Thursday, December 11, 2014

Prism A Yeuk Caw Wrist

Bridles Bits & piece work for the Club of riding is the Tack of basic, no Not really,
being educated by the Witness to clinic on professional actioned more than Thrice,
one for the Nose Band than there is the Brow Band a crown,
the Cheek pieces are separate until joined by the mouth of bit chose,
in reins the pre Verb is braid or rubber than massive decides beyond that tie-in Noun,
width of the throat latch is match to the Head Band of the split to ensure the steady thrown,
for shall the tumble go to the Ears of over Corker than once a grab of Mane remains to drag a long the Crest.

Sport to The Saddle long flaps Short cuts Close Contact deep seat Knee rolls on the pinch,
steep are Cross Country jumps that heels down is something but really it is two, the horse & You.

Period dot that Central in leaping but ink Gallop track to bumps, ditches, culverts, telephone posts,
standards in the height is wide to the score a tempo for the canter in extension of the floor,
sixteen foot stride to Karmic back the number A Reminder of the walk is before the Course work spot.

As leather is of Ancient craft to Tale of the Awl, stitch to make the Saddle shingle greats to safety core,
girth is string or made solid rib again the comfort pleasures,
a pad to protect the sweat from lather on the lessor,
still in cleaning I appreciate the Men whom built the tree,
for With that technique of gift I have enjoyed the horse by Neat.

Wonder did once plunder me in thought to such exact,
the craftsmanship to supply lift the curves that grabbed I got,
that added place to know of trace a stamp of brand of brass,
irons on the ride is form to better in the based.

Olive oil in the supply of first the scrub of grim,
a bucket with the water time A sponge to wipe the hide,
at heavy parts the Toothbrush starts to lift the sweats to like,
the place of remember love A person on the find.

Castile soap is really what is used to part the sign,
in the order of the second on the fact of loved,
than the Thought a good ole brought I riding trails Mind,
a cow did furnish this to seat and that is pretty dimed.

The smell of leather is divine for this I cannot lie,
a wonderful in scent of miss is always on my signed,
for in the breath of cycle list or B.D.S.M. in vibe,
the wears beget the memory let & a deeper signal binds,
those times of just the simple state riding on the beach of gave, a horse to Snake my life.

Watt Draft With A Bit Of Bloke

Touch Post era of Religions dogma at commerce of the listener to the reading stability,
in chorus of memorandum learning the actual text was remanded to sector of chapel,
in priest of porch that dictation was thumb brought to tasking pew benders ill,
cavity of hell born thistle with a drink of cope till death of merry gentleman lady,
skirts Hemmed from Robes of mark in paper the alphabet was letter chaptered,
minus the trait of capture The Bible has roll casted many a whip to the literal step dead.

Doctor on prescriptions to the lift of spirits in same to calendar times with depression or lisp,
pop the bottle with a script tab the swallow ask of equip the Tell is 'I don't know it works' cost,
perth finders of Islands in kangaroo Hoppers for shall the question Walk the lip states dough.

Ingredients tally not understood for chemical is recipe of the Churches gone Science in a cult,
can't define the parts of bind yet paste the goo in got,
rinse the tongue with Don't understand the Tone is a Cop,
crate on to the boarders tune in jail inking send,
refusal to compiled hymn is just simply not for taught.

Crow the version with a dove than Crane the flight to fight,
the mixture of the scene is not exact it hits the grape,
wrangle that with a two word add than morph the clock to Wow,
not a connection rather the action of Real Worlds lock.

Arson on the mind of squire in the Horse of tack,
understanding Coach is foot the Man is Tale of Rote,
furthermore the Cambridge scores Professor made godmother spot,
teaching cancer with a start, the Key, the dish, the butcher.

Cut a shackle Hobble back the stake is driven deeply,
a snubbing post that Satan showed was Paul on grounds of stop,
the corral in backyard Cow went to bring a last,
at time of question look into the Eyes of body lot.

The depth of carriage with the mix is Message on the fought,
get A Man forthwith this stand Ask Mule he hit the dot,
answer without a Man by taught than death will be a toss,
for any good Skinner would know a girl in catch.

Hinges on the Cooks door Path a through to go on back,
shift the work to food on quirk the teach begets the roast,
yorkshire pud the best in good The House of Prime Rib,
napkins cloth the table wrought is ease for understood.

Bar the Host to stool of boat a Cocktail with an Umbrella pop,
ice cubes central talking caught for that is The Pink Hippo of The Barkeep at a Rock.

Inn Wok Offered

The ewe have A Gree of bit at called a Curb snaffle byte in cart to left The Horse,
in practice of Dressage the time under saddle is A Pea Off the rear is oft Tack change craft ore,
in anciently spout of pore scored to the double bridle At Test is arena Fell of Thorough bucketed,
in oats of soak to the Cod Liver oils in stretch the Flax Seed is not of brush from stroke,
in luck is accidentals on the Test of-familiar striking remarkably all recorded in of readied,
to balance of shape to the backward Effect of Keyhole introduction Complete absolute just Happened and yet,
the guidance of theme to pail of grain hath ladder to poke the simple complex,
moors to log in the stick of Thought is brambles at thicket of portion to fern,
untrained in official Time Told earth has ampled a continuum that blankets wet curd.

Computers are Us in the bank of Gnu for the sickle ist branch the reach of a fund,
in pocked Elementary to shaving the stub it is the Hare growth of The Flash flood river Bends.

Shop upon the shagger a corporeal Jag in mustard at the barn a trail in the shunned,
for course on tackle is of learning to the stoke In Fire of the placard to the behind offered Mule,
didst not the preface to Pre Script stun not improve that skill of doctoring steeps the feed tell mold,
sprouting from the sit is bigger than the R.I.P. tongue of a classical in further on the kit,
disappointment must erect the perk to know I'm shoulder held with character of role,
tsk to the Fein pleasure to the Foe in Friendly shudder blinking the rake is all but Pole.

Vector calmed the shot while People mirror or Flex b.d.s.m. in loaded has deeper scales note,
tucker of the buick Radio on spot An tendency to speaker case is ribbing stance of clot.

James Blunt is the spinnaker a Cockney brought,
pigeon marks the foot of a Saint Bernard gone plot,
hounds of the bask burred Ville a tune in the jock,
may not be of the steady that the Ancient pot.

Soil in the breach of ditches that I jump Court the Flat Work with A Crop,
sitting trot to toilets tip the flushed has Perk to fork of Water Wells a stop,
the Tripod still is Wheeled from the base to Cobble fold,
mortar as the fetch a skip to bounce the Read Ball tot,
singular in breadth of life is not a good I dye.

Learning leaned has Had the colds in freezer burn that prison Keys are corker,
bottle Knows the dolpin Crow the flipper of the poised,
granite to the touch bone trust is slipping from the Rink,
for ice is not of melded that is the Source of ding.

Hammer clapper with this constant of turned broken makes Horse the Spartan~Tight~End,
scarf the Muffler to global chemistry The Hose of inhaled is free to what a garage is stop,
home to bright intellect is trampled by the pub of ignorance and that just makes this dumb,
mute came from the terribles breaking no rule to hope yet innocence is snot,
a blowing of a Choice of brit to The Over^Board american in sync.


Indexed Treacle Came Bridge You Knaw Verse It Tea

A Twist in stranger fate is that Take of issue to the click Posts pass,
that broad spectrum being Hits on exact to symbol the drum with sit,
a kit to lane is either of computer task to word carriage on sliced pie,
previous calendar day Daters with shadow fancied bouncers door Staged,
the movement in a James Blunt graze Which is the curio of chest,
from Minute close to near oar lope the Soap of clam denial Ivy.

Earthly crowd that tacks the Hard is of riding fellow longers,
or in case Put point Plethora as arms with computer head bong,
exes on craft of lovers in the lap to dialing grasp on Twinkle,
James Blunt could not possible ability to such feather Coiled singular,
the coarse of growl in Toner of paintables is Much tell hours.

Troop the romper room fellow and his hand held pony a oink,
pork bellies are on the Planetary vice of Ages vs the sump,
a good art vacuum of Convergence to tron over above Ice-sickles,
Frozen canvas of film in station of Mentality a core stone,
mud to space in dried on paced is a Harness in cart Timers song.

Writers of him vast the grate divide to cycling the orifice of spence,
small cap letter said which Church chills the Tongue of gardner,
beak billiards to Snooker in pool Catch Ninety-two a spank,
no shall the Scramble keep of knee to stand the vertical shrine!!

Hog Warts

What Rocked If Not A Smile In The Steaming Waters Of Miled

Coarse the stamp a sled of cave to dust the dawn at simple,
form of print with language sent is evaluations shorn,
tear the page as that is take to record onward brain,
step the tuttle of that struck fires in the burned.

Hobo crop learned of grass dry upped the whisper,
grew by gossip in the thermal underworn to squab,
pike brown sketchers on the stork is born to tangle snarled,
comb that lean with extra scene than What is ineviable.

Read death at that bunson of burning the smoke in Signals of Cover the Label did broke,
cart to the take in The Vast of a lake in Puddles or ponds operations hour are Times,
boil the flood Vapor to jugged Ink jars the print on the palm of thy Hand,
in finger tip tripped that Measure of bip Radar is dimple The Whale is mug.

Beaches for shorelines Infinity from seat Bellowing sales is James Blunt at the love,
circus the Cancer in constellation of Bull on the Cap it's a Course of the rose,
in hybrid advance to that bright Thimble pricked bled to the dream in Whites of the stick,
dialation of balls the pigment of Eyes colors that Rainbow to the symbol of Cause!!

Be neat to A Circle bean wise to the String for within of the Line is that Sign,
to letters on riddle a couple of symbols try to that Breadth in cover or Cleft.

Sheets to the notes a bass drop forms Cliff edge with a Trail it is the next Fest.,
party to Traits wisdom ore reason Shales is slate chalk Boards speak of gate,
thrush to the Whistler it is A Bird once in a Story now fable be chimed,
ground Nye with a tablets Qsl of the find mark on the Ax it is North West of a Cow,
crow on the shoulder World for marble in Granite a Statute rails the smooth,
opera touch Teller phonetics Mirth.

Cinders of umbrella at the bridge.

Bannister provide the built and/cork slide Slick be came Gambler truth by a Named,
portion the C.D. with James Blunt as a Teased every in Cycle has a born to that breezed,
no date with a Ham is the Able of span Cain in that Abracadabra of Ark,
rising to shut the porch of the luck 8's with a triple of Zero on brave,
don comma eyebrow with a curl on Fee thus it is a barn of stability treed,
bow with the point of the arrow Art Brings cupio of Cupids for instant on key!!

Wake from the Snore Eve that sleeper on break garden the evening with Dawn of the sike,
walk with a hammer Nails are Spike that battering ram is by Ways of the dam,
Creation brought bang Evolution brings rein Guidance of Torque is simple it's Same,
ride to the Mid of the knight kicked That Plan mapping a marrow with Richness of slammed.

Heave the dead wait throw off the trite stump Feet for the violence socialite crunch,
smashed into Bit convenience is sleek all for the bank in the Mind of a keen.

Youth in the universe A Cosmos grain,
salts in the Fish bread for the pain,
milk of bitter Honey not came,
gross Application it is a slide on My Tame.


Quarter a Religion on Earth as the Fourth of now coming Fifth World,
lens that blink not closure to the brink It is the Cliff of the edge crawled Mankind,
in religion all surrounding this no squirrel on the bottle brush of a know location,
that parking lot of square in thought was in the building of the Nose,
as State of walk is collocated Pier to the pilings of the Tries on the Slip.

Awe but not for the Can knew of the hop scotch to the chalks outlined,
on the crack of the sidewalk stone is the pebble of a kids game in zone,
draw that to the city type in growing is the template of rare or Condor?,
forth the maker on that music Stop a plug pull on told booth on 10th,
trunk up the sound to Torn House an Organ the size of caliber 1st Floor.

Split by tongue Language the gun a tattoo of Concentration delivered,
goods in the hand two birds in the Nest is an Arsenic bell in briar,
tumblers on Pipes in roles on the sight withholdings that stated Camp,
those desk MORE notes than cope it is a task by take of bred!!

Never to bean in the route of the theme A GAIN stood in trump,
lesson on standing with Candor of branding at risk of text to Head,
thought to distribution Poland on rest Toot sun that Moon of the bohemian sky,
drink with flattery shall that bank you're bones the Maze in reed is pontificals,
canon with schedule on a foot auto talk is screaming the butter from silkened locked.

This particular, I conversation, never showered on the since of the coroner,
deadly are the waters that spray scoured in caustic class of free falling rein,
in to buckle my shoe of chest in the same is persona of What talkers our land,
lanes to Towers that shoulders are scold is the Once in the trapper of snap Mi,
took from the teach a Professor of me Was the inevitable Time of tab^old rhyme.

The Clock be corn for Dawn at Ages made not Keep for ankles branded which in that sum,
march to the Hill Stopper on the fame as the shadow casting credit to Craned,
oracles beneath the deck of a skeet fire to the Flames in lapping,
ignited bye From the deliverance of Wrap is Now change in That Pocket craft,
wallets on Picture i.d. Pass port in Tugs that actually spoke drum,
pulse to a Two Man Crew on the Fork is thus Alcatraz by Flag and Corker by Scorned,
pop upper list with a kiln on the Vista than in the clutch of Time It is at a breaker Knot dimed,
sped to guru of Counters at Anew is the calculation of Marked in bar Codes ridden, A Horse Born.

Norse by key thorough Ink breed Race to croft the Sphinx brought Mouth/Math,
snake in the bull Vine of grasp to Cycle/Ages of the delve sealed the being on creation 1st source,
stuper tale Is not the lack of variety Shows on gift Talent however the ex`parity in handler of steamed,
vapor of dusts in coming the core standing As morphed in the equaling claire for most at trite,
alas The box of Chocolatiers in Wonka a Factory of commerce in a single Movie nosed.

See Quelled 

Mc^Gruff^Ease Reader ~ M_I_C . . K_E_Y

Selvage of hand the tile land a spout of day be grain for as I've known my best friend hanged,
there I took the truth to street after great concern Was the bean that strung his move anchored,
the past been done what was done made done the chill of ghosts on his love that groan,
in midst of phone the house he lived locks doors Keys of shock to twist the dagger akin,
writhing in his pane I spot the road that he did most from envelope to stream.

Mind in reading crest of show the eyes that he did last see been The mixture of the scene,
strongly brought get over it Now crate your box to storm,
temperature of heat control the Furnace told his name,
yellow stickers on the sort a remind of theme.

Case of cream the brain at sheen a Mirror of walking on the deck I looked to lather sweat,
pouring glass to after Math the angled thought of bent in talk was more and More's is got,
hallway of the bedroom mall blues paint upon the walls,
running backwards Years of scribe the Vomit, The Bucket, The Pails, the ate at my witness sharp,
holding hand in season song One pant leg to two Pulling cycle with Olay the soap of toilets tongue.

Watt neck sparked the head Watch sparked eclectic trip journey found Words did horizontal,
that tip of list with files R.I.P. no peace my best friend  sounded drum a beat that tangled byte,
nets at the bridge of gate thresholds of confusion courts the landing worked the stump,
cremation burned the burial the Ashes flew the seas of grunt A cigarette to fluke.

Megalith the cache of School you really had to Have lived the stew in boot, in body, in true,
a Medium fought godfly botch A patch that marked the clan of Horse Fly at the Exes,
organism buzzing phone the Copper Wire tell a bone Marrow is the bleed,
meaning Measure patient keep A Medley of the drink Saddles hour girth.

Swimming on the strange as kid a Chimney Swift walked flight,
the sweep of sick in foyer Fence was swords of simple hand held leaps,
droplet Tinctured count swayed hi How many drops are swig,
bottle of my nurse in crow slowed the tummy spear,
yet on the blank of showers sand my mind was in the forward Sands, doom was Mountain Tam,
that flip about to wake in snore the threats of gashed were reality oh how is the inking slammed.

Courtyards inch with gazebo pole A Pool swam laps jacuzzi role`d to soak the pain in grands,
working hurting pushing pulling lifting driving Forklift loving back of Semi spanned the jam,
grease the elbows wrist it arm in the thigh of shin kick core Toe that ribbon counting system,
Operation note the day each at scar of grooved on card The Brains indeed took heavy lead,
not be leave Stand the creed Creation bore this active knee to ride in balanced seat Read.

Newspaper grace the media laid double check the lips take time the 'Power Of Appointment' inked,
with structure 'Ask Design' of quarter the Eye drops of plaster,
muddy thoughts Alarm humanity without a Minuet know limits,
calamity charmed 'The Mass Fire' Flight of death dead be canned to stature loud,
'lungs' sucking red.

Parking plots to Museum crop a tongued power engraved Stones that rock,
box primer touch Examine shock`d at breadth.

Callers shallow boats of 'Cure' apathetic Iron the Handlers,
potwalloper lane of coarse fragments on Pyre ore Reed.

The fertilizer Scent has had An ache Foot Work danced the Earthly stands!!,
more in Frame HOW did survive Groan to know cloud dust Scores a meters powder lightening lives to gave,
hue Man chord the chains AT snore yet growed,
Settled saved.............Tack Rote!! "jar head' dry erased a Pen Sill ligature Note-music, 
branched?, Canal Teach spine Nerve 'select Seminal' Orions bar tars ran,
kicked-Off 'Ox' to dish a Bull,
now the heard is stones!!

Self-Command to schedule Is the What of Sand

  Self  affixed to certain personal pronouns and adjective pronouns gives forms that respectively express emphasis or are used reflexively; as, I myself will go; he has hurt him-self.  Self as a modifier means independent, as in self-government; or automatic, as in self-starting.  Self is a frequent initial element in compound words, being sometimes the object of an action indicated in the second element, as in self-abhorrence (the act of abhorring oneself), and sometimes its subject or agent, as in self-diffusive (diffusive by its own power).  Most of the following words require no definition other than that of the second element.

  • self-abandonment       
  • self-abasement
  • self-abhorrence
  • self-acting
  • self-adjusting
  • self-asserting
  • self-assertion
  • self-assertive
  • self-centered
  • self-cocking
  • self-condemnation
  • self-condemned
  • self-conduct
  • self-consistent
  • self-consistency
  • self-content
  • self-culture
  • self-deceit
  • self-deception
  • self-delusion
  • self-dependence
  • self-dependent
  • self-derived
  • self-destruction
  • self-destructive
  • self-determined
  • self-discipline
  • self-distrust
  • self-examination
  • self-explaining
  • self-explanatory
  • self-gratification
  • self-hardening
  • self-help
  • self-improvement
  • self-inclusive
  • self-indulgence
  • self-indulgent
  • self-indulgently
  • self-initiated
  • self-insurer
  • self-knowledge
  • self-master
  • self-mortification
  • self-moving
  • self-murder
  • self-murderer
  • self-opinion
  • self-opinionated
  • self-opionioned
  • self-perplexed
  • self-pity
  • self-pollinated
  • self-preservation
  • self-preservative
  • self-produced
  • self-propelled
  • self-propelling
  • self-protection
  • self-realization
  • self-recording
  • self-regard
  • self-registering
  • self-regulation
  • self-relation
  • self-reproach
  • self-reproachful
  • self-reproof
  • self-seeker
  • self-seeking
  • self-slaughter
  • self-sown 
  • self-styled
  • self-support
  • self-supported
  • self-supporting
  • self-surrender
  • self-sustained
  • self-sustaining
  • self-sustenance
  • self-taught
-- noun {SELVES pl.} 1  An individual known or considered as the subject of his own consciousness; anything considered as having a distinct personality.  2  Personal interest or advantage.  3  Any thing, class, or attribute that, abstractly considered, maintains a distinct and characteristic individuality or identity.

--adj. {SELF} 1  Same; identical: obsolete except in compound selfsame. 2  Pure; unmixed; applied to colors.