Thursday, September 27, 2012

Believe, The When, Was Where We're

I have lived my Life in Mortal Fear.
All because of what I had expected to have,
 to have, to Live thru Here!

It Was like a dream,
but Moreover, 
this Nightmare came True.

To See, What is, From where I've Been,
instills a strong belief-of-sin.

As You condemn what is Now,
I beg to differ with you still!!!

For When I Was and Saw from Then,
the hatred of yourselves, Drove-In!

Remembering That,
I know I'll go,
and be free of what I tow!!

No worries will I keep,
for people that I'll never meet.

To Work Oneself,
to set a snare,
to Know that Lives are Kept from There!

On occasion,
I Stop to stare.

Disbelief will cause Dispair

I Welcome All,
the rest of mine.
For I am sure,
 and you seem blind.

In keeping from The Begin,
I do believe, we must Ascend.

I know that I will be again.
Without the strife or dealings from Then.

A small Relief from knowing Them,
please remember not to Sin.

For with all Certainty,
and without Mend, 
I simply know that we have been.

 a  dear and very old Friend.