Monday, March 4, 2013

The Restitution In Rune

The warning of Fire in Rain,
strikes Lightning in the Thunder,
of what blinds eyes.

An ignited fuse,
of how You lose.

The capture of existence,
an enlightened resistance,
to a known nature,
the flame which sparks desire.

Physics designs,
a quantum to master,
the sum of total,
in written of wrote,
in an older time!!!

The Rune which holds,
an equation of told,
just notes to seek,
the answer in Rote!!!

Stanzas are Bold,
a hold too the Key,
and knot to rhyme!!!

Passed-Over Inn-Merit,
often They tear it,
changed the Verse.


The Natural will bear,
a caustic record,
of erased or buried,
Centuries Tarried.

A blot by design,
to advance not find,
Masses in Numbers,
not Peace in War!!!

Sadly the driven,
are not blind to what comes,
the calculation of heard,
rankling Earth.

To navigate firth,
the plane of a plan,
will narrow with stand,
requiring 'Might'
not Hand.

The back-end of force,
delivers on course,
a map of these stores,
to be healed knot ridden.

The Pace which will Set,
an upcoming fret,
will not be a test,
but the endurance of Left.

Measure decent,
a thrifty propose,
to bitter: Know Flint!!

This simple require,
will complicate wired,
and relive the need to plug-in.

An Answer to Call,
will come with no fun,
for the message delivered,
will be met and not tendered.

The Sail of Plight,
comes without fight,
the Waves in the Sea's,
is the break of an Ocean,
on a Beach with the notion...

Nature's in Motion 

The Choice of Will

The Essence of Our Earth,
has passed.

Returning to where Souls Home

In the most evident sight,
Earth goes dark at Night.

In the Origin of Our Time,
the negativity circulating,
has killed the Heart-of-Her!!

No Mention,
of the Words Spoken.


Be Wise to Thoughts,
of this enlightenment to ends.

Using 'Core Aspects' of any One thing,
to thrive upon,
destines to only won.

A temporary Run!!

Should You draw from the Land,
and not replenish the wealth,
with the respect of done,
than in Good-Sense,
it creates an everlasting run,
of Over!!

Blindness to the Affect-of-Humanity,
makes Us small.

A Collective Stall,
know Harness in place to abide.

The Stars begin,
too Hide!!

Explosions Nigh

Tremendous Crash is this,
a terrible end,
to an Ominous Lend,
of a Lot.

In this,
'the Continue'
it is 'Free Will' that shall be,
a Chore for Deed.

Establish a Mind,
with Conscience rite,
to deliver those with 'Might' to take stock,
in this....

a collective blind

Turning a Blind Eye,
third or not,
will eventually cause a permanent sight,
of no relief.

'Just' Grief

Terrible are Times, 
with no-promise in design.

Thought in this Test,
true and disturbing at best.

A Fit-Full Rest,
as many do jest.

To ground reality with evidence,
surrounds 'A Ready Mind'

Not difficult to find

To lose Language,
too Speech,
our writing needs will be lost or shed.

A change in meaning,
words not recognized for define,
a spelling sign,
in each and every line,
will become the lash,
of what will last,
our present past.

A Loaded Life

As I Look,
into the sights of time,
I see the bliss of eternity,
as the shining light into the Cold.

Difference shapes Itself!!

The Acception,
to the rule,
a refining of Life.

Arriving in this Midst-of-Change,
I hold to what I know,
a comfort in-spite of this Throw!!

Challenged by a Life-of-Pain

The rugged appeal of unknown,
too Call my Name!!

I rifle through each thought,
to study reason,
not fraught.