Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Scarab

Excellence of a wiser move will produce,
a path to a trail that places the mark upon,
the Tale of Sped.

Where their is know action,
I deliver to you the written-out map,
an inked kiln. 

Ringing of the abstraction pointedly the stance,
people our humanity's found,
the appropriation of funds,
a measurable tasking will be certainly,
the weight of decide.

The able 'Continue' to breathe,
never taking that first bite,
the platter is the dinner of consumers,
enjoying the demise in the nothingness of the rumored lie.

Serving a personal role,
the collective mission,
reality does not come to view,
 it clicks too.


Suffer yourself to the totality of,
following the crowd?,
the proper of loud?

Vitality is the Unique life,
speaking to reality,
society dines on guess.

Heeling to command you have obeyed the digestive stake,
an approach to building more with less,
is in the whites of the eyes that informs the dye,
to dilatate in fright,
 the proof is an intoxication,
creating more of those silent lives seen.

Broader spectrum's encompass a find,
to not entice the bitten,
rather embrace that life that's been left for the appetite.

A strobe light in the sky,
the venture of the bold in told,
already have begun to succumb to what is,
a terrible spit.

Why cry to scream I know I'm stable,
speaking on Exorcisms in my past,
a child immersed in scripted verse.

The spread of belief is advertised with a rate,
as you have so readily reminded,
I am prepared for their chore.

It is merely a religious gang-rape with a tab,
if you don't pay the Piper then the Piper will not pray,
it is their Con running.

Should a liability have produced itself,
then why have the Catholics not asked,
the question to answer a given task.