Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CNN Said Yoga Was The Devils Work Not Horses

Cry me misty for do done on the shot of just a bay the horse of the information to tack,
on the bridle the bit is in the reins of casper Scooby dues is always the free binder,
in that cartoon from Back to the Futures just gamble the dice Snake eyes in vice,
the cards on the tablet of documented Fell as origin is central to never rung bell,
clang goaded priest Timer of clique granting the bait ask Baskets of sits.

Dial for the calendar the tuesday of creed Clams are a Oyster on The Barrows of bead,
strung from the lip tongue silent hill is a groove Spark up on lights as bulbs stilled,
memory mains touch the Indie on framed but thats just a brave in the feather of lapse,
courted for Paintings booked like a dog Catch in the spice the greener priced,
charge to the favorite As whom needs the bite Strangles is a Horses contagion by type.

Ground in the stalls the Pastures and arena that Contagious reactor of Strangles is back stirred,
the swelling of throat to the High Fever of sweats but for the pretender it's just a change of shoes,
docket bets.

So clean that the fit was making a go to talk it all Quiet just watching the blows,
lock jaw at Davis is Poet on rode turned out it was Rickets another Horse code,
than touched the disaster the Sum of the rogue reversals are loaded with each a good prose,
working it out on the coats of James Blunt like the trails of the darkest Dragon at stunt.

Short stock to the tidal of Waving a pant to the name of without the Oh that I can't,
begin to chest This Bahut of a nest check it Medusa for Pandora is crest of Zeus on the sets,
on the Crown of the stones that just make it a guest What is the push if the place is a fest.,
invitational by knowing the cards on the stable is likened to quick release of the tied to a post,
now is the concrete with Arenas known Mule for Carroll did teach that Satan was rule.

Utah Montara breaking Moss Beach trailers Hounds hunting the skeet,
mountains of riding learning the Feat for a Horse Trader is a duty like kicking the feet,
wallet the Wad with what you want that the dirt is the wait that makes just work a taunt,
like not really just thinking to much trouble got a bet Corker at Crikey ore Pigeon of let,
cockney the language with an Upper Stiff Zip the guns market bashed by the time dunked a cat.

But since to the stipulation of not ever did share to the Teach of professor that Mule Skinner stare,
range on Montara was business for Walkers to the trips for the journey of Packing Montana,
the truck with the lesson a big one to date yet alas the founder is of the skinny on take,
so bride yourself the knowledge that not all know how to brake,
for the Horse is a perfect description for this Hour on Earth with tightened birth Girthed.

Banking At The Derby Life Notes Of Charmers

Well this mornings treat is a Squirrel about the drive enjoying The Crew of tree bough,
scurrying about the branch hop scout with a puff tail in the air of bottle brush descript,
skates to the very find as not often hours bring neat visits from squirrel at my mountain tamed home,
range with a delight as I love the nature of remind to touch the aspect Wildly at stormed,
A Troubadour what a Corker!! 

The team week of the Week symbol is weather on the Hawaii breeze chesting the coastal shore,
sandbag preparation at all the locale perhaps will full the stream to keep the flow on drain,
the gutters being cleared to that gigantic Vacuum used for Sewers,
oh but forward the tasks are in the hours of ready 'The gathering Nuts!!,' lessons on the Tens.

Nimble to the tread as the Ocean roars his brain Waved to the rise like the tempo of The Crane,
flew with the Tidals on more steady in the rain Down comes a pore of Persons being train,
talk a value fork the measure with the Feather in the CAP graduates of cleaner or in post Perhaps,
qwill the anchor with that boat of a Craft theme is a perpendicular choice to put grasp.

Circular the product not a groove it is the beam,
lasting all the through time to bringing on the stream,
a bridge to be aware that seeding is a care,
for shall the seeds brought prosper than growth is on the dared!!

Gig talent Overboard as the golf of just Say Four the worth of fantastic is Clarity of core,
shoveling the mercury that gravity of space is moveable direction to place a smile on chored face,
the taught by Grands was work is of a Stake callous not of Mind the hands will supply race,
easy on the rein guides are often plain asking buffalo my best friend ought to row,
there upon that computer song the Tale of the route receipt of read is recognize the gorgon is a lead.

The clouds are cools the dragon calls on the Answer quest,
far not really for the draw is of the reckons less,
at North to west the River nest is Parks that make A steam,
no smoke to signal for the cream is Vapor on the crest.

Real lives at banks and kites regard the after only on the Winning of the pest,
for as the Walker gallops it is the trip of death that Cause and Effect to know today inks now,
for yesterday is much like Tomorrow on a go if what one does is not the work that the fertilizes earth,
simple with a touch of class to drink the absolute, Every thing is source full so carriage first recycled Set.

The Hip^Owed Craft

Lets speak Hindsight at a Catch 22 in the deed on a particular Perfume say it wrong alas!!,
their on the Television and Advertised aloud that deep Vine of crisis in the Mind of a chow,
purple hour tongue supply has bit the rein today inking task as a text in bothered by the way,
perhaps on a better node to pocket of the rice Grandeur is of correlate spray is chained to Year!!

The hippogriff of beautiful hath performed a sheer on thee nylon of the droned Push buttons sear,
in brat to brash I Tell of fact in Nation wide of steer Wheels on the bottle plaster percolate to minnesinger.

Shower touch the Soap of Zest is Irish Spring of clear Old Spice in Win shaving cream a razors Edge,
born yourself an acting delve & mark the dogeared patch the Pirates of the Caribbean rum.

CBS once a gain hath provided eardrum plane in pushing on the Airstream of R.V.'s in a Plumb,
level to the Spout control hot is wave stirred Shows that talent in the gift conquered with a Pole!!

Collecting same oldie songs to Vibe the panter Fact thinking wise on earth be strong Radio is pact,
now court on over to the channel of the An ten I perfectible is the current Songs and that is not a pie!!

Apple applications are SO selective that fade on in Que Charlie but what of the send to Margo,
keepers Finders search the barn Ask the stable Whats the farm on putting forward trues,
Est^eh^law^dure has brought to Sour bred the Cart of the shoed in Iconic delivery of route,
dis May erupting on the shove to accept such Vaulted tooth with blankets on Smoke!!

Dear Mr. James Blunt without the Oh,
I dinner glee this happenstance to Coincident of gloat,
thereabout the Travel inch of Miles fork the Snake,
rivers are deja Vooed in Huka,
tuck the variant with living simply by no Complexity,
market on The May^Tricks and double racked the Sound,
scrabble to this worth of word should you purpose mind,
in mere of thinking mere of brain mere of whom does No the vain.

Dorado Dorics Order Ankle Art

The dimmer switch cans that stance of Width opened furnace Room of mentality to boilings,
board the game with quick Chess that pawnee of print Able back reverse to the spanned,
saddle a grit peace with Monopoly boot close the under stair door and catch the Payphone plant.

Coins on the Quarter bred dimes tabled door for the dining raised spines Ladder chaired,
create Rabbit ears burn the Foil on tinsels Wire christmas is Delancey on the bid driven droves,
Tenant of Tenant in the found to the Moved in while the building was street born to posed!!

A couch doubles letter on the listening Stream of the office with a Roof that scene,
juice on the desk of WHOM was the MEANS countered to the change of grabbed at road danced!!

Shallow on the tremble for that evened basements press Media today A Billion on the play,
cards that deck to the challenge @@ number in the Blackjack of Twenty once a bounced,
for who is the believer if the innocent our through, Well that is, the tangle and the Comb isn't shoe!!

Prison is the County of the belt tied quit Too the snubbing post of the hobbles on the bred,
shackle with a tether than the future is not blend From me to Yore I expel the storm!!

Trumpets with the snapper on the foundation of a store rinse is touch the dead and grasp the blinking soar,
ride in a Country that tempers with the birth more in money on the water than in the making cents!!

Calculate a Sign in Test that bark that flushing bowl as any in the Congress can shift to lie a form,
invincible Theorem is elementals Pore`n method on the Metallic than beat the drum tongue dorm,
hall the path to a Wave ask ocean of the stand in that disc of no pavewaved an Enter nets be pour`nd.

Dominate do mini call letter to the grave Ink is the Tassel on the living pinnacle,
towers of the dominie catches on The Fates to robin of the Williams etch Domino effect North doppler,
radical covery to note the casting Falls galactic to the Constellation of the Mazda on it's law,
cream on Over to That honda park of stars in gathered Lo milk that particular & grant the Thatch to bow,
wring the sweater with a Pier in shadows of a grim Fairy Tale on the rise is Listen to the bide.


The Blunt Spine Braces Mine

I looked across to ask the sky whatever hour cloud in responder on the light of this line,
asked by treasure in the box Crate stood up to stand with the travel of the hand the Crow said oh look now,
As the tumbler spelled the cage it is the key bound bird for Robin Red Breast spoke,
on the bough of the trees he flew direct to me,
in that text of such a chest he said I speak of writhe,
in the bench upon the lock that Bird sat sill to frame,
such a moment on the tap a sill with window fact.

Their abouts around a tact the pin on donkey grabbed,
hanging type to cork board rack the Chain was meaning catch,
wise the move to slow the groove a record on the tape,
8 track to Cassette in back the VHS been beta backed.

Thy shoulder is the Apron song in the kitchen smell,
boiling the water shown an introductions stew,
in the kidney of the grass the beet tomato grew,
from the skull of stitches lend I question whats the food.

On action telling What is that did to view Come bring lather or the sweat I'll tell the bale shoe,
a tunnel with a stair in Case the books were on the Walls in stuck,
behind the Paper hinged with grape that texture of the victor signed,
scratched on file the black ink whiled for forks grained porridge soup,
mixing in the deep dark Ten that count numbered to the send,
in the mail on the junk the words began address it scenes of post to the car but than it bikes a keep,
hover craft to pushing task the creature of the beam Flash of light showed the sound that echoes string.

Curtain detail was a blink but left a clue to reads Letters in the Funny face protected by a late,
brick bye brick the search was quick but tally pardoned glue,
the stepping done retraced the fun gunning disaster takes a crumb.

Bred to be the leather lung a skin stretched plain shoe Tied by what begins with dead but answered with a sneeze,
coughing snarl was the style for hands at cuffed tattoo,
what bothered i with garden sighed baked the Plum to piled.

Wrapped in bundle Kindle bumped for pride doeth born,
repeat the burst with Up to storm and bring the Church to lunch,
at brunch the dinner bled to plate The Pitcher spoke in said,
candied apples with a spelt and wrote the whole thing out bye belt.

How Far Did You Walk Before You Were Herd

Atop on walk the feet that foot of grounds on wrote The tax of enduring deep time,
ages have gone to beneath once song that voice was traveling in upon,
across the great expanse of earth on a dance how many are not buried by the lens,
where blinking grew cut short by Murder now laying beneath these concrete letters.

The grad feels each News on the media Playing graves like recklessed search,
hearing that cry even the dirt can talk Communication through each of every locked.

To say that people carry bodies to tombs using hands that took their brings,
in less than horror persons disappear could or Can the verbal lips die,
echo in breadth seeing a tie is barefoot front to the skin of the sigh.

Milk Cartons once listed pictures of look missing by Missing but I always shook,
so close to my Mind that real of trace breath would try steady by imprinting the sat,
each grocer of Corner stopped by the nigh my gut would twist the Mirror of a pie.

Human traffic the intersections ride Umbrella for rain cold shoulders for death,
cream in that cup is those dismissals so hi I was killed in the basement of side,
a plastic bag suffocated my breath The Sweat of the bagging smothered my be,
left to the test of figuring being Stared at my self in fumbling spline,
should that have been differently completed by snap than my life would have been gone a few years back,
sense to the clock hours the shrug of these colds not a single person has said any died.

In fact of the bearings a compass of craft my body is format to my words like a slapped,
for shall the counter of curve able finish that would have been the end of this shaft,
dur to circumstance or possible lack these perpetrated acts did not squeeze my life cat.

Unusual view traced these crumbs group instant to verse is the ear of the shoot,
shall the tongue of the Vat in a closure for sat speak understand with work in these tracks,
could the possible of Impossibilities be probability Math addition to not speak for deads write a fact.

In opposition of equation idea of a Truck the trailer in hitched Up is connection for tug,
once the brake is on pedal of gear of the role should the inch of cease or breed of the sole,
heart of oaks Teak mantle burned at Which is the basic of hands waters falls,
separate question forwards point of return should patience be cadence do dead bodies spur,
with a key touch a stream the mountain of green due deserts born sand or the fertilized slammed.

Trees or the cactus A Jack Rabbit boar held to the horns on the Barfly of whore,
in place of a words counter deplored is sex of the sting and the battle of War.

The fields of sender to Messanger core would than the prepare say get on the shore,
sandy steeps dirt inking creek River on nail the Iron of sort,
drinking a Mineral where`ing the gem did spectacle furrow remind of the sing,
a Mined jewel that rough state in before of the rub does removed make the substance a hole on the bug,
like an indentation of weight that Shed tools of the life explaining the read by a dead.

Not that any Person will free their measure of coarse to coffee with me,
but in that I say to the plate of your eat worthy direction is moving with Feat,
parking this note in the synapse of Keep as each of you process remember the bud,
that flower or weed showing in sides today it is breathing for a death on the slides.