Thursday, April 19, 2012

The turn of Innocence. A Star? A Circle? An interest in the Dark...

Where are the places that I've been?
In my youth I saw.
Where are these places stuck in my mind?
Where are you hiding?
In all time?

You spoke the Incantations of the Dark,
my eyes, wide open!
Trained in the protection of hearts and souls,
I did not protest as we went below.

The room began to distant itself,
I was merely a child in your midst,
a gentle persistent move from where?
I often ask myself.

The deepest and darkest beings appeared,
speaking in archaic verse.
I heard them clearly,
I understood, did you know of this?

Sit quiet, I heard in a whisper,
so near to me, this tone of he,
speaking on his own. 
Men in robes with hoods or cloaks guarded this realm around.
Swaying to the tune of found,
gave weight to the levity.

Demanding those to produce themselves,
I shook in fear.
I witnessed this frightful scene.

My youthful innocence protected me
 from the curse of such an act.

Not once, not twice was I brought to be.
More times than I could count.

My nights were filled with these strange times,
"a child of the guild" I was;
Where did you all so go?

Now that I am adult,
in venue I do act.
I wonder and I miss these days
 to know the truth of this: I yearn, please don't resist.

Will you guide my way?

The Beings that spoke were Red to me,
I see them in my mind.
My inner eye recorded such,
my ears did hear the words you lust.

Does this practice,
of the Dark Arts,
exist upon this Earth?

Active after each account,
 I know the members were.
They spoke of times that I saw,
the sexual prowess it did ignite
 bewilderment, madness and what seemed like fright.

The strangeness of all the night,
 never mentioned, it seemed so tight.

The Men were filled with motive,
to do more of what they'd done.
This thirst filled each and everyone,
the quench of which did run.

Does this tale of what was then,
interest you today.
Do the dungeons and lairs persist in silent prayer?
Do they want to play?

Or, is this type of privileged act,
held in silent accord? 

 Is it in the safety of the mansions and the more.

Does night fall here,
while the Sun rises where the men are kept at bay?

Dangerously I live with this,
I seemed to have gone astray.
Trained without regard to where I might reside in life.
I hid myself and held my tongue
until this very day.

I'm old enough to finally see,
the curious part inside of me
 desires the answer for..

There are these videos I see
 reminding me of times
when I was young and scared.

To fetch me now,
would be just how,
to know my actual means.
Silently I do report, I go about the way.

It is the year to expose
 "The Secret of the Hidden Booth"

Play me

As the Years roll, the Seventh Year approaches so quickly and without change

Waiting as the years pass with a slow and hurtful pull: I go alone.
Thoughts of what was, I close my eyes and dream while I sleep to the memories of old.
All has disappeared, no photo's, no calls, no place to visit, just gone, no where found.

No reason to ask the question, "Why?"
The answer shows up everywhere.

In disdain,
in constant hurt,
I hear no appeal to my cry or try to connect.

There was no purpose to such abandonment that I see,
until, Six Years later, told so plainly,
"I never want to see you again!!"

Not once do I find reason for this discord,
just comply with the wish of the ones that have spoken their peace.
Dissolve and absolute,
no room for discussion.
The choice was announced.

I bow out and find that which was never there,
a presence of what I could have only perceived as an imagination of my life's dedication.

A Life changed in one singular stroke of another.
I abandon all of what I thought I knew and had held in comfort and love.
I run with the Wolves,
I have been given an opportunity to run wild and free,
I will return to youthful dreams.

Six and one-half years have passed.
Upon the Seventh the words which I have spoken shall come to fruition.
Upon the stroke of such I shall leave and go a different way.

I wish luck to all of those who need such in their lives.

Each and every person upon this beautiful Earth who survives such a break,
be yourself in such an ordeal, be no other, you are amazing as you are today.
Listen to your inner person,
fill not yourself with the self-help books of other experiences,
take not advice from strangers.

Be Wise, be peaceful, be calm.

Know that all happens for reasons of your own personal growth.
Be discreet with your feelings,
-or- those feelings will be exploited by predators upon sight of such abandon of such.
Feel your birth into this Society of Hate and choose to Love instead.

In loss, you will find the greatest gain,
no matter the possessions you may be missing,
you exist and can live to begin again.
You are not an option for them to reap you of yourself during these tumultuous times. 

A stern approach of defense of your will to be will show and be your truth.
Be free to relish in this little known fact.
Believe in your presence upon this Earth as not random but a gift.
The very sake that you survive such challenges
proves your worth to yourself and will hold at bay any intruder upon your being.

Be pensive.

Consider the cost of the toll you have already paid thus far,
in your life and in the lives of others that may have advantaged you in the past.

Regard not your future,
care for your present, your body, your mind, your heart and your soul.
Surround yourself with what is natural, Nature.
Avoiding the noise of all the options that other Human Beings present to you will benefit you now.

Instilled within our very selves
we have been blessed with knowledge and capability to know repentance.
Accept these natural and eternal gifts which came with your birth.

Forget not your travels to all the troubled places that have plagued your life.
In these places you have learned to exist and live again.

You were before, you will be again.
Should you accept yourself as you are,
simple, uncomplicated, intelligent, able to learn and to adapt,
than you will continue, I trust this fact in myself.

Find strength in difference,
not sanity in the unclaimed pain in which you may still exist.

Freedom comes at such a great cost.
That is why it has the greatest expense and yet the rewards are unending to each of us.

Expression of Truth and to put a voice to our communication of our existence
should not be filled with lies to pacify the listener or passing stranger.
To do so will only prove a disservice to every man, woman and child.

In this instance of no regard for our existence or what should be told with frankness,
speak with your own freedom to express what you feel is correct within the bounds of your life.
Should you curb what is said and cannot speak with the freedom of your own personal thought,
you will only further the extinction of what is real:

The fight for all of us to live free from such oppression of the embarrassment brought on by others and their words of callous disregard towards each of us and with no thought to our well-being .

The Revolution Of A Single Life

Travel the imagination that birthed your Mind.
The corners, the turns, the dead-end appeals.
No wonder can enhance your brain,
if you stop your interest in yourself.

A Heart! A Soul!
Let it cry in agony, delight or relish in its choice.
Do not put constraints of others on your being.
Be Human.

Plea to no invisible..................!
Just because of what you are told is there.
Look up, look out, look all around
before you dare go to these places.

Belief in so much that we are told.
Where are our own convictions?
Do we bury each of them?
Complying with their truth?

Could or can we be so free,
to experience rivalry?
With sexual pleasure or tender thoughts?
Should we give-up with no sight of what is rammed down our throats?

I say to Mother Earth,
to Creation and I am sure what is worse.
Is it Evolution that takes away our choice?

I do not know but, I do ask,
these questions in me grow.

You have to decide which way to go.
Independently and on your own, all by yourself.

I am walking, sometimes I run,
mostly I am halted in all this fear.
The attacks for such a lack of this blanket belief,
extracts a mighty toll: I pay.

The cost is high, I do agree.
The road is rough, the pot holes I do still fall in.

The chance I take to be free,
I give not thought to me.
To be free from sin is the way I've done,
since my own begin.

Gingerly I warn to those,
who think that these roads aren't worn.
Not only are they not repaired,
but many lives are lost out there, not one that I have seen has been spared.

For holding the same or similar belief,
each one that I did know in person,
we were blessed with the wisdom to be.

Our fortune came with this simple note
our lives, they were not free.

One day, I may or will protest.
I need to hold still long enough to face,
all that happened, all those Cons.
I witnessed, I did protest.

Although I am only one now,
a single being it's true.
I understand the study of the land which I do live.

It only takes one to change,
the Worlds view today
of all the Masses and not just a few.

For this challenge of life itself,
I simply say, "I do."

The Sundown of a best friend named Eden

I am in loneliness of pain itself.
Never knowing that with age brought death.
My Best Friend, Eden Sundown no longer lives,
he hanged himself at home.

Alone I am, so many gone, not even one Comrade left,
to sit and watch this life of ours,
my tears are all my own.

The need or want to speak leaves me
with each passing day that sadness grows.
These feeble words or verses here,
just attempts at redemption to plea.

My thoughts are torn,
his demise is felt, in heaviness and fear.
Who thought that he would take his life,
all be it, it was his choice to do.

Society screams, it does declare,
such rules and horrors,
I'm scared.

I worry for his Soul!
Do you keep your Heart?
These are not worries for the faint of heart,
I just worry in silence, I have from the start.

I sent a letter to the ones,
I thought could offer solace.
The Dali Lama is to old,
and India was not so bold, no contact or rapport.

My quest for such did end with this,
I sought no more advice.

Such bounds or prices he must pay,
upon this one lost life.
I wish to be the debtor here,
to pay the price for he.

For Best Friends we will always be,
he'd do the same for me.

I give up not at all to do the right thing that I think.
Should you be subject or feel such loss,
I wish for you the best.
It's difficult enough to feel, is this just a test?