Friday, September 12, 2014


Life It Self is a detail thus the equation,
plural round in the calculation a sound,
foot atop the shoulder is the Feat,
wake to thy able and water the spring,
true worth will walk with a skip to treat,
drown the shake a measure sures glass.

Too view the talent thru growth a Ste,
burrow a fig thy crate shell bake,
shore a Starfish than a fossil clams,
work the Muscle a smile brands,
these shallows are Wades to pool.

Swim while breast-Stroke arms in Tempo,
dig a turf the same breathe shovel hole,
test limits verse a production states,
a graph on the pulse at Heart-a-fate,
swing lane to trip than Trip a stall.

Strewn cane Sugar beets bamboo say,
art Tick affords the paints a Wind doe,
brushes kept in wash with plate canvas,
bucket a Spool with swirl, shark Tank,
aye Lands of opera a Torrent sat.

In late to track the Course of silks,
ready-to-run the gates are A purse,
bet the long-Shot odd @sees watch,
dismount the ride it is Collar scratch,
start the Position in best case spot,
the Number Rachet said mechanics,
deep sea Symph. on a leads line.

Jockey position in 'The Fell' miss take,
the Origin of the Sand Itself will Spill/Sill/Cilla in Swallow Wing Ansa!!

Craft a scope to tell-a-lens a Pawn the open sport,
the game of laughter at-on stun reminds the Talk of Bakers lot,
with a beach of strolling caught the sand with banks so high,
that often got the Cardboard done to the ride Slide Tribe.

At base of bottom the cover Taught`on was look as you Joy,
these basic lists of Check-off kit is import detail in drapes of shy,
to total beach from britch to Stern the Golden Gate at peel,
much to the binocular view the Cliff above gave Cry,
but on the foot of no-pun the stroll was less advised,
one two Spun the art so hung that eyes popped red disguised.

More my own stealth of true un-well the embarrassment on worn,
the bounce about while ball and Flaunt the put was rather guys!!

Now I have grown to know the form at youth I was at vice,
however truth to Form those day came with a light,
in the frock like Greeks at Tack the sling so Fastened the button,
ask not for Under-thought was educative without the lock,
not so beach add Viced,
the strip to spun in wise!!

Too each his Own the balance known a party`Picnic with a bone,
a radio @Antennae the clock with time on phone,
my personal Watch was on the waves as the gentle Rolling full gave peace of Mind Fold stock,
to blink awake in Midst of shake well laughing was a Told,
so grace became my stole.

The lesson is to bring the lid and Cap the open with a jig,
to make at ease the obvious or the Scene is live,
all in the dance of the scare in a dare,
to make ill those that be Tide.

Tung Str.

Art draw to Sea pleat at brush of the Flange,
Waves ron to pree seat the evident dawn.

up`On the canvas Orion true stell,
writes tronk Shorn dial the lands!!

Should the lisp be Shot with granth,
than shell the Clam count grit to Oil in sand,
to Tusk Ivory!!

Tar-Aunk the chill will Ice,
in 'Is' of a larry~Car on the worth of Tongue spoke.

Sheer the great to a Nigh in sate,
the glass Shackles,
while the cuff Gums to spit fire,
the Shackled ankle,
a Gree thy stamp chomps with Teeth Matter.

In No discipline,
cork Order the pop bottle Nose,
the sound of Lech precede S noised Context!!

Strand tube straddle,
the Lye in lore Ax, dominates no matter,
for the scrub in Core/corn has gleen,
Con~Go rib to jim'it,
a Crib thorn,
brass tack thumb the Eme Print to a desk,
gone Pour'N!!

Trey Thatch