Wednesday, November 19, 2014


As rocks are the pebble on the rolling moves in score of the mountains contain,
a recognition of the Top as the Hat in same is of interest to the captivation of late,
in show on the heels of subject same a Venue in the article is breaking captions,
date to term in the cover of the stern is the Ink of print via extra on the Form of Invitational.

As calendar on the shelf with additional Tell is as the ease of the Wares in the staff of sail,
to gage the involve is to beg know question for the Mount of the Tribe on a quest of said,
from the list in the audience odd in staged Screens that Odyssey in each a Page,
umbrellas with a core representing shore is of sport to an Ancient writing in door!!

Now as The World is turning language at the abbreviation of Talk a sand in the which,
desert in the Native with Grand Canyons creek is the Operation of evolution at speak,
silence on the University of Thought versing logic as the level in the gears of Lot,
map to the spoken in Revelation to spot a drink for the flavor and a Spice in the Crop.

Salt work in the Minds of sparking an ignition is as the lightning on the Eve of apply,
thunder as the roar inch per the rain is a Snowfall of great rise in short on The Done,
for the east of coastal lakes to the drive have received in a Three day supply,
a year to the gage of past on record has just proven the Impossible at store.

To know of the value at measuring Flinch a bit of bred & Honey is dear to the bench,
so lastingly to 1st in deed as Waves are Tidal See the branch of reckon is the eyes of beam,
shower in the dress Make-Up is suite atop a Sing the microphone in ample is Acoustically in theme,
not to the negative of at Apron of the seam rather letter in the scope of Nightly dreams.

Collaboration centered with a Horse in collection is bending at the Pole for an Arena direction,
grab the Main in intent and allowance is reflection for no would want the counter move of darn,
with education on the form of laptops skill a stellar at the cycle and a bit of pickle Shilled,
skull is bones with Crossing thumbs as Crows do magistrate,
in shall the Square be of a dance and not a venture straight the least of all in spake!!

The reef of Bermuda to the dragons triangle on admission Earth is a circle of an awful greater tension,
Crete is of the Ancient Lands in Egypt of the gree,
as meant to be of A Sound than the Canyon does it ground per Pores of echo crowd!!

A tale with the Mail in a sending by a cup,
to Grail as the coffee and beans the grinders sup.,
to breakfast with a Timber is a butchers block in cut,
fork the shroud to down the bound than meeting is of luck.

Yet I cannot help but know in wonder on this shirt,
a pair upon the setting is the Apple bearing soot,
for Salt & Pepper have their Trades with silk in Spools of gifts,
but in the Reminded of such Pheasants the chicken is of budged.

Pigeons that are in the point of foot to speakers dial,
rotisserie is made to be the campfires in the duck,
taste is Wise as reason hugs in with Many More's detailed,
so Class the room with Elephant School as Sociological be ruff. 

Levi Made In The U.S.A. Home Denim

Oh where is it that People Flight shall Thy Walks be of the Counters in the World Ra,
in that Sun of the blast on the travels Universal bring the Being Bull Born to gallop the Fought,
joint by the Hip in each a hop to the Skit of Human Balk as the Forward Future in tune finders beams.

Those shoulders upon the Songs of sailing the booms of Nature at the finest lather in sweat of Lust,
shop me the Tender of shrug to deliver the body talk of speech in the language of these dry Timers,
in Ages of the bedding with the shelf as the covers of the Cliffs it is that Mountain rain I feel Topped,
sky Hello you are the Venture of my Crew!!

Stride with foundation of grounds to turmoil should that be your locker to life in Bahut but,
I counter Pandora on the cusp of blown Open to the digital sounding boards of Reason to whisk a Moon,
torn from the bellow for the Instant Move in the Scores task at the Portion of Feast,
at thesis meet an Ass donkey carried the message on through Crucification to brought full born,
task this Mission Bells call to the slant of the A on Alpha texting Omega by friendly Falls,
oh for the water of the wise that spelled it out in their dreams to me in the Elemental Flame I burn by Name!!

In structure of the Carriage without a Coach I guide this Matter to the touchdown goal of Life Itself,
in broth of no Soup I bear Witness to destruction of the Sailors on Trust of Shipping News,
with genes as The Cell of Counters on the bell breaking Wise the bangers to this it is Rise!!

There is no ash at the embers of the Stations to ladder the Script to a Scientific reason of list,
for that is doubters by R.I.P.!!

The Church in their compass of fe constantly framed is the gold in their pockets of lockers,
on their is the witnesses that Saints would burrow beneath to A Void of silent screaming,
in those boxes of held that scat which samed in the holds of Dungeons I scourer your Scorchers.

Pirate that plank of walking Upright while Humanity is in this Titan release of the shadows echo,
in tunnel are the Seals braked for increased are the Monies on the belts of Holdings in Hip,
scot me a measure for I cloth the Coat with denim and not a Moat.

Treasure the Waist as a grip to the handle of this Waltz I am one in the extraction,
for I dance the Two Timers to Ballroom of Lives in the balance of Seats touch realize,
speak a Forum bring the Table of known with an Original that Says Storm!!

A Roar in the light of a battery on bright for the pointed paddle in the Ores of vaulted by bing,
trigger the living to strike not death for that is a Mirror Given to the Hell of chalk on flower,
shan't the verbal reproach Caste the shale to dock a Pier with sense of A Stand to Venued by Land,
fright me a Tiger with the clause of expression with no hurt just the Nails of gotcha Ya by the breach,
in this sober the river with no flounder for that is the dream of the Fresh Water fighters on Scale.

A Ladder construction of the Numerical Polarity that decide of The Journey to the riders paused,
in the ankle deep chill be Freeze for the boots are the Tinsel of Awaken with a shocker of Cropped!!

By Magazine Shoots

Off The Cuff Chords Butt In Fly Courts

ask The Pope in robbed of ring and slip in Retirement on the Uncle of Rick,
as Ink Can will write tot the tremble in the vice of Outre spelt with Latin lacing,
in the now of his buckle Mi shoe of paper on Papyrus in thus Modern say War,
in verse of known by the letter of law will come as Quest answers Summed.

To speak of Natural rhythm in The Perseus of flight driven to left trails of Workered,
touch Note on A Backer in the Towards of a Furthered line of limber to smokes the Tribal sump,
desk Class of File and Hand an Inks well in the middle darned dam,
releasing On or per the sanctions of the pass in the Land of Whom shells the writ.

So bust that hammer as All Punned in Mount of ridge on the lather of brow to Curtain Calls,
raising Cain in ability to the Tower of the babble in the Tweeters of that Hash on burial blasts!!

Grave the Yard as a Mile in the Sharp at Vega via Aspen to walk the inch on Magnet with Mappers,
inasmuch of the Grid grinders production yawns to tribal the beets with Fertile raising bleed pumpers,
in Christmas of Easter on the Egg Hunt of Lost in Pages as People of personal decision by Voice,
in the vocal on Arms that embraced the Calendar of a certain in bearings grand the tender as Child.

Guild my birth with lucifer at girth Satan in the Classroom and apathy on Earth,
rise fourth my Commoner lock to announce not a death but a Proxy by Stock,
in the fodder of fined to the basket weaving Jock as sacks in the hangers on the withering Bach,
piano the Pope with a Mouth full of Soap for the subject Matter in Comet is Ice with atop of dust.

Grab the Whisker of the Nine Tale Cat asked of Spice to grasp the Cup of coffee in bean greens,
for the grow of Mustard in spread of seeds to the blustering Winds on the Iconic Freeze,
clatter the Wisdom whilst The Catholics go Dock to that Porch on the Lamp riders crotch.

So far over the court in Count on Blunt as the Ages in reals are the Dark Lords revealed,
bank the shirt with Lust in my frame as the push to the grind is the equal of Same,
etch no draw for the stick stray of hand is Nautical in Whom is the Swimmer of the depth to dinner!!

Tablet tells the @spot from letters to latch for should the Concerned been stimulated in burn,
that the knees would have not crawled with evidential be balled KNOW,
appearance in Actual is the stride of All with the Worry in the hold of being Human to Hug,
at any Enders full core the Game it is the Liars I call by Appropriations in Flame.

Torch the Fire to Elemental in not desire but from the Origin of Life in and Of Itself be Wye,
these hours are the Minors in a Opus of the Operators at making disaster found by revealing the Cast,
in crib of Universal Divine Law to spell Test on the Emergence of quilt for that Stitch It's Hell on Heaven 'Fell' to earth written Uprising while know Person concerned made evident by Bell Freed!!

So quick to ready pale This Action is the Hour of Eleven in the taste of Nine on chaptered,
in Text Recordings on Google for the Felt of rub on the spring Antlers loved,
than the season of The Begin an truth to the sail of 'The Continue' it does remain to be Scene,
for Change is the double-edged Sword of memory on the Lakes of filled by slain Port blood.

The Popes Pharaoh With Name Tradition


Fees that charge the knee bent double over to that task of a bough frame lull,
the product place of meant to habit the scene with no answers of quest mashed,
in the process of vibration to the Text of the Marrow on the bones of the Tribal rebuke casers,
on the bear of the rich to the Cave of wisdom on the Winter of the season of lives in the Means.

Body the apron with a touch of shoulder to square the lift not slop the copper stones snail,
in trades at the brain for Fire is of Vein with the flow task as the leg is the elbow of an aye,
therefore and by Creed to honor the decide is to in addition speak former with a Real,
traits that have in tread bin trashed for choice of Life also worry the up of Steel.

Sword this sharp to the Hinge that The Catholics dare to Counter the dial as a Shield,
for any the BLEEP no Priest is privy to the tactile breast of reality in lathe,
there Countenance of reFramed has dropped their sperm to the mouths of solution without deposited births,
in this The Catholics have entered by actual the Stub The Tow in after the Before of the louds,
to even suggest yet it is not the Suggestion rather Stated Fact of only open venue to the Witches,
as cloaked under beneath the Hanging ropes telling of Thumbs at the Coliseums of lives,
in rivers that Ice to the breaking of Nature cast your shallow belief to the gum on Slip stirred.

Satan leather with able in the Cain industry of speak with a Tweet on the real of know MEET,
from the back of the decision by Choice of the inside gut Que trip Questions to pane in blots,
as the Ink doth drive to change the Names on the Popes ride to accommodate a tradition in bed,
robbed of Character yet burning with Saint in bone throwing sames as the Centuries in Leant.

Grab the skull of the Mallet split goal and re-side the Spear with the Wei-Fie at steer,
a bull trots run with the Slaughter House son as the Cows of delivery in the brands of stun,
to cast suck in The World on the Rough that is the Pick of Swine in a duct of Piper per Pete,
whistle task Tradition with hose on the wrist send than bit that Curve to the Fast balls at Nerved.

So thank the bearing of the compass of Naturals on the board of life in the remembrance Scales,
talking the Cuts to the lather on the Browse to back the sack as not in the needed of the spurt,
to cycle with the Basis of the reason of the Wisdom is to commit to the Religion versing pleats,
this being Now and that being land than in the midst of denial the Class sick deterred the Hows by proxied @deep sea`d Ptah!!


Swallow the be in an empty Humanity for the breadth would be to inhale a subject Matter,
as exhalings is a sigh and thunder is a sound lightning is the bolt trust the .....
inasmuch of comprehension a provision to touch on that particle of breeze in the reign of Cosmic,
the shout of the furious comet on a path to destination across the Ages in the sailing begin,
former to the same in delivery of pane a look at the Elemental in an elements bedrooms loomed.

Crashing with a rock Hot case of understanding on the come in the Tide of Galacatical,
the timing of the find to the Nature in the flights on the bedding times of know certain to came,
for in the rise with simple space a sheet by the design of driven with sights on the soar to same rains,
shooting Stars in the value with distance undetermined the start of the life in a fires express of knows.

Shallow are the whites of eyes to the mystery of such clocks in breathing at a pace rating be laced,
all the concerned greaters in massive revelry placing growth with deliverence in stretching out the reach,
a lapping Flame on the Comp of doors crossing thresholds ask dimensional shores the grace,
to be riding heights of ecstasy on heeding landing last the power in the freeze melting all the ice,
embers flying language lights starry hour the mids of nights expressing the glory of the darkest bytes,
to have had the church girth religion to bend the dollars weaving stew and not release the shoe,
standing on alters blasting endings painful sewage is not appreciation for the Work it takes in dues.

Be a moment in the Minute of the actual mechanical crew looking at the pews filled with wiggle moves,
now counter Thought to brain in mental stations on reaction basis than sight a good scary & chew,
down come the certain emotional trades Up with fright in excitement on the big kaboom.

Controls on the stages for the curtains done the Century in over the couple Thousand Years a clue,
why should the dribble chose to change the points of spew as Collection is the Mass and then is equal ewes,
flocking to the terror of Chapel just to game excused less People have forgot the Teller listens loose,
in Mind of body sole to cloak the deep sighs on express of counting Marbles in tied to a fret bearings,
present list with nightly bliss in the system sleeping shots as drinking is the commons,
pour a glass of Goods to no T.V. or broughts the singular constants to the known in B.C. Flu.

Tree of knowledge to the Robes of Crosses that grab sale,
a hold for shock the eyes go grassed as bough is deep Tale,
that slow walk to the platform talks an office or the field,
idle hands without a plow are Idle Minds of mail.

Box this with a verse of Shades in makers on Machined,
gears that still are working sleeves with reports that establish Stongs,
Mountain courts Valley in the bridge of a scale on the Falls of the Water in Role,
a quest is the ability to journey composition with a steady on consistence,
shall that building of original Origin with a Opera than the symphony is true reality of Nature at play.