Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Begin Again!! Make That Choice

Chose your direction.
Lives are so many.
Use this time to improve and learn from all of your Deaths.

Do not fear the Reaper.
He is your guide.
Other Worlds are perilous,
and full of what is not known.

To be advised that "Lives" continue;
Will only awaken you to old thoughts, old ways and old beliefs:
Archaic learning!!

The secret of the Universe that delivers to you a bit of a surprise today is,

It is yours as long as you still are walking upright on this Earth.
Be not unaware to the absolute perfection that has been delivered.
This environment that we exist in can profit our lives with enlightenment and relieve us of our fears.

In this innocence, I believe that this could be the place,
and the time that we could have be given to heal.