Monday, July 3, 2017

In Honor Of Joe Fargis!! {Ready GOOGLE, please send now. The time on my acer is 11:37 AM on 6/29/2017, say hello to the Janitors for me!! Lots of 'just love' :)}

GOOGLE please deliver this when I finish it to John Rothman at KGO 810 AM on-air for Ronn Owens on the Ronn Owens Show now June 29, 2017 at 10:59 AM, thanks, Karen A. Placek

Reminded of the truth at the San Francisco basic Classical of the government to know the Police were left out,
it the event to the death of my best friend,
he hanged himself on the timber of his grant,
touch lumber as the bench in the Park gave rinse to this concert,
it is with each individual that does not spark that fire to the forest,
it is the full-blown blow in-order for this torch to burn this World to the harness of my throttle,
revere nothing as this note is the letter eh!!

Grasp this as the Grand Canyon on a Million a pawn millions,
the screech awl explained through my pen Men ship,
I bravo this to the C.B as James Blunt bush whacked at the corner to great his personal botch,
the patch-Work to Robin Williams as the overlook to that belt,
grain to salt be the pepper that does not exhaust this how for the First Responder!!

I have memory?,
first hand look of shock and horror at Jim Jones,
on Geary to the Post Office how fitted this pipe of heir waves,
the shore is my back to brake more than I would be handle of gassing,
oil in the rig to the Salad of Caesar?,

General fashion to that is that Dave would have been dead before the grace of his family meeting my Mom,
should that turn my mother made that day at the Tenement been left not strike,
should that day been halt and not Walked,
should the Haight not been the ash buried,
should the smoke not been the arms of hugs that my mother gave to invitation to d.g.,
the dust on this jacket of my dress would be not on this short to you this day the 29th of June on any year,
the balance of bit to hip on the 1969 grasp is to follow nothing as it is your snot John Rothman,
it is your tiers.

Be of the yard,
the prison of human chortle,
the kick in the basement where I was smothered,
the dead of the breadth of my song to his lyrical Opera?,
what waltz will can to the Square of this Pyramid of a Sphinx on the found,
dose the treasure of the Mormon grip your chore to the Tale of Iron,
is the Jim that you cannot find the jump off the Golden Gate Bridge with the car in the trip,
is the Balclutha the boat or the shipping knews to speak a trail at the price of the San Francisco Police?

For I it is the trouble and the some that held to the train g of the San Francisco Police,
the barn with the MEN that did not confuse body language with sexual engagement of what,
it was the lift to the eye that made me ask that horse more,
I did not have to turn about to know that the speaking was of History,
now on that Dave would have been his origin name Eden Sundown and Guyana the coffin,
for his mother would have done the evil of the complete Jones on this the first time tale to compass,
it was murder/suicide as all the kids like me at the same age as I died without a cry,
the force of the Koolaid put compiled to only Jim Jones and yet it is the obvious,
parents that choked and break to the will of the Preacher on the seems,
and that throw your arms in the air to praise the Texas ***bourne Timothy Mcveigh.

Simplicity is the Occam of this Ray Soar,
be tribe to what has never been told to the fact the Toll had a Sconce,
it was the City Office that prided with the Jim Jones and then. . . . 
as Armstrong and Getty say "Study history" for that is what the Press a dent said to due.

Sew there it is thread to the Silk Traitors on the freak in to the Mayor today as Ed Lee disguises this fax,
the streets to the Alley of the full to the brows of kids from all over the United States,
coming from know where to maybe find their Minds,
the signs,
again and again nobody stands!!

It is the choice to be whom you choose not for I to say to choice that chop is lambing,
the Deer at the Dolphin to radar of M*A*S*H, 
for the Vultures comprehend and that vocal traveled from Continent to my ear?,
it was the 'Ship to Guyana' crates that I recall for you this hour,
it was the cyclone fence the boarded up church that haunts my clarity for you Mr. Rothman?,
it is the butcher at Petrini's.

The journal to that was my mother and I going to the grocer,
the shop Ping,
that Black Man whom love just stopped to bare,
the pain as the story to the disappeared,
I recount this as I do many countable loose forms of shapes in the brain of my birth,
I am a Savant,
a genius at the age of three,
diagnosis by the *officials, 
maybe now you can fathom to the depth of this levity as Steve Jobs was a genius at or after death?

For no-challenge,
for the buffalo at the speech of confirm,
for the Men that Officers today should be learn,
all gone and lost at the bends,
just a Lombard.

good show for Ronn Owens is a beacon,
a lighthouse in this storm as **Alan Colmes passed on to the situated,
in kindness and stoop,
I pigeon as the sewer Falcon,
the squab is not a message in the sands of Times in Ages,
it the fact that Alan Colmes taught regardless of the preach,
whether the stipulation caused rift or Tide,
the sands of counted made ready the vibe!!

*Dr. Louis Vuksinick and Dr. Byron Kilgore, Doctor in San Francisco, California, California and noted on my blog The Secret of the Universe is Choice!; B William Kilgore Inc: Vuksinick Louis M MD  
Doctor in San Francisco, California, Address3020 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123

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***Waco siege - Wikipedia

The Waco siege was a siege of a compound belonging to the group Branch Davidians by ... The incidentbegan when the ATF attempted to raid the ranch. ..... ATF agents felt the newspaper had held offpublication at the request of the ATF for at .... The children were then interviewed by the FBI and TexasRangers, some for ...

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Evaluation of the Handling of the Branch Davidian Stand-Off in Waco ...

Sep 15, 2014 - Waco, Texas which ended on April 19, 1993 when fire consumed the compound, ... independent interviews of some witnesses. ... against the Davidians' religious beliefs. ... the negotiatorshad strong objections to pressure tactics they felt were ... The FBI did anticipate that a fire might occur at the compound.

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Apr 18, 2013 - Two survivors and an FBI agent recount the 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian ... In the spring of 1993, the Branch Davidian Christian sect gained ... By the time Lois Roden died in 1986, Howellhad taken over and .... Some of his family were killed by the ATF [the Ruby Ridge stand-off happened in 1992].

18 years after Waco, Davidians believe Koresh was God -

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Under Mexican law, Austin was authorized to form a militia to ward off Indian raids, capture criminals ... The Texas Rangers played an important but little known role in this conflict. ... The luck Walker had after Mier did not hold. ... Unfortunately, the problem that had made some kind of statewide police force necessary in the ...

Ashes of Waco : Author interview

They also discussed all sorts of political and philosophical topics that arise when one .... News was suing the government saying, 'you can't hold people incommunicado. ... And at the FBI/ATF press conference they had doughnuts and coffee. ..... At some point, it was put off limits for sanitary reasons, but there was a gap.

From Post to Post

What a dream on the Times in the go on my memory foot to the George Noory Show,
*Coast to Coast the story of the NDE to staff the tactile of the Hey Lo!!

At the venture of the body to the Feat,
a simplicity of more then this earth for the Stars on the recept,
signature piece to this earth and the Silk Trades,
oh how the Worm Holes anxious no tremble,
the spin of that spiral speaks to the opening of the traveling clued.

As this earthly weeps to the ground on the bog of never meeting,
it is i this that James Blunt must know as I have in the finally got the vault to go,
in natural status of my comprehension as every verb Noun's!!

Across that dreaming corvace to no drift for the stars on the belt of vocal Orion,
thanks for the freeze ask not the glacier ice for the drank,
each cell speech to the Oyster,
it is the pearl of a diamonds beach!!

brilliance at the language to course exit,
singing the chapter to the buffalo on the watering of my memory,
horse to that is the chive,
a parsley in the creek!!

Flat Mountain,
a breeze to tickle my funny as the elbow of my thigh,
a robotic response to the receipt,
registered to the fact that I have not had any human contact in the five plus'd years,
for I made not the same mistake rather I shored to a phone on that Blunt talk,
the Back to Bedlam made for the fortune of this today June,
a record on the find brings great thank you's to the World on her Cheers!!

Sniffle nothing as this is more the light of the bolt to the Oriental weave,
a floor ride to explanation for those Coast to Coast list in's,
sew thread to your story and glory fabulous as the chore to the outer realm is a different live,
the sped of light's to the Stars under my stature makes this written a stream,
no pebble for the stone,
not a bounce from the smoke to the shone.

Might the Human Race real eyes,
may the hugging that ceased in such scratch envision more to the cloud,
ship to that the style of harness that invites communication of more than a chorus on a jazz trombone,
miser not the context to tomorrow from today to the travel of these words,
the language of the universe to the galaxy feels.

Strong technique to a dime exploration,
the rocket forest with the green number of dialed,
this is the song of shaved,
a razor on the cliff to understand that life is beautiful and our ankle here is our sands friend did!!

To this United States of America that felt the Antler to the rub,
seasons in the sun to tack the moon on the owl bum of only your treat,
may this be of your stick to music on the Shakespere of Einstein with Tesla,
the math and arithmetic to NASA more than a romantic clock,
surely the adventure of now is James Blunt is on this Hemisphere,
the clank of this land to the read.

The shift to Plato in the saddened grief,
I crumpet only a now traveled to standard a principle,
the deeds!!