Friday, October 9, 2015

Whats A Buff A Low

Sew barrel thought a lend ask not that bank to crate the box of a thimble on the threads of slates,
forever in the brain I counter the shoulders for the stone,
in balance I speak of gently be a friend in the tide of no zone.

To negate the trooping sounds of rooms at the lapping salts to taste the Victors media phone,
microscopes gone full boar that the Nationals torque the pastel,
it is the scream on the sides of what a say,
the elephant or the mules?

As I ride this distant brae Inking the clay on read deep with sentence grown type,
shakers are the pea Pong frying bacon on that lens,
blinking backs the spinal fluid in a barn of shredders to that shackle of hobbled by the cone,
ice in bot blocks to cube it callers that foundation of Festival circus playing crunch.

There on the snow of fell owe thoughts on how its such a chair to blantant bumble,
bees hiving to nestle the commercial profit on that teaser to equal same,
division ad multi Pole cay shins from the bellow of smoking drive to shoulder smolders,
carriage of the Harness grain in that flax of shiny Coats,
all with the Price is right to elbow.

Ankle blowers hobble tone with beaming what the stone,
throwing gauge to Up the belly scratching Tums,
role aids of that perfect comb,
factors scathing chalk boards to touch bones,
its a section on The examiners that have taken Tax to product lathe`d.

In Car Nation

Hear the song of clever lens as that stones henge travels the belling lo,
on the brain in that night,
a breath of gaining grown,
dark faces with the stare of fear in their lair,
dungeons of the minutes fair.

On that broth off a hand shake state,
in this breast of a World the turn key of a held less the phoned,
in the deeds,
on the ever failing snows,
glass bulbs,
cremations going to the sees of ashen rose.

Willingly I say to that term In all low gee,
granite is the Sculpture of tells,
grace in the fancy trace,
an etch to each every dying race!!

Sadly the news barrels price to prince the Topper of a bottle lane,
corking sauce edge while Cliff notes the drops on a thrown,
daily jackets tossing those poured to a clip on the media florists,
flours that have buttered the toe to blanket reams of banking shows.

For the persons of in duh Vid chew oles I counter a spake,
truth from love and say that this is the raft of a send to brim,
fire Flies that have left embers to snowflakes literary flutter,
on the cold Winter plains look to vary the branch of delights,
ore that is the ground with the Feat of treasure rare,
every Human born!!

Creeks represent that simple stream,
rivers on a roar to flooding sands move,
to the shores at the Oceans tell a stone,
be of the Rock and role,
stand with Vibrants,
true the Shining with bright type to War this down word spiral of steeps.

Literal Poe Purree Of Rest^Or^Ration Hard Ware Store

In agriculture said the seeds of a dull whirled wipes the waist water as that fled from raised,
in coral tongue a rock stature of holds each fragment of pebble compressed by bone kneed lies,
born to grounds that watt to the bulb A brain with Counter to shoulder the lane.

Over the shock that Earth is of rain Y is an enter section that People just dark the Hours to comma,
for on the threshold of doors no sliding to skid Convo on rattle such a Snake in the deed,
wall wrap chured with silk Webs ask cob blurs at breast of the dead.

Does not a simple notation whip tack to Core,
the blanket of lids called crown on the fights,
took down feather of inks renting scoots,
north to the east Turn on the aspect of Toots.

Feed the barrel with Pickle brine soup,
inside of the Minds that present Arms with no pin,
a tale on the dawn key is Ma durn daze loop,
rounds on the ban deed like a Flat World war.

Far & A way is the smiling Tram of a foot that decides to carry forward with grew,
soon on that traveling cycle of try look begets pea Pull will be walking across the big stand,
know of the Track tore Tears on the shed Pie lawns have put to the language a stoke,
but in the Exchange of gathering Talk gain in the Confidence the treasure of groats,
for it is in every day words a balance of seas The part of the Oceans that fill with just keys.