crows Nest so fast,
once in the basket the view is a fast from shore to the Voice that can echo it's Craft,
the fog is a Natural thick to the shore,
roles are born learning to Crew all the more!!

Strident the gum on a Chapstick of lift for Skiers are often Jumpers that grip,
the shape of the grade is a curve to the bend Plough to the Solar a rooftop is fin,
mark with the dye raid the slopes of a skill,
still the Ode Tune sings of Various Looms:


Rock Anchors

Hurdle crowd Cuttle the bone on a Fish shells that Clam are oyster to dish,
gems to believe that Pearls are Sea ask the Ocean base the sand is a tree,
bark that is making the ring growth in string,
put to the worth the Animal does Speak.

Easy as steady as easily sleeps although in the rake it's a Trace,
workers that Bee the bird on a Tweet justly behooves a Character feat,
single in numbers the addition is rate,
gather the muscle the food is a bake.

Back to the beach of a learn in the Wake prices that fall can also prove fake,
a market to level those Gears in the tape a Video streaming alive and with Take,
movies do Productions while the audience arrives,
in floods the stereo a dimensional side.

Off to the North leaf needle the Pole,
a Magnet that reads a compass in Cree,
does the transliteral Meaning shore to A land by Cycling Age to the Strong Arms at hand,
a crew member Sailor while bearings at Sea learns from the Master alive and at lead.

Hour the Fish Tale it grows with the Ear,
so much the Same as corn in a Year,
season the Spice Trade the linens so claimed,
that Silk became stockings as the Net serviced craved.

Repeat the Machine a Singer on hymn,
a salter of shake is tasty in both Ways,
the reliance that pushed the Feather to prey,
an Eagle soaring loafs in fact fish it's the Flight sounding the doors of The Albatross shored.

In The Beginning There Were Shades

The Muster that Crew to a Trade on a View the Elephant in the World too,
bank to the Crock the Potter is true to the mold of a creek doing River at Peek,
stipulation earth with a row shunned at birth Creation still blasted the Big Bang made burst,
in and upon the learning of long come to find Stars are the guides to the Song,
a level of Apron the Zenith remote a Telegraph certain to ante the Type.

Ask Aeon the Age of Aquarius Pike in Stone hinge the Flint is a Pirate at sky,
sail the Vast in a black matter class is it a Void or enter the Task,
science brings dish to the pea in a Pod blasting rockets that Seat in a bod,
technology living mimic the stream Cause that tremendous lift it's a dream,
written from basic the Dot to the aye now did Translation determine the Fly?

The baking of batter is mixed with a theme that puts together so called blending,
whisk to the Fork eggs for the water Milk can be Icing or added for starter,
gravy the Biscuits have been rolled as the dough the Teacher at Shop will a Pastry at show,
goods to Look but is the Taste only Watch purchase the Product a table for lots,
conversations inspired by coffee and brought the chairs that pull-up just to join in the spot.

Rose A Read


The sum of Tell on subject tolled the bridge to cross is built of Show that Ships our Tugs that Pole,
dependent on Introduction song the House that traits a Rig to gear the lift is Knowing,
laws that change the shift of Movements cargo that are lives in Score brings Consumers to a door,
the Grocer stocks to need s that Purchase the brand of Popular will often trade to Years of line,
in drives to storm the lanes of thorn a register does Tally for hauling trucks that refrigerates to Keep,
the butcher in the mid-air Shop does where gloves and Coats to stop the chilly freeze.

As learning is to Primal clear the parking lot to Coffee shop does provide a life length Pot,
in stewing of the Potato bake the flour in the crumbles sake butter up the cookie plate it's plop,
dollar the Round a globe in trot tours that bring will pick-N-spot a bagging paper Net Tops,
the brand name placed like Mayonnaise taste spread bread the Mustard loves in great,
adding spice to Meat that cheese the Sourdough of seeded Know the cart is often based,
harness stitch to Masters hitch it still is leather on the grow for Berkeley Farms says it so.

Ground to lawn the sand of Prawn shrimps look like Crabs of breed that open Case scene of the feed,
cocktail Sauce the brains in toss believe the Wharf at flocking source look oh look the see gulps,
drinking breathe the bay is feed now flip it to the Island key backwards forward now the Keep,
from Mécanique search Perch 'cause now the Poach is on the Earth potting Clay,
maintenance the Real Work will work the Snare to Caste for in the line it shows a Whole to Spinners,
important are these Treasured grows for in the Salt the path is Row the eggs of future streams.

Rain Tops

Whats Your Crust

A Gallery at Carnival a city brine it's street the Boardwalk of the rifled Meet to click of a Snapper fee,
fish Cod chips malt Venture clear the newspaper that wraps the lead for hunger in the World is deed,
a Carousel that houses stop the Music in the ballet crop toe to Heel the doors are caught in swinging.

House of Cow the favorite Talk conversations relate the shop as busy Waiters the busing diners weight,
there in usual is a window sake to judge the timing of the plate not stopping in the flow to rate a Speaker,
the visual i.d. to know the route that simple knowledge on how to shout in hurried Folk the crib about.

Elephants that horse in learn both do weave the seen believe true Why the Stall is in a read field,
brush box holds the hoof pick role that takes the frog considered toll that simple in a Vee to show,
on either side the method spur to remove the dirt of packed by walking on the Earth in shacked.

Forged fences that Hot Wire in tack the ouch of a pebble in track it's the Wait of breaking back,
can the Public see the Field the ache in age or plains in face to Place identity without a traced?,
yes says the Zoo from Boulevard case A 'C' note spend to string of lend does't Ask just louvre.

Trait crest Kit to Human spit the fire of the twist that hogs on islands in the leaves of sands beach,
the heat is covered ring fire coals the slow cook to those tasty shows but hours to prepare a Roast,
music playing tourists gaming the Camaraderie in share`d History the Volcano's the staff.

Dancing drinks to ever sync the beat of the Isle on the Thought of a shrink does the Time in Matter,
yes spoke the lagoon in a vote put forth the answer in keeping Clam from muscle to spring of land,
the carriage of the molten rock the Borrow just to Send as brought makes best of Gothic Art a flock.

Migration now is sitting loud for Size is of A Peel free fed the Apple is also the orange that Color stock,
yet in these Movies playing shroud the Adventure is changing Crowd to accept or is it debt?,
both challenges are now the Knot to looming in with Colorado's plot what shall the Come is From.

Planted before the need of roar however the laws of trucks that Log the clear is cut in straw,
the bedding of the Stable holds all the feed at distance for Fire in the barn is risky with on a Farm,
Pole Barns built to house the Bales that requires the wheel barrel or at least the walk to flake the Crop.

Study construction my Grandfathers house was built atop a hillside stout yet years did cause a lean,
in timbering the loggers trade a grove is the price the Market pays that determines the Miners leaf,
naturally through time learned work the Earth does have a lead to know that foundations also froze a stoke.

To time and date the heavy lakes that once did run are now in Shapes that glacier on the rate is trait,
slipping via hot warm sky the Wholes are living just like I,
get dressings for the Mirror of Hi goes directional to bearing Stride.

The Feature Main Screens 

Sea The Need Build Canoe

In life on the large in the world of Lar learned in the night my Mother went light to the Street,
in dark of the walk the lamps were the shock to coffee she went the Cafe on the spent,
a Waitress would serve the counter to Tab a conversation of call the dialing for stall,
to the Front of a shop the stand was a Block the turn was to Station or booth of the nation.

Ask patience in scene the Means of the Ware developed a trust to a Signal in bus,
all to the flavor that spice is new laned the Type that may crisis a benefit to brain,
pots that held grindings more familiar to Host ranked by the trouble the care for the coast,
provisions provided by each in the Mug a partner to see that life is a read indeed it's a Key.

Broadway to forum the venue of Post the director is often in the pit with a ghost,
as the music is lifted the eyes are on Stage therefore the sound is a Performance on bay,
as one compliments the other this play the Independence still serves to bay toe vends work,
the Audience in rapture Fore!! score is the wrote but in the known the practice is Practiced.

Gut feeling to first than to the notes written in verse the sheets of the toast the bred of a burst,
simple some things that Complexity rings from the author to production in Investment born streams,
exposure the Kind to earth that is prime subtraction of thought to running a spot,
clocking speedometers rotation of dock is the Sight to build the Pier knowing the shock.

Up down the Charts of Oceans that sea lofty poles with Tires in use for the steer also Tree,
extended so Ships that frank with a sent can belly the freight for the Trains like a crate,
the Crane fly's term Union that work on the Tug a language so taught the brush is the dubbed,
listing for Use the structure is Crew`d by Word of Mouth the Art in the loud.

A Tower in City the Representation of Fire a building that Painters did show in the Fact,
the road to the View of a Water Hose too the banks that Core Vase grit Gift in the shop,
parking or walking the lane proves concrete but California is a State that's known for the shake,
a hard knock to slate in the deep of the fault Quakers that wave on Earth just like Spark.

Grow Gains

Rubber Boots Rain

To witness trusting belief in Innocence that Life Itself is indeed the creed of Tour,
take Watch true too the Avenue of a decision communicating Change with each rippling,
the Creek to a river flow with smooth stones to learn the skip across the flat water ship,
the angle of the Arch to further the stepping lift base practice of the Pull-over on a shift.

Freeways buzzing with Thought a brain folding in on the spot Creations sure shot,
trouble less the chair settle remove the hall of tempo that Metronome speak Clock,
red light green light yellow knows yield all the understanding learned by driving the Wheel,
communication that developed before the foot hit the gas long in comprehending the brake last.

Gas Stations to fill-up windshields to wipe with fluid of water mixed with the light to scrubbing,
the bug piled  smack common to that the joke of the hit was the guts to do fact,
as teaching instructive the Squeegee would stick one for the Sponge the other for slick,
pump to the tub where the liquids did hold back to the Windows of a Car in a cold.

Price of the gallons per handle the pull checking for rollers now digitized Told,
numbers that spun to a circular mold had a sound at the pump like the pulse of a gold,
the identifications row cost the additional speak as tuners try radio the Antennae is key,
dependent locations stream Country to ear however the Station is central it's gear.

Dress like a person walk like a person talk like a person hug like a curtain the person will duck,
jeans to the person a jacket for warm the sweater on shoulders a shirt for the torn the person will luck,
a Society that spins turns to pack the Past on a back at the price of advantage to societies in truck,
should the past be not advantageous to suck the display words societies mouth by literal 'shut-up.'

In personal experience that collection to breadth a daily in tribute to currents that bless,
from this blog a kindness that Google is set for a place to place perfectly shaped to the Zest,
I go to the Barn I go to the Park I go to the Beach I don't come to Shark but I know the risk,
should I swim in the Ocean or walk on the Street I am knowing the Bridge that spans the Skeet.