Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I know I am alone is this life. Why does my family wish me to never know happiness?

The care within the passion of two lovers,
shows without regard to life.
It goes beyond and above;
What is Love?
It seems to cause only strife.

When two become one,
a thing I have yet to see.
I believe that it may cause to much jealousy,
and, I fear that this is near.

Although my mind entertains the magical,
and I see the beauty of what I want.
It is not for me to need,
but, to heed my very sigh.

Thinking with pensive thought,
brings light to whats not bought.
A natural sort of thing,
will spring; In spite of You!

So push your ill-wanted wish,
upon my already, very full dish.
And recognize the candor of my speech.
You simply cannot reach, what's not become yours to breach.

Contracts of this Life,
the way that you chose to live.
Is up to who you must,
deliver your: Untrust.

I cannot see your plight.
All you've done is smite.
Insult and spend your time;
Malevolent and Cruel.
Your words, Your likes, not mine.

The threats to take away,
a love that will not sway.
Impossible to feat,
to destroy what already is.

You see: What is; Will be!
Regardless of myself,
a Natural, Graceful gift,
from a World that will now shift.
A Man will speak and make a stand.
My Family, they will shake,
"I really cannot wait!"

I hate the way you bait,
a hook and then you say,
"That's not what I meant"
it always makes me whence.
Although, I still won't Fence.

A Foil is for a Girl.
A Sword , A Knight, A Lord, just might,
visit you tonight.
To tell you that my life,
is his for reasons for what is right.

You see, I freely give,
to a friend, I know his name.
I dedicate myself,
I know there's nothing else.

Without the Freedom of,
Liberty and Love.
I'd rather live a deathless life,
than life off of your blood.

So ruin what you will,
your sour and unwell.
I pity not your life,
for mine is all but strife.

Pretending to know the truth,
after years and years; Uncouth.
You shame yourself and others,
a Country will have its druthers.

An accent I do hear,
step back, and you should fear.
For my life is not my own,
it's driven by unseen.

A Sexual Desire; For whom I may require,
to be what's in my mind.
So, I can walk the wire,
I am a B.D.S.M. Flyer,
and journey I will to him.
Report what I do see,
so that he can save me.