Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I had been blessed early in life age four of the memory door as my Step-father is a British Man,
achieved in the status of the 'Class Ceiling' photograph of James Blunt propped in as cartoon,
he would join the grade of foundering as the Harrow fella that ported the glass building to sport,
in the family of tree Aunt Juju my godmother by told attended Cambridge the University Quire.

In the straddle of no leap the Professor that taught to educate Minds in the Isles by frame,
on lecture to art for the structure of still is in the hands of evolution by floor,
to borrow the sake as the Blunt has had rake in this the byway of Sedgwick to shore,
the land of the marrow in the brought on the built is construction of sanity to today on the bay.

Torch with Olympics for the rings are in grease the temple of brain has had aspect to play,
coral on feet with sands on the beach a boat to the air is rowing be snore`d,
wake from the ash as the burn is of ancient to base of the proper in prime order of think,
tanks that plight pick stirred to the meld of the hub in trued to formal the pound is a plumb.

Mortar technique to he package of work in the performer the mail is swore,
to gasp at the venue a stagger or stall be flattery system or cups of the brawl,
to tuck on the shirt and straighten the sprawl speech is of bellows course chimney at pour,
in smoke as the camp the blanket all wet the timber in balance concrete on the storm,
transliteration not narrow truck thought to a born skin is the thicker to jet cools that can chore.

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in flap to the spank on the slide of the film a worth marks the pointer to sound out be form,
delicate tale my life on the scale waited so heavily even patience grows more,
crumbs on that tablet to clique on the street a dungeon for branches the purpose finds Norse.

Zeus be the strength in Apollo sound Thor a channel that Pond is Brighton brought torque,
ram on the year with the animal clears the further is spinach for Popeye is cheer,
won at a time that games got the part to evident work is the standing brand born,
in the midst of such done the apple of plum be teller of great for that is sane Nor.

Neither the beast or the table can clear to the seated that curtain the blinks with austere,
in ambush to media the newspaper prints seer corked for the message to thank the oh fear,
in just lot to perhaps a binocular sees under the microscope money is lead,
to cost of the hidden to talk on the fact more of the done will expose to the lunge.

Breathing with factors the math and the tears in neigh to the ridden the vernacular piers,
stride with the ships that crust of earths sphere equator stampede in the purpose of Lear,
good over pop-Ups to evidence trained the storage of strangles may penicillin this steer.


As the dining room table is a door with the paint and forward of the flat surface roar,
the terrorized self sits at the place in mat I outline the sketch of dinner removes,
as the onions or scream of the match lit flames on the valance of memory a history to grave,
deprivation to the degree that brain staved in fallen to the now of the moment retrieval,
it is the service of the phonics that tabulates respond to taste the survival of thrifty by tongue.

In breadth of the world on the counter of grocery I seem the fodder to water my bones the brung,
my back was the lash that blinked the stripes on scores of the belt that made footprint a chord,
for the congregation turned deaf with bled sight wounds on trousers to cover the bruises I swore,
to the swing of the truth at the shingle of said it is in the inch mile that telegraph moral.

Principal set to the dust jackets left a branch to the leaf of the extension to fret,
to be a frazzle that is added for had the youth of my grasp is the beatings I fracture,
to brake at the spout of the leash on the swipe a choke collar throttles my daily in bile,
sync to the extraction as the spice pepper trades to know of the handle that boils hot pan to state.

As the subtraction of stun to the answer in breeze a Falcon of shine held such sweet timely keys,
the flight of the real as the tree held it's poise a deed to the pigeon of this language in loy,
politely I say to the absolute of the tray a term of aggrieve is the rife of the slave`d,
in after before between all the sign is a terror that bottoms my fill to the bind.

In evening the Sun whom raises the Moon to bless on the spur that sleep is of croon,
I egg to the doze that sleepy time tease for in the midst of slumber my brain is in freeze,
found to be fragment of each the test born that flattening sole to the bedroom of horror,
circle the dot on the eyes that spell Fort to bring with the system an operations climbed sport.

Rattle by snake to the hose of the dank in sleet for the rain a glacier by stane,
heavy are the carriers that spring to the change quest on the yearling by cover the raze`d,
one specific to the other that chose to technical difficult the asset to rose,
thorns on the Thistle the blue birds that grow Feather pen gently as the ink is just brose.

Primary School Ask A^Point^Meant

Toss the angle to the mathematician of the Pie in the explanation of the address at divide,
in the spatula of the knife cut the blunt serving will bring to the light of the diner a tab,
as the reception of the sell is in the picture of found to this is the task of a den board.

From the Seasons of change to the Cave on the tums a still in constipation is the prunes,
as figure fax is of cold clapped the perfume spray is indeed of the Harrow on the school,
now the Cow of the dream at the room of learn spoke of sake to making not brads.

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a good understanding to the best of saying is at term of 'Begging the Question' oh mud,
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individual perk to the footing of the soot is a Chimney on the fire at the park collection wood,
ax handle maul that chisel with a bell for at the gift of had my Grandparents welcomed lad.

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minus all the games that happened to the lair that barrel of the water reined with kindness sure,
these actual better brains that brought happiness not subbed gave lane to section in equal for the love.

Be wise to treasure being that life is of great meaning,
rare are minute timers the egg boils of the Three,
in this the shallows have been lather blind to bit the bridle at a dure.

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as Papa was a range walker allowing for the wheel,
in absent of the charter to the banks of what is dial,
telephones like front porch lawns are signs to hug a smile,
in any yield of the crop touch writing on the Thought,
thats provided in suggestion to allow the basic.

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pre-scribe`d to be the letter as the buried will be still,
the tomb is not the warmer rather finer thread of Shrill.

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the ink bare is drawing mist to get the tears out deep,
flowers liken lilies to horns that do display,
a vase that paints the colors lack the variance of read,
to structure of the peace to know that piece can be a had,
as in this simple noteable the sugar is it's slag.

Palm Lief

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figures keep adding to professional tapes,
for on the construction the rounders seduction`d.