Saturday, May 17, 2014


The Conception of an Idea,
always Original to bleed.

The wounds One suffers,
an original deed.

To have balanced the long,
subjective View of Post cannot be a Wrong.

Cratered to difference,
the song had a source,
before the lyricist did more.

To have spoken frankly,
to be blunt in repose,
words have meaning,
stanzaed reaming.

The Counter of the Mocking felt,
is the Public review of balk.

To credit nothing in nothing,
is to state every thing means sum thing.

Bursting from a Source design,
the want to Meet came from behind,
the reasonable request,
either way,
broke not my heart for I don't sway.

Liked by another,
the pain remind,
that worry is the indifference,
the posting of why.

Gather you're ability,
for this I have felt gratitude,
to what is evidence,
I simply say,
"that's Life in the fastest of plays."


This Post was Written on October 16th 2011. As per my converse I now can question the most incredible song of the Year.  Just went Platinum I hear.  Congratulations my Wonder has been that my life repeats, again and again. Hence the wisdom as child to have never written anything down.  So as you, James Hillier Blunt prepare to wrap up your Tour in the United States of America, I gift to you the basis that your song 'Bonfire Heart' and others were drawn from.  I would loved to have met you face to face, so that I could look you in the eye and know something.  Without a doubt, I know something. The Truth will set a freedom bar.

Should have any questions please feel free to read the original at;

Court of Death
 by Karen Anastasia Placek 

Upon entry to Death.
The immediate stop made, after you believe.
That Heaven and Hell are only cities,
with Hotels that usher you into what is your next permanence:
Judgement of Yourself!

1.) Pull a number.
2.) Stand in line.

Recite your defense while waiting,
as if you can rinse away your guilt or sin.
But, not as it's been, it has changed since then,
you've contracted in, for a stiff sentence,
called, "Life."

So, as you wonder, or as you fear,
this time you die is drawing near.
Dirt you're not: Compassion nigh.
Your life has been read,
line by line.
Are you ready to face your lie?

Have you shown? Have you done?
Have you been? For anyone?
Are you a person, who thinks they can; Run?
Or, do you finally know you're done?

A simple message, from Old Past.
Where Souls exist, but, you've killed that.
Did you hear? The cry of One?
Who said, "Please Sir, I need a Twin? My Souls been sold! I need..."
Or, will you only plead what you print?

"My God, Help me to survive this deadly love."
Does it matter? I think not.
We both know, you will not show.
But, well-versed we both are on this thing,
the After-Life is something.
Death will meet, "On U-Tube, Right?"
A practice for your Shroud?

In my case, I have already seen;
Death for you, is Life for me.
I'd rather have a "Deadly Love"
then plead to anyone from above.
So, live your life free from me,
'cause one day soon you'll cry in need.

Loneliness, your best friend.
Sexual resist for what? I do persist.
'Cause when I bed a Man or more,
I won't be a singer or a fucking whore.

Attraction, will rule and I will soar,
to finally have it all, like THOR!
Your hesitance in this will be,
the reason why you're Homeless, SEE!
A transient life is lonely; Strife.
Take a chance?
You can't! You won't!

You are afraid to loose yourself,
although you write in Limerence. Right?
What do you think? That I'm wrong?
If so, then let your nature be,
continue on and sing the song.
"Been in a Country 30 minutes long. Got a Girl"
Come on!
Settle down, end your whirl of whine.

A True Love found you did for "Sis"
Sold her on E-Bay: No Resist?
Yes you did, makes you fair game.
God forbid, I heard your name.

You are a curse to me and mine.
The hope that magic comes from a sign.
But, I hope you accept my pain that's true,
you seem well-versed and very vain.

So, if you find a love at funerals,
then why deny yourself a Seer?
Who writes some script, it rhymes, "I guess."
but in truth it is a Riddler, am I.

This I do,

If you could find the meaning in,
realize that I don't sin.
But, want you too! My mind wants more.
I imagine you're cute, but probably "A bore."

I look past your foibles,
I look into your eyes: Just right.
Embarrassing? You have no clue,
I'm the one in like with you.

So, do ignore!
Pretend you're blind, to every word and every line.
And, when your Old, holding your mind,
looking up at what?
You had a chance to dance a dance.
That was new, A World Romance!!
But, cold you are and age will take,
your looks away and leave in stay.
A date with Death, you cannot miss,
for at this point, "You'll wonder this?"

If I had taken the chance?
In America?
On this Romance?
Would I be "Old" and "Alone."
Or, would I have, had a life, a home,
within a Family that loved......etc.

Not mine, but yours my friend.
The only answer I have from then,
When you go, to far below,
pull your number and they ask slow.
"What have you done for anyone, that was selfless and not a shun?"
"Did you help? When you were asked?"
"Was Romance, just a piece of ass?"
"Do you have a Soul? Or, Two?"
"Are you missing? Did you undo?"

Caught you are inside yourself,
sounding better, you are so stealth.
What would it cost to find out, Why?
I write these riddles, are you so nice? I ask myself.
"Are you my Twin? Are you more?"
It seems I know you from Old Past.

But, down below, silence won't go,
the answers forced, they never wane.
So, here you are; Denying yourself,
you've made C.D.'s with songs: You yelled!
What do you want? If life's not it, is it,
adventure, fun, about?

As I come to my own end,
I say to you, "Good Luck."
Every person enjoys not much,
and in your case you have been touched.

By a Riddler, a Poet Seer too,
a Reader, a Savant,
"What more do you want?"
.....does laugh, at least its true.
I have a chance, if not with you.

To experience all you've done,
travel the World and meet everyone.
Just to say, "Hi, how do you do?"
Stay for dinner?
"I would love too."

So, March yourself to shorten life,
married Men, know much less strife.
Travel with you? "Of course, I would."
Cook you dinner? 
With good food and a very kind hand.
A homemade plan.

My ..... would love such an idea.
To see the World, not count thereof.
A number, you keep of Countries that pay,
you to sing. It's not the way.

To build what's good,
friendships that last,
to make more money and to be invited back.
You must believe that people see,
they do read and wish for thee.
To know what's good, will bring you wealth,
not to your Bank but to "Yourself."

It's not about giving away,
don't be confused or turn, say "Shew."
You must make bank, it is what you do,
so that you afford what's new, what's good.

Relaxing, recovering from your long Tours;
You've been, it's true, you're tired too.
Just don't count the days or countries; You sin!
It makes the people feel so much less and then,
it becomes surreal and that's not cool.

Would you like to just be a ticket or deal?

Magic happens, maybe it won't be you.
Just maybe, it will be another you see?
You cannot say that, people don't sway,
at what I've written to you each day.

So, take your time, it seems your way.
But .... save you from what might be true,
you're just too scared to know.
That in "Adventure" you find what's new!

Don't worry Sir, You are just fine.
I'm sure you'll find and "Fuck" your kind.
Make sure your eyes are open so,
that you'll be alive and "Whoa."
Not in a fantasy inside your mind of sexual, blow?

The truth is bitter!
Never goes down as sweet.
But, "Death Courts" real,
to me, at least.

So, in defense, of never me.
I'll send my record in advance you see,
 of your date with them: Announce,
"Your failure and/or your lack of try,"
of any interest from this guy.

Anubis, Iris and RA will be,
just a few, that represents Me.

The Demons, the Spirits and Satan,
I'm sure.
Will receive you, "Dear Sir."

You sing of this, in Time, in Space.
Did you know I have a face?
Now you are aware of my scars;
I too; "Write!"
 dear Lord,
by no mistake, you're made.

Not so stealth, but Honesty wins out.
So, ever so loudly, I do so tout,
"To a sensitive Man," he's about.

Alright! I do, admit my guilt!
A "Twin Soul" haunts my very self.
So, I do listen to early songs,
but after that, I do what's wrong.
I ignore and push away,
the very man I should pull my way.

I only do what is correct,
'cause odds are that my Heart will break.
By ignoring and not coming to see,
what is this Magnetic Force to thee.
It is I: He'll never ask himself.

Protecting me from uncertainty.
I hold the Flame, a Candle, well.
Of Hope, I do to see me through, this time, it's weird,
"What to do?"
I just don't know?
"Do you?"

They say we are only suffering from,
"The Seven Degrees of Separation"
anyone on this Earth?

I know I've seen this man before.
I know a "Twin Soul" he is to me, a Sword.
So, words of Wisdom; "Words!" I plea,
"Cut me out! and leave me be!"

Don't pass so close to my life.
Don't tempt me, my children, I love,
and we, as family, deserve what's nice.
I've had the worst life, "A Thing" could have
(referred to since my birth)
but, a best life is my balance: A Stab.

A shot at what would be so cool,
from "Worst to Best" with only too.
The moment it takes to say, "I do."

So, whether it's you or someone else,
I wrote the truth, I was not stealth.
But; Silence will come one day, so soon,
'cause, a book I want to do.
Write, it's true!
"Death Court"
a message from my youth, "It's due!"

Just like you, I'll never be.
I won't be late for this date:
Instead I'll speak and be what's neat,
Myself, my story is what I like,
I keep it real, based on life.


The time decide maid the choice,
clearly points of due,
to put the drop upon the crop,
that a sentence can not move.

Shoddy passing the buck in stride,
the base of me is simply why,
taking from than giving shun,
the double-tongue is known as bung.

As pledge of allegiance to the Man,
of the Global Universal Span,
both past and present required hands,
maintaining control to out the planned.

Butter the cream of already made,
the jam to the jelly sets the peanuts to stay,
an Orchard, a Garden, a Myth to a Tale,
the Order of which came with a Hitch.

Should one be the Tree that Apple or Orange,
shall naturally grown change the plant to a loan,
is it possible that the hinge is the oil in bone,
ability to walk or pick up a tone.

Evolve to a stream as the water does run,
first the Mountain had to feel the falling in come,
in proper of timing the melting runs quick,
as Valleys have been fertilized by sip.

To put the Chicken before the Egg,
the Sky in place a Cloud,
the rain in the drops,
frozen in times as up and down props.

As a child that lived with the story of Eden,
my friend was so frightened by all that was eaten,
the vomit that happened,
that 30 foot vast,
the projectile form a bucket the past.

More attention was brought on the Negative Hot,
the coiling in speech did have a long reach,
our Minds were the pleasure,
the actions we measured,
and the truth was never dismissed.

As Time is the Wheel of all ways reveal,
grown adults listened to absorbing this do,
as Adam and Eve procreated than leaved,
the terrible blame of pursue,
produced a World due.

Now at this juncture my thought has become,
how can People of this pasting so fed,
not only embrace but beat in our heads,
that if you're disgraced you offer a hand,
so that the populous will be in the damned.

the Apple, the Garden, the Rib of a Man,
seduction, lies, the bite of the plan,
the stature of perfect felled for a pie,
somehow I see the resemblance to guy.

The World Now ~ Leg-Up ~ ACDC ~ Electric Trades

Uploaded memory of futuristic ties,
not the kind it is the Type that knits,
from the base of an exist,
the Ancient Preordained !!

Clasp with a vital peer,
the make is such a better,
that the Set is Rad,
in a call of Fad!!

Creative by Design,
it is the laughter of the shine,
the glowing blast of the Fire in the Flame,
a pass!!

Linked in the Time of Rides,
that Wise is no Temptor,
it is the Fresh Lore of the Matter,
not black, nor blue,
it is the bases of Trued.

Friendly raptures to invite the Stature,
a brighter scare to enhance the rare,
as the Sun is glare in the Moon of dare,
simply complex to have shared.

Themes in All,
the stance is not the fall,
rather the balance of the Maul,
a hammering to a guillotine,
off with the head to nail it instead,
the batter is ready fed.

Dance if you chose,
decide if you Wish,
know may can replace,
the adventure is the day,
upon the farthered cave.

Mind for a blanket sound,
as the Iron is sew bound,
by nothing but adjusting,
the length to the short,
the Chapelet bourne. 

Mind Fiddling

Match make her, match make earth, Match make 'er,
as Math will Add-Up,
Abstraction is Buff. 

Do you believe in Traditions lost to Conditional lies,
responsive to you, want I need, and neither of us,
begin the realize.

Well.....if....I were a Fire fly upon the crowded Song,
than I would sing the weirded strong just to see,
the sweating lather of a Man on the Moon to be,
the proof of the footing steps I need.

Of course as We make decide to never know,
than the Singer is the Price in a 'Charming' of polled,
and the Aughter is the Public at presently Band,
a photographic moment in painted of land.

A girl that plays Fire,
may be burned by the Match,
the ring of squired is the shots on the Wire,
a walking alter with various requires.

Bookings of oral traditional feats,
the Venue, the Role of Casted for Seeds,
not sewn uncommons just costing the Tree.

The mounting impression of written confession,
speaks of such things,
as oddly repeating months of the leading,
maid posting believing.

Misunderstood as can't or I should,
either developed the words in eye could,
as thirdly responsive the Mass speaks to speed,
the faster you go the slower the dough.

Stretching these Moments to Hours of Seconds,
the amount in the middle is the miss of the fiddle,
scoring to lucky the stride of the view,
is much like the broader of all that is due.

With nothing to offer moreover a clue,
the Moon and the Sun have changed Colours too!!

The Hills are dyeing as Mountains are Sky,
the litter of language the negative vibe,
communicates to hearing that we all will just die,
in liberty and peace and without evened try.

The sequel will Sacred a proverb to make,
in 'The Continue' the will not to fake,
a path with a terrible agreed it's a shake,
the quiver of Arrow's make known Two the Barrow,
that the strength of the Cause,
is the Share of the Pause.