Saturday, November 15, 2014

Landed Charge

Trade World calendar once the darkest of grabs with the Tells being destroyed for the Find,
in such grasp of the death that ran down the Thousands taken from Earth for the furthering,
as Christians did in exact the same as and by trampling the Scrolls dissecting information & raise,
for on the moment Times the scent of such treachery is still burns in the muds of the ash on sills,
for from that used as bearings the cast of technology has calculated the Accuracy to exceptional,
this was The Science that came from Ancients to challenge a growth not a burial of Sectional.

Couch your own personals of grown ignorance to chase the compass and seek the Watch as fast,
for in each of every life standing there is the Work of scores to ease these transitional plates,
even the Earth herself sets her shelves to the strolling as a quake in action has already begun the hum,
in vibration of ear to the whistle or the spoken choke it is with the digestion of bread that applies,
to this I state Skull,
for the basis of Thought is forward and the reaction to Task is proof by Ways and Shoes at Bathe.

Credits form a performance in the celebration or the respects to the labor of Feast to shelter slumps,
break the Fast to green morsel and throw the rain to know that it as easy to know up state as also down,
learning that breath is indeed an oxygen of Trees in steady view of Human Beings beneath,
sew that to The Desperado and then return the next platter of real to touch loud gaspers.

The worth of a good dish of scrambled eggs is knowing the Chickens that lay,
in a production on a daily rule the job is as accepted as that Rooster announcements comb,
in all the noise of the Range from Cattle to Bull steer the The Example as a Leader not a muster,
unless there are Watchers paying attention to the beauty of such Majesty testifying Exist,
dorms that are bringing the guidance by just being Whom they were born to be,
what an Orchestra strumming to the breadth of Creation tasking evolution to just stay alive.

Join this with a gift of remind,
don't divide the Conquer from the scar,
it is the reaction to that truth which has delivered today with Presence,
craft ability to Pilgrim with The Turkey not against the Foundation,
just know that every single thing is a sign and that signals only one Major,

For without the Former the lather cannot be embraced and therefore could not have risen me,
for I will scout the inch to decide the Mile as a measure to The Stones throw that piled lives,
in regards to The Sky well known yet should the still be the same than from experience I would say,
that would be a bounce to what you shoulder in responsibility to The Flights of scenery lives,
hence the Clouds and their symphony playing just over head and yet in plain sight for any to enjoy,
brought by the breeze on The Storms heading with the allowance of beauty raising bliss in simplicity.

Brace the dawn of your Mind by a temper to your Self as it is reliant on that exploration to be,
made to be the grace of the extension of a Maker that brought clay to life and blood to vein,
for sometimes Magic is exactly what we know it to be,
The Creation of Man,
'Kind' by the design of Know Decision,
evolutions a heavy Corker so take it or leave it but be aware,
that word on the street is running extinction numbers that are numbing to life,
this is not a ceremony it's a Funeral @live daut Ass a Nine.

Raising The Stakes

Practice those facts to reality in up and running in alive and speaking to the body of information,
on this lies the truth of form by introduction to the Wonder of an amazing journey through Humanity,
at the basic to the personal of Watchers the back is the spinal tap that rings with a bounce,
to a back to the Trust of knowing Life Itself is an opportunity to travel the Rails of light in Timely scry.

Grateful for the appreciations as growth is the Finest of all this Marvel,
countenance of bearing the Root in a route touching the Map on the grounds of divinely sounding Source,
be known that stages are merely decks of standards bearing Compass to Nautical transcendence,
these simple Magnets are the draw of a real shoulder that hugs to complete the holdings.

Transfer The World ignorance to the stupidity of know waste ask the lesson for that collection,
as it has enabled the Keep to familiar the lock to forge the Key with dignity and not a knee,
this brought to lather on the sweat of Work not worry,
in said it is love of Nature and all The Universe to gasp at the galaxy to Quest Cosmos once again.

Far from problematic the Solvent is The Stream and via understanding a favorite is a Scene,
for nothing can fail the reign of Infinity with less than the Flow in and of itself,
from envelope to delivery to flight of that radar resistance that calls me in from the Dawn!!

With the ears on sound to Acoustics so close that I embrace a Man in the former to the entry Now,
there is not one note that does not bring ice to the glacier melting that does not fire this heat,
on the rise to the impact of risen by The Poles partitions Humanity shall know this Call has Eternity,
in the most honest Account of Ices melt for even the blocks shake my slumber to this speak.

First instance is the seconds of Minutes in the Ours of this grand collision of spacial recognition to touch,
squander opportunity should that flavor your own personal spice to taste this primal recipe,
but in the Originals there is an incredible desire to Breathe naturally with the Origin of All in scale,
no matter the difference the remarkable capability of Asset is the liberty to Sing for Sails,
in the Mast the standing of The Nest is the Caller to improve the sight to echo response at land.

The measure of the See is by Humanity driven to 'Prove It' and in this I say so with fact Science,
with each value of computer the evidence is the palm of the tree in the dish of expose,
as The Caves drew drawings of Sights to remind the temper in return,
so will Science bring that witness from The Future to the actual in provide by systematic order,
in each division of Thought there is an absolute as in profess that is what carters the Growth to lean.

To people that have prayed on their bended lives I state implicitly to embrace your self transformations,
as that is also the addition to these founds, 
for without all of your hatred towards progression of wealth of Mind the records would have stymied,
so Thank You for being so judgemental that you have driven me to Rise beyond what is Feared,
for in the truth what I actually fear is the tremble of those Fear biters that strike with malice in exacts,
but even on this candor I state that even the dog has spacial recognition of pain hurt & beatings,
so in that admission might in your Core be in cellular fodder of The Scare to guilt itself.

Words Fail Me

Awe I am dancing Now the Waltz of the romantic dawn for the worth of Life Itself,
as I balance this deed with the Fancy of everything on the ride to be,
count nothing for the preparation has been an Eternity of a more than 1000 Men,
this stride of The Know is a Milinia of a century in a bend,
take this Wisdom do not reason I for I speak with Inifintiy to state too Breathe!!

It's the best of the greatest landings to have ever been rejected out of the Stand just to Be,
a proper prime set at zero naturally,
the spinner is the base of my equal needle for without that Hymn this would be just I saying,
well that is a deep most would not be in the interest of the know,
basic with the understanding that difference molds the stature to bring only one thing,
I have been told that it is Named love but that is a quest of a strange identity in a wild worlds ruff!!

I have been growling words to The Theme that is spoken in gently,
cast of the Watch a directive from the bearings of the Compass See,
making waves to speak 'Hello' while the roles venture to the beach just to dig their toes in the sand,
what a glorious view of naturally daying the found to the magic of what is bound by mortal shallows.

Shant not the vast divide of the Grand Canyons be example of the Evolved to show,
time is of no importance with choir singing Live,
care for the granduer of The Amazon bright with action to touch reality with more than Fire,
start the Sake of Humanity with a journey to the dreams of more than death and destruction,
believe that all have a purpose and the Work is of the finest plan.

Shall the extinction come with what has been pushed aside for the Skate,
than with these simple littles know that in The Continue people will flow,
down the shower of the slate to touch the scattered amongst the ash remains of violence,
coming form of Sky to settle the disregard with a Final of ride,
in this understand Full Well that The Sprites are in with the values of such Measure it's a Saying,
filled with the gift of talent pouring as these Walks shout from the silence of these breaks.

Passed not again but snapping the chains to unlock the Shackles of those cuffs and ankles,
religion shall be of account for the keys that have drowned burned whipped and tortured the soles,
for truth to Honesty I can speak with the Candor of a Priest in this light of the darkest Fare,
as the story is not in the past nor shall the future be removed for it is in the present of today that last.

Ages deliver Time to comprehend the calculation of what is in The Pass,
on the stood it is a movement of the marvel,
that two step with a slant,
it is namely called the Bow & Arrow held by Cupio for every extra,
as Cupid is also on the Aim of the Hunt to Watch magically through simplicity,
both are flattered by the pictures but in truth People have lost the most in this View,
people have lost one another to touch what is now in their hands,

On that que than excitement embraces me to venture with the Atlas to what I love,
Knowledge on the swing of absolute no end for with those crystals it holds,
it shines to speak with a voice and a lane that I can drive to an actual stream of reality,
discover what is on the horizon for in Hell do as the inhabitants,
be of the procession not in the procession this is The Law of Countenance,
not to change or toss it all about for that is an Intervention and well...
I'm more into the guides my Self.

In The Beginning I Was Horse

Clarity of The Watch is indeed the truth of the long Tell of a scene in disrupt,
an exclaim to the silence on the bell Toe as the classified for the production of the Show,
on deck is the Five, Four, Three, Two, One, go down over with the blessing of three strides,
a Horse on Course as the loud speaker in the romance of a Cross Country Event.

There in life on the Island of prepare is the host of the Majesty I sight with a chair,
the bench of Think as the balance is of interest for as the table turns so does that stair,
moving for the gallop of the bounce Jumping the Moon to know the trots are stuff,
that collection of the shape in Trades those miles under belt relief does own a stopwatch.

The clock of no reversal as the mechanics are of clears to the Watchmaker at shingle,
the announcement of The Bearings compass to the treat Carrots are the Vegetable,
in apples tasting oranges a basket full to Wine cheese with the sourdough and bread for the chime,
a picnic at the shoreline of an Ocean in the ship Cruising to the Timers of life is so complete.

Trace the circle to Infinity it's neat to know that within the lines there is Verse to read,
thought with such great regard that the Menu peeks as to the hug that waits for arms in the hands of speak,
a choir on the Rainbow say that slides are Playlands ballad role for this I will agree,
back touched those good days though and brought the interest doe.

Wide Eyes Open at the case of the magnified,
a simple note to spoke the fine for all do have the slope,
in the midst of counter say I chose the slow reposture state from knowing of the sound,
for even at the odd it is the real found.

Eyes to face of express must just count the bounding,
'cause as the work does turn the plan a barrel of the nudge,
in tunes of said the singing lead in honest not primrose path,
a road to signs the Cobble sews that made the concrete pound.

Bright the Thought to logic tot that all do have a love,
of sometimes nothing more and most often it is greater,
that pulling from within the social graze to lead,
in while looking to the out and trying not to shout.