Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Click to Cluck


Lathered language collected bits,
reins of leather bridled tips,
impulsion driven bead to trued,
magnitude intently shrewd.

Pulse of prod to thumbs-up nod,
grinding work to bucket list,
sanctions write a classical fight,
stadium built to open spite.

Heels down to balanced ride,
dressed to kill in verse of stride,
the momentum will never tie,
crossing stalled to lead in halt.

Vicarious Views,
to never say,
the door you've opened upon such days,
monitor's count whilst computers prey.

When what is said begins to seed,
the growth becomes a given read,
the strength to dream remains a theme.

The wonders of the treasure found,
created more to enhance what's bound,

to find the reason albeit treason,
the brand of Irons a stirrups leg.