Sunday, September 15, 2013

To Propagate A Theorized State

This is an artist's conception of the rogue planet Nibiru, or Planet X. But forget about that dooming Earth -- look out for the top quark.

Doomsday and disembodied brains? Tiny particle rules universe's fate

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Red Defined Grave Not Saved

Language lost to sign,
translation bye the line,
to encounter tougher Times,
multiplies the division of the Social kind.

Shortened Words,
Letters Punctuated,
Que the Learned,
to question answer with silence thought,
interpretation sought.

The average abbreviates,
 Spoken Verse,
understood or is it should?

To locate Value of this Measure,
the Mind does rot,
lost is the vocal thought,
to think letters really plot.

As each sentence shows punctuation's spot,
this seems All but devious in Lot!!

To stay abreast of a hash tags cost,
the code seems broken,
not even Morse taught.

As if it's Anger complementing,
or Help pleading to a Scene,
the screen is a shrunken and hand held ream!!

Will Books be lost to digital streams,
as it seems electricity dreams.

The touch or the feel of any thing,
no longer bound by leather rib,
the sewing seems the missing bid.

The smell of the Parchment,
is replaced by the Smog we breath,
negativity streaming in the Air,
remains unseen.

The Media of a Global read,
delivers Death as acceptable loss,
 a calculated bleed,
as if Life is being themed.

The distance of the reality seems,
remotely life is extinguished,
 through only a Computer;

The blood runs without the trigger being pulled,
but shot like a Video from a remote hold.

The Eyes that lose Their lives,
to bullets, bombs or threats not in Sight,
witnessed by only humming flights,
the whistle of the stunt,
a developed plight.

No longer persons face to place,
safely parked in chairs that lounge,
thousand of miles create a safety zone,
separate reality now using Drones.

Acceptable risk,
no such thing,
cause this man, the drone is thing,
known only now,
as collateral damage of 'round.

How lonely death has become,
as War digitizes Feat as Run,
Satellites are eyes to sight the fight,
presumption assumes,
 that immanence looms.

Sets the Pace,
erasing traced,
no gun in hand,
the phone now lands,
the deed to how disaster plans.

The word of man,
now death in land,
no more boots to ever stand.

Silence quiets the Over-Head violence,
no longer maybe,
a definite plane in view,
now who spy's,
who is who?

Following the Future with excursion to Space,
will be subject to the questions replaced,
now accused of not a race,
the ventured journeyed is to rule this state.

To delve further into an answer,
requires punishment so it's said,
instead the line was crossed and red,
delivered the liberated to stand instead.

For if the deadly weapon fired,
from the distance of required,
landed to expose a dirty deed,
it still does kill and innocence will bleed.

Breath extinguished to prove a point,
the cost of such to punish done,
the probable only increases sum,
more are dead to punish done.

The Sum of Lossed,
the rubble shows grave,
a suspected plot is a propagated thought,
to increase the current,
and kills just brought,
the communicated increased summed a plot.

Explanations ready seemed terms are saved,
little is made from the deaths of raid,
the more we're told,
the more it seems a given play,
just delivered on a different day.

Fear will ravage,
it appears so savage,
now the looks to skies in the World we share,
seems to cause most to stare,
is this a return or a bombs repair,
the N.S.A defends their dare.

Social Media a Global blare,
will it be the G.P.S. that shares our where?,
will it then be said from a chair,
subject identified shots are Wares,
bombs away as we stare,
now is Death worth this fare?

The Continue, A Twin Flame Release, Too Complete

There is this story,
so old that Time Itself bows out of it's keeping.

Before it was and in such simplicity,
We were.

Standing in existence and gazing into Eternity,
another value with the measure of forever,
it had to have been,
a second in a moment's grace.

Brought together by more than chance,
the plan was the stance of whom knew,
how grand the life of Two joining as One could be!!

The example,
of how to value the gift of the Cosmos,
as it streamed into what is deemed.

The vast and ever growing Universe at play,
this dynamic would be the guide,
showing us the Way!!

Being the Tell and mapping out the coming Hell,
as not a disaster,
but a route to a rapture,
so we may Continue,
not be kept or imprisoned by stature,
rather complement each in After.

The recovery of what has been lost,
can only be found when you wake to know,
the sound of Two roaring as One,
a numerical lead.

The unity of an eternal flame produced,
the burning desire to grasp the truth,
a recognized and valued root.

In Growth 'we' suffer reality,
with Sight 'we' gain ability,
in Remembrance 'we' embrace our Source,
in Constance 'we' know our tomorrow Our Now.

This is the example of how,
the show of a cosmic stow,
the beauty of such a throw,
a natural glow,
the shimmer of a Know.

Natural understanding,
in a magnetic connection,
nurturing the guidance of only what we were taught,
in all but silence.

I say,
be who you know yourself to have been,
shine like the sun that will never set,
recognize the glory of the light shed upon the Moon in her darkest sted.

The most incredible route,
the source of which I tout,
know your shout is the ample voice,
provided so you may make a choice,
know you're noise.

Forced opinion, 
the gag that will silence a sign,
will bury you in an uncomfortable find.

The Tomb of an extinguished life,
lost too sound and never to be found,
it will be the burial shroud,
and it proves to be the death of only what is known,
as the doubt that is cast upon the innocence of faith in an eternal deed.