Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Beauty of my past! Written just before my Mother ripped my life to shreads, I was oblivious to what would end up happening to my life.

The clouds are full of hope and adventure, as you watch nature flow from season to season I am fascinated by all the glory. The chill of the winter and the warmth of spring, then summer is full of sizzling days and an abundance of overwhelming hot weeks. Again as the changes of the seasons happen each year I yearn for the next breath of nature to blow through the countryside.

"Time" changes in a similar but determined turn. Each year brings a new age. I wonder how the clock ticks with such consistent timing. It never misses a beat, sometime "Time" slows and sometimes it seems to race. I wonder when we appreciate the nature and the "time" that it takes as it swings to each next season, do we envelope all its wonder or do we find ourselves standing idle.

I love to sit in my swing and watch the wind blow through the trees. It brings an inner peace to my soul, it seems to sooth my heart and bring a gentle rocking motion to my mind. The birds fly over my head in a "V" shape fashion. They have a purpose and are determined to stay there journey. If you listen you can hear the birds in the tree's, each one chirping and fluttering about. Lurking underneath their world is a little cat named "Mouse". As he is being ever so careful, he gracefully and with all the stealth of a seasoned hunter, creeps through the undergrowth to gain a better view of his prey. Then, just as he would prepare to pounce you hear the pitter patter of little feet just in time to scare the almost hunted birds to a safer spot. The disappointment is shown through the swiping tail of Mouse as he struts off with disgust on his little cat mind. The truth be known, he is not a feared hunter but rather just a pussy for a cat.

As my swing is still rocking me into a comfortable lull, the little feet scream as they race to my side. Together they strike the side of my swing and pounce up into the waiting seat, they create quite a scuffle. As the two little toads (my two youngest children) wrestle with each other, a squabble erupts between them. "I want to sit there", "No", "I want to sit there", after a few moments I realize that the two toads must be rocked into my reality. "Stop", I declare, "you sit here and you sit here". They assume there newly found position and they proceed to squirm down and curl up close, as close as can be, and soon they find the same contentment they interrupted just a moment ago.

We swing for a moment and the sweetness is etched into my mind forever. Nature and "Time" have once again brought my world into a peaceful recognition of my life.

I love to close my eyes and enter a world of my own. With the seasons that encompass me. The sounds that are heard only by a few, they are heard by those that are not deafened by the banter of all the rest of the world.

A few are chosen to hear and enjoy or relish in the blissful silence. My mind travels to lands that are so beautiful and filled with such life. "Time" is of no importance and the passing season is full of so much change. The sense of excitement, the view of crisp sunsets, the smell of the ocean, as the fragrance passes your nose. I am lost in a world with no walls, accusations or judgments, just a sense of peace, peace in my mind, my heart and my soul.